This surreal, dreamlike painting is by Vladimir Kush and is simply called, "Chess". I'm pretty sure no chess player who dreams about the game would have a dream that looked like this though!

Travail Pursuit #14: Dream sequence

Today’s game is unique to me because it’s the only one I’ve ever dreamed about (or at least it’s the only game I can remember dreaming about!) afterwards. In fact I even solved ... Continue Reading →
Ihor Lewyk

Yorkshire AGM

Yorkshire AGM Will be held at Woodseats WMC, The Dale, Sheffield, S8 0PS the venue of Sheffield DCA on Saturday 14 June. It will start at 1:30pm. There is the following proposed rule ... Continue Reading →
Matty Webb

If it looks interesting, play it!

Hello all Matt here, As the season is all but complete I felt now was a perfect time to reflect upon what has been a tremendous season for me. In this post I am aiming to highlight ... Continue Reading →
Black has just played 22... Rhd8 which allowed me to play 23.c4 trapping the Black queen in the centre of the board. An unusual state of affairs.

Travail Pursuit #13: Bank Holiday Bonanza! – Part 2

Continuing from Saturday’s post today I’m featuring a couple of games from my ‘other’ congress win which was as long ago as 1996 in the Morecambe Congress. I must beg some ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #12: Bank Holiday Bonanza! – Part 1

These days I play weekend competitions once in a blue moon. There are too many other things to do with my Saturdays and Sundays although I occasionally find time for Yorkshire or county ... Continue Reading →
Could this be the new team strip for Rupert Jones' team? Unfortunately I'm not sure they are still available. Damn!

County Championship 2013-14 U160: Yorkshire vs. Essex

T’Only Way Is Yorkshire for Jones’ battlers Last Saturday as Arsenal prepared to face Hull City in the FA Cup final and millions across the country broke out their barbeques and ... Continue Reading →
Identifying familiar patterns in an indistinct picture can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for.

Travail Pursuit #11: Motifs in the Dragon

Today’s game is the second Dragon to appear in this series and it offers a great opportunity to explore some of the common tactical motifs in the Yugoslav Attack. It was played on ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #10: The Art of the Sacriblunder

Today I’d like to introduce you to a phrase that I coined in the post-mortem of today’s game which was played nineteen years ago when I was at Manchester University! The word is ... Continue Reading →
It would probably be safe to say that Dr Siegbert Tarrasch would not have endorsed the play or choice of opening in today's game. Tarrasch acolytes should therefore avert their eyes now!

Travail Pursuit #9: Tales of the Unexpected – Part 2

Q: What is the object of playing a gambit opening? A: To acquire a reputation of being a dashing player at the cost of losing a game. – Dr Seigbert Tarrasch, Chess Review, 1935 I ... Continue Reading →
Richard Desmedt

Durham Chess Congress 2014 – Summary

Yorkshire goes to Durham There was a light sprinkling of Yorkshire players at the County Durham Congress held at Houghton Le Spring the last weekend in April. You couldn’t really ... Continue Reading →