Wars Roses

NCCU 2013-14 U160’s – Yorks vs Lancs

Lancashire 4½ – 7½ Yorkshire Philip Raynor ½ – ½ Gunnar Mallon Jordan Lewis 0 – 1 Tom Wills Armand Catz 1 – 0 Peter Braham Matthew Fanning 0 ... Continue Reading →
Andrew Zigmond (Custom)

YCA League 2013/14 Round 8

Woodhouse Cup The top three all won to give us the finish we all hoped for; the heavyweight teams in the league have made it to eight out of eight. It should be noted that it nearly ... Continue Reading →
War of the Roses

NCCU 2013-14 Open – Yorks vs Lancs

Lancashire 5 – 7 Yorkshire G Morrison 0 – 1 R Palliser J Horner 1 – 0 P Townsend N Ivell 0 – 1 M Gantner B Lund ½ – ½ D Adams H Hughes 0 ... Continue Reading →
Andrew Bak

Yorkshire League – Round 8

Yorkshire League Reports Enter your report & results here! Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2013-14 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today ... Continue Reading →
Buxton Front

4NCL 2013/14 Weekend 3 – Division 3 North

4NCL 2013/14 Weekend 3 – Division 3 North Links: Official 4NCL Website Latest Standings All 4NCL Posts John Carleton’s (Spirit of Atticus) Weekend 3 Report Stephen Kee’s ... Continue Reading →
Phil Watson

Phil Watson vs James Adair

Those of you who read the reports from Round 7 of the YCA League will have noticed that Phil Watson scored a great win over James Adair. Phil has kindly annotated the game for us which ... Continue Reading →
When players are evenly matched it's only natural that draws should become more frequent. This image is used under Creative Commons terms and sourced from C.A.Mullhaupt's Flickr photo stream

Calderdale Individual Championship: Round 3

Pax ludus scacchorum The Romans offered the ‘pax romana’ (Roman peace) to their allies, the Catholic Church granted ‘pax vobiscum’ (peace with you) to worshipers ... Continue Reading →
Andrew Zigmond

YCA League 2013/14 Round 7

Woodhouse Cup York RI A defeated Calderdale A 5½-2½ while Sheffield A won 5-3 against Hull DCA A which means that York RI A manage a very modest increase to their game point lead. ... Continue Reading →

Player of the month

Player of the month My first winner of the player of the month goes to Chris Bak who stormed to great success at the recent York Rapid play 2 section with a maximum 6 out of 6. He finished ... Continue Reading →
York Junior

York RI Junior Chess Club

YORK RI are running a Junior Chess Club at The York Railway Institute in Queen Street. It will take place on Tuesdays, starting on February 4, 2014, from 5.15pm to 6.45pm and will be ... Continue Reading →