2015/16 4NCL Div 3 North Pool A Weekend 1

2015/16 4NCL Div 3 North Pool A

Andrew Drabble reports on Bradford DCA Knights A’s quest for promotion

Round 1

Rd 1 Bfd A vs Jor

Ding, ding, and they’re off! Our first match of the new season’s 4NCL was versus a Jorvik side that looked understrength on paper, but proved to be formidable over the board. Many of the games could have gone either way at various points, except for Jim vs Norman. That one looked decidedly better for Jim throughout, as it should have done with over 400 points between them. First to finish though was yours truly. After getting a decent position out of the opening I then proceeded with a couple of inaccurate moves which Martina promptly punished me for, leaving me in a very precarious position, and then offered a draw. Next to finish was Richard Allis, he’d been cruising to what looked like an easy win when this position popped up on the board, black to play:

Luckily for us Paul didn’t see 33…Rxd5! And Richard didn’t give another chance.

Next up was Adam vs Mr Nezis. It had looked better for Adam for most of the game (although when we analysed it after it was far from easy) and although it looks difficult black seemed to be holding on until 27, Kf8. Adam saw his chance and it was all over.

Jim finished his nice clean win next leaving the two top boards fighting it out. To be honest I’d no idea what was happening in Phil and Mark White’s game, but Richard Cowan looked to be slaughtering Mark Crowther and I couldn’t see how Mark could hold it. Richard had played the middle game very strongly and had a crushing attack against Mark’s King, unfortunately he missed several ways of finishing Mark off and, after crawling for hours, Mark finally managed to escape the mating nets and cast one of his own. Heartbreaking for Richard, a blessed relief for Mark.

Mark White checking out how his teammates are faring.

Mark White checking out how his teammates are faring.

Finally Phil and Mark had an endgame where Phil had a bishop and two pawns versus rook but Mark doggedly defended and was finally rewarded with a draw.

First day done, phew! The score line of 5-1 was decidedly flattering to us and I’m sure Jorvik will come back at us next time more determined to rectify that. My game of the day has to be Jim, a calm, thematic crush, is not always easy to achieve but he did it, in what appeared to be an effortless manner, and Jammie Dodger of the day has to be Mark Crowther, if he were a cat he’d have definitely used up eight of his nine lives!

Round 2

Rd 2 Bfd A vs Broad

Rd 2 Jor

BDCA “A” vs Broadland Bitterns

If Jorvik were slightly understrength on Saturday, Broadland made up for it on Sunday by sporting an experienced IM Richard Polaczek, on Board 1. Apart from that, the teams were largely evenly matched.

A little friendly banter at the start as to how Norfolk was in the northern division because its closer to us than the south, (In fairness Wakefield is probably closer than Telford is to Broadland) all added to creating a good feeling to the match.

First to finish this time was Richard, who clearly doesn’t understand that you can use more than 30 minutes on your clock for a game, mating his opponent in 21 moves. Sat next to him I’d only just castled at the time! Seriously though, his young opponent, Yousuf Rahman, made a critical mistake in trying to swap off Richards active black squared bishop, which Richard then fabulously sac’d on h2 to gain a strong attack, Yousuf succumbing to mate shortly after. One nil to Bradford. Next up was Mark Crowther who had used up his luck the day before, this time there was no escape and Mr Moore played a lovely attack (unless you’re on the receiving end!), very well and forced Mark’s resignation. One all.

Jim managed to agree a draw with Paul badger after he’d been under pressure for a while and was, probably, slightly worse in the final position, so good decision. Closely following this was Adam who’d made me decidedly nervous at one point where I thought Mr McEwan was doing rather well. To my relief, after a series of exchanges, Adam emerged with a piece for three pawns, where one of these, his d pawn, was passed and well supported. BDCA 2.5 – Broadland 1.5.

The top board encounter between IM Richard Polaczek (left) and Phil Watson

The top board encounter between IM Richard Polaczek (left) and Phil Watson

Finally it was down to Phil, vs Richard Polaczek and myself vs Roy Hughes. I had a look at their game and Phil had been up a pawn for some time but his IM opponent had the initiative and better activity, who would you put your money on? In my game I had a slight initiative and better position, but Roy was putting up stiff resistance and attempting to complicate the game, the bounder! We were both down to a few minutes for 15 moves and in the scramble I managed to win a pawn and blacks queenside mostly collapsed. BDCA 3.5 – Broadland 1.5.

The match finished with Phil managing to get a draw in a rook and pawn endgame to give a final score of 4-2.

I stayed to watch (and kibitz!) the analysis of Phil’s game….I still have the headache! An excellent and very complicated game and so Phil, narrowly (sorry Adam and Richard) gets game of the day. No Jammie Dodgers today, the nearest was Jim, but not really.

Jorvik managed to score a fine draw against Spirit of Atticus C. You can see more about this match in Andy Mort’s report.

Report by Andrew Drabble


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5 Responses to “2015/16 4NCL Div 3 North Pool A Weekend 1”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 23. 2015

    Those FIDE grades for Jorvik aren’t precisely representative! Only really the bottom 2 boards who were giving anything significant away, and Paul Anderson has a strikingly good record for York B.

    Good weekend for DCA of course :)

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    • Andy Bak

      Nov 23. 2015

      I’ve seen your analysis on the EC Forum and it looks pretty tight for the second promotion spot. Even then I don’t think Alba will get 11/11 although I’d still assume that they’ll comfortably win the pool unless they default boards or something strange.

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