For those of you who are not cocktail afficionados. This is a Squashed Frog. There are different recipes but, when in doubt I always follow Simon Difford's recommended recipe. In this case you layer half a shot of grenadine, half a shot of midori and half a shot of Advocaat liqeur. It's described as "Very sweet. However, the taste is not as offensive as the name might suggest". An excellent addition to any game of shot chess!

Travail Pursuit #15: The Squashed Frog

Of all the multi-myriad openings and variations on the chess board the French Defence is almost certainly the softest target for denigration and ridicule. For a start there’s the ... Continue Reading →

Champions Challenge

Champion’s Challenge  9/10 August Last summer we ran the first ever ‘Champions’ tournament. The idea was to invite all the championship winning teams from every league in Yorkshire ... Continue Reading →
Bill Clark in deep thought

Player of the month

Player of the month My player of the month for May is Bill Clark of Leeds CCCC and Bradford Spitfires.   Bill has won all 4 games this month but what important games they were. He ... Continue Reading →