John Cooper

Player of the Month – December 2014

Player of the month – December 2014 Some months there are so many great candidates for player of the month that I have to work hard to justify one player over another. My player ... Continue Reading →
Andrew Zigmond (Custom)

YCA League 2014-15 Round 6

Happy new year to Yorkshire League clubs and players. There is quite a lot to discuss before we get on to the results so please bear with me here. Obviously there has been quite a lot ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #45: Butterfingers

As any chess player will tell you (and the title of this series was designed to emphasise) our favorite board game can be frustrating and even depressing at times. How can it be that ... Continue Reading →
Ihor Lewyk

2014/15 Yorkshire League – Round 6

Yorkshire League Reports Enter your report & results here! Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2014-15 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today ... Continue Reading →
Shapland vs. Crichton. Black's just played 17... Qa1+. Where should the White king go to?

Travail Pursuit #44: Running the gauntlet

Today’s game was played on today’s date, January the 13th,1999. It features an interesting and attractive tactical motif as well as some unusual mating patterns and thus features ... Continue Reading →

Northern Counties Chess update

The recent NCCU meeting took place in Bradford in December. It clashed with our Yorkshire league fixtures and sadly we did not have a representative present for the whole meeting. However, ... Continue Reading →