1-year Anniversary!!!

 Happy 1-year Anniversary to Yorkshire Chess!!! 

Matthew D Webb

Greetings all. As chief editor of the Yorkshire Chess website I would like to personally thank everyone for your support, feedback and help over the last 12 months.  Below I have provided some interesting website statistics over the past 366 days*, I will also recap many of our most popular articles as well as giving you some insight into the many big improvements that are coming soon!

* Dennis Breen was kind enough to point out the website has been running 377 days including the date this was published.

Our Mission…

The team here at Yorkshire Chess  are dedicated to delivering new, exciting and innovative ideas (related to chess) right here on our website. Our primary aim is to provide the following:

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  • A clear, user-friendly, easy to navigate website
  • Up to date information on leagues, clubs, events and competitions in Yorkshire.
  • Access to the latest results, games and reports*
  • Unique and exciting competitions, quizzes and prizes
  • New talking points, interesting articles, interviews and insightful games
* we link directly to Chessnuts for many individual results and statistics (more on this below!) 


Many of the things mentioned are continually being improved, there is much work to be done which I will be explaining in detail below.
Just remember, for us to keep improving we need you to send us your thoughts, your games, pictures, interesting articles, results, reports and anything else which would benefit the website.
So how have we performed?

Over the past twelve months our website has grown month on month. It’s a very encouraging sign to see just how many visitors we receive each day. 

Check out our detailed website statistics: 

 10th of October 2011 to 10th of October 2012


You can also see below the top ten referral sites where the vast majority of our visitors find our website:


[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Notice how many people have found Yorkshire Chess in Google!!![/box]

Most Popular Day:

26th August 2012

Visits: 1,510

Unique Visits: 1,334

Most Popular Post:

Title: 2012 Chess Olympiad – Preview

Visits: 2,321

Published: 22nd August 2012

Most Popular Website Section:

YCA Forum: 13,852 (visits)

Most popular topic: Dictating opponents’ board order

Views: 1,282

August was our most popular month, this featured a number of great posts from the Olympiad, an interview from former ECF President CJ de Mooi, to the launch of ‘Fantasy Chess’! See how much website traffic we received:

See all articles published in August – http://yorkshirechess.org/2012/08/

We now regularly receive over 150 unique visitors per day, during peak times (YCA match weekends) we receive more than 500!

Our favourite articles of 2011-2012

The Art Of Draw (part 1 & 2)

These two brilliant articles written by Andrew Bak have received more than 1000 visitors with over 60 replies on our forum. This was certainly a great talking point for many chess players across the country.

Posted: 10th February 2012

Article:  http://yorkshirechess.org/the-art-of-draw/ (part 1)

http://yorkshirechess.org/the-art-of-draw-part-2/ (part 2)

Forum topic: http://yorkshirechess.org/forums/topic/the-art-of-draw/ 

Interview with GM Gawain Jones

GM Gawain Jones

This article on Yorkshire’s number 1 received over 900 visitors. It was also mentioned on ChessVibes one of the most popular chess website in the world!

Posted: 6th January 2012

Interview: http://yorkshirechess.org/interview-gm-gawain-jones/

Official website: http://gawainjones.co.uk/

Exciting new changes:

New Editor

Dave Shapland

Due to the tremendous growth rate of our website, our team was urgently in search of a new recruit. We were looking for a creative writer who could bring something different to the team, provide new ideas and support the development of the existing website framework. Not only this but they needed to adapt and jump straight in, someone who understood our target audience and could engage our readers to take our website to a whole new level. I can therefore officially welcome Dave Shapland to the team here at Yorkshire Chess, he has wealth of experience in all aspects of website editing (which can been seen from his work on the Hebden Bridge website) means he more than fits the bill. 

We are honoured to have someone so talented on board, we are certain you’ll love his input. Watch this space…

New Website

Back in August we published an anonymous feedback form to allow you to provide us with comments for improvements to the website. We have taken all of your responses on board and have been working tirelessly to build a whole new website tackling the key areas which you our readers wanted improving.

What can you expect from the new website:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Restyling the whole theme, a new colour scheme i.e, less green (just for you Dennis!)
  • A brilliant new club search feature
  • A clear, crisp new home page with easy to find sections (interviews, latest news, results etc)
  • Better forum layout, new colour scheme, filtered topics and replies
  • New results & report submission form – linking directly to Chessnuts!
  • Games database – we have designed a whole new input games feature to allow anyone to publish a pgn (with annotations) which will instantly appear on the website!
  • A  dedicated section on the History of Chess (with many special articles from our readers ready to publish!)


What else we are up to?

You will have no doubt realised by now we are always looking for ways to improve. We have created a new facebook (Add Us) here we aim to upload lots of pictures of you guys in action! Be aware the whole team is armed with smart phones ready to catch you deep in thought!

Check out this amusing quote on Facebook just yesterday:

Things on our agenda:

  • Wainwright vs Corcoran
    • We were very disappointed not to conclude this interesting match, many reasons were the cause for this. We will be writing a short conclusion post very soon which will outline what we have learnt from this experience and what we plan on doing… stay tuned for a brand new series of matches!
  • Champions League
    • One of the many great things which has developed from our YCA forum is the idea for a chess ‘Champions League’ this is currently being worked on. I can’t reveal too many details as many of the exciting things we have planned need to be confirmed.
  • Advertising
    • We have had a number of offers to place personal business ads on the website for a small annual fee, this is something we are seriously looking into. If you own or know of any local business who would like to be promoted here on Yorkshire Chess please Contact Us.
    • Google Adsense – we place very small ad banners around our site to help pay for hosting and general maintenance of the website. We receive money based on the number of clicks our visitors make on these days!
Finally, I would just like to say another a special thank you to the many sponsors and promoters of Yorkshire Chess, below is a list of fantastic sponsors who have helped us get to where we are today!
From Ihor, Andy, Dave and myself here’s to the next twelve months…
The team

The team

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