York Minster

Minster Inn – Rapidplay

Minster Inn Rapidplay A maximum 16 players crowded into the front room of the Minster Inn for the pub’s latest rapidplay on Thursday 11th September. Regular Yorkshire Terrier ... Continue Reading →
I'd go to the barbers every week if I thought I was going to get offered and annotated game in my favorite opening instead of prophylactics

Travail Pursuit #28: A little something for the weekend?

Here’s a miniature to celebrate the weekend. Of course we’ve mentioned the Budapest Gambit several times in previous posts (#’s 21 and 23). This game illustrates the dangers ... Continue Reading →
The Open Variation of the Spanish is exactly the king of opening I like: sharp, unclear and a lot of fun!

Travail Pursuit #27: An ‘Open’ can of worms

Today’s game was played exactly eight years ago yesterday and was my first appearance in the Calderdale League for Hebden Bridge. A watershed moment in my chess playing life I suppose. In ... Continue Reading →
B NovyGrad facing SOCAR in Rhodes

European Club Cup – Bilbao

White Rose takes part in the European Club cup in Bilbao from Sept 13 to Sept 20. This is the Champions league of chess for clubs around Europe. Some tremendous teams are taking part. ... Continue Reading →
Sue Mararoa-Jones

Bradford Chesstival

Bradford Chesstival in the Park Bradford Chesstival in the Park is back this Saturday. It starts at 11:00am and we have a number of places available for players to take part in a simul. Nigel ... Continue Reading →

Calling all Chess enthusiasts…!

Hello readers, As the new chess season gets under way I would like to take a moment to extend an open invite to you all… Throughout your chess endeavours this season I am absolutely ... Continue Reading →
Sometimes, even when sacrificing a pawn is a good idea, it's even better to have it in hand! This image is used under Creative Commons terms and sourced from peter.clark's Flickr photo stream

Travail Pursuit #26: A pawn in the hand

Today I’m returning to the Yugoslav Attack of the Sicilian Dragon which, as readers will have no doubt gathered by now, I play with both colours when given the opportunity. Of course ... Continue Reading →
Black to play. What would you do here?

Travail Pursuit #25: Assessment and Calculation

I’m going to apologise upfront because today’s post is a bit of a beast! In order to cover off the remainder of my ‘August’ memoir I’ve decided to feature five games, several ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #24: The Hardest Loss

They say there is no rest for the wicked. If that’s the case then I have been a very bad boy indeed! After a summer ‘hiatus’ for the Fantasy Chess Olympiad I now realise what ... Continue Reading →

Champions Challenge 2014

Champions Challenge Bradford Knights          11 Leeds CCCC               10 Sheffield Nomads         8 Sheffield Ecclesall       7½ Bradford 160                ... Continue Reading →