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Travail Pursuit #7: Enter the Dragon

I’ve surprised myself by publishing six of these articles without yet writing in any detail about my opening repertoire. I’m afraid that for all you ‘theory refusniks’ out ... Continue Reading →
Ihor Lewyk

Yorkshire League – Round 11

Yorkshire League Reports Enter your report & results here! Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2013-14 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today ... Continue Reading →
Do you like to feel in control of what's happening in your chess games?

Travail Pursuit #6: ‘Control freak’ or ‘Adrenaline junky': which are you?

“I wish I could play more games like that” is a comment that I hear occasionally from players who’ve just watched me and an opponent struggle to find the right moves in a ludicrously ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #5: Finding the flaw

Here’s a position from a game played on this date five years ago in the Leeds League. White (me) has just ‘boldly’ (read ‘stupidly’!) sacrificed a bishop ... Continue Reading →

ECF Finance meeting

ECF Council Finance meeting 12 April 2014 There were around 50 attendees at the meeting in London. I’ve managed to avoid a number of these meetings in the past but this seemed ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #4: Thoughts on castling

We’re back in puzzle mode for today’s archive excerpt. Take a look at the position below and have a think about this question. It’s White to move. Should he: a.) castle queen’s ... Continue Reading →
Andrew Zigmond (Custom)

Yorkshire League Extra – Silver Rook

While the top two divisions began the waiting game for the last round the Silver Rook teams met in a round that decided the division for 2013-14. Pontefract were held to a draw by West ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #3: Threatening behaviour

One aspect of my game which I consider to be a strength is that I think I have a good feel for the initiative and when I have momentum in an attack I tend to be quite good at sustaining ... Continue Reading →
Andrew Zigmond (Custom)

YCA League 2013/14 Round 10

Woodhouse Cup Bradford A proved that their defeat of York RI A was no fluke by defeating Sheffield A 5½-2½. This means that Bradford A move to the top of the table as the only unbeaten ... Continue Reading →
Jan Van Der Griendt and Colin McNab

4NCL 2013/14 Weekend 4 – Divisions 1&2

4NCL 2013/14 Weekend 4 – Divisions 1 and 2 Links: Official 4NCL Website Latest Standings All 4NCL Posts John Carleton’s (Spirit of Atticus) Weekend 4 Report Stephen Kee’s ... Continue Reading →