FCO 2014: First Prize Sponsor

We are delighted to be able to unveil our very first prize sponsor for the Fantasy Chess Olympiad 2014! Our friends at have been very generous in providing a host of goodies ... Continue Reading →
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Fantasy Chess Olympiad… it’s finally here!

News Release Yorkshire Chess today announces the launch of the Fantasy Chess Olympiad 2014 which gives chess fans around the world the chance to pick their dream team for the forth ... Continue Reading →
Black has just played 16... Qg5. What would you do next if you were playing White?

Travail Pursuit #23: Red hot pawns?

Today’s challenge is one of judgement and calculation. We’re back with the Budapest Gambit again although the position on the right is a middle game position rather than an opening ... Continue Reading →
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Leeds Chess Congress 11-13 July 2014

Bob Clegg was the only Yorkshireman to emerge as outright winner of a 1st prize at this year’s ‘Leeds’. He won the Intermediate with 4½ points, a full point ahead ... Continue Reading →
In my experience the Giuoco Piano is anything but quiet. In fact I'd say it was more like a megaphone than a piano! This image is used under Creative Commons terms and was sourced from LaStonata's Flickr photostream

Travail Pursuit #22: Anything but Quiet

  Today’s game is a really old one. We’re going back 18 years to the 15th of July 1996 and a game against a good friend and early training partner of mine. When you’re ... Continue Reading →
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ECF County Championship Finals 2013-14

Yorkshire’s Tour de Force! At this time of year it’s hard to resist making references to the fantastic summer of sport that’s been unfolding over the last few weeks. There’s ... Continue Reading →
The hero of today's post is Milan Vidmar. Does he look like the kind of guy who'd play the Budapest Gambit to you?

Travail Pursuit #21: Play our gambit!

The story of how Milan Vidmar won the Berlin tournament of 1918 begins in an interesting fashion. It was a four player double round robin format and the other three participants were ... Continue Reading →
It's White to move in Shapland vs. Einarrsson, London 2005. This is game 1 in the viewer below

Travail Pursuit #20: Finding the Killer Blow

For some reason the 11th of July was a heavily congested date in my calendar when I compiled my list of games and positions for this series. I found that I had no less than five games ... Continue Reading →
Magnus Carlsen played the Dragon as recently as last month against Sergei Karjakin at the World Rapidplay Championships. Photo by Anastasiya Karlovich

Travail Pursuit #19: The Opening of Champions

When the best chess players in the world adopt a new opening everyone tends to take notice. Disciples of the opening in question nod sagely and say things like: “I’ve always said ... Continue Reading →
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Travail Pursuit #18: Dragon’s Breath

Today and tomorrow I’m returning to the Sicilian Dragon as I delve into my archive and find two games played as far apart as thirteen years! Following from the eleventh article in ... Continue Reading →