2016 YCA AGM Minutes

Yorkshire Chess Association AGM

18 June 2016 at West Riding club Leeds

Present: I Lewyk, J Burnett, A Zigmond, S Greep, P Cloudsdale, P Beckett, T Slinger, M Round, P Clarke, S Mann, S Burton, J Hamm, J Griffith, P Shaw.
Mike Truran CEO of the ECF.

1. Apolgies for absence

David Mills, Richard White, Neville Pearce, Noel Stewart, John Fryar.

2. Previous minutes were agreed

3. Matters arising

Scarborough chess club were approached about taking part in the Yorkshire league but don’t think they have enough transport.
Yorkshire Individual championship is to be held at the Leeds congress. It isn’t on the entry form but it was agreed to honour the arrangement. Circulate all secretaries and publish on website.
2017 Yorkshire Individual confirmed as going to Hull.


ECF CEO was present and spoke at the meeting and answered questions. Among the items discussed:
Malcolm Pein is the new International Director and hopes to attract sponsorship to pay for teams participation in events such as the Olympiad and European Team Championships.
The ECF forum was considered to take up too much administration and has been scrapped. Direct questions to a Director can be found on the ECF website instead.
E-Newsletter has taken off this year.
League Management System – Hope that this can be used by many leagues around the country. Similar to results processing as Chessnuts is for YCA.
Game Fee – is a necessary source of revenue but the ECF are looking at a low entry level fee to attract members.
ECF members in Yorkshire is relatively low. Discussion took place on ways to encourage an increase in membership.
ECF accredited coaches – Compliments from the floor for what the ECF are trying to achieve.
Finally Mike was thanked not only for his attendance but for bringing 4NCL tournaments to Yorkshire.

5. Officers reports


Amazed how many congresses are in the county. He counted 15 this calendar year.
The Open team won the county title for a 2nd year and reached the final again this July.


Most teams have paid Ihor to chase up Bradford Central. Steve will wait for the ECF bill before paying ECF game fee.
Had a request from the White Rose Chess Academy to open a junior chess account.

Fees and subscriptions proposed to remain the same as last season.

Competition controller

Listed the winners and proposed idea for structure of the leagues next season.
Andrew will draft fixtures as soon as he can in July and issue. Get back to him ASAP if any changes needed.

Match captains

Open team are in the final for the 3rd year in a row.
U160 team lost in the semi final to Essex.

Correspondence chess

First team is poised to win the Ward Higgs Count Championship again.
Kitchen Memorial is according to historian Tim Harding to be the oldest correspondence championship in the world.
Avison shield was won by Yorkshire Puddings.

Grading officer report

Report will be in the Yearbook.
County results need to be reported to Jon.
NCCU club matches can be reported if you advise Jon beforehand.
Jon talked for the need of succession management as he wishes to cut his responsibilities. A new candidate is needed to take over with enough programming knowledge to take over the grading website. Jeremy said the committee needs to make sure this is looked at before Christmas to have someone in mind so Jon can show them what will be involved.


The website continues to provide an excellent source of information and stimulation for debate on chess matters. Some concerns were raised with regard to administration including out of date rules and contact details and the AGM details not being provided. I Lewyk to feed back to the Website Editorial team.

6. NCCU report

NCCU club is looking for teams. It is over 4 boards and matches are arranged between clubs after the draw is made. Open and grade handicap competitions and a Seniors competition where the average age needs to be over 55.
Pennine Cup only had 2 teams take part and it is hoped Yorkshire can field a side in the next one.
The U180 trophy is still missing and it might be in Yorkshire as it went missing the last time Yorkshire won it.
An inter counties championship jamboree for seniors is being looked at.

7. ECF Delegate

Steve Mann attended the finance meeting and produced a 4 page report.
Membership fees were set and a budget for International events was agreed.
Reserve funds may be used for international events if sponsorship isn’t available.

8. Presentation of trophies

Woodhouse Cup: York A
IM Brown: Sheffield B
Silver Rook: Sheffield D
Hardcastle Trophy: John Fryar
Avison Shield: Yorkshire Puddings

9. Election of Officers

President: J Burnett
Deputy President: J Griffith
Secretary/Minutes Secretary: I Lewyk
Year Book Editors: J Hamm, J Griffith, I Lewyk
Website Editorial Team: I Lewyk, A Bak, M Webb, D Shapland
Treasurer and Registrations Secretary: S Burton
Competitions Controller: A Zigmond
Secretary for Junior Chess: P Cloudsdale and P Beckett
Secretary for Correspondence Chess: P Beckett
Grader: J Griffith
Auditor: S Watson
Delegates to NCCU: I Lewyk, R Jones, J Burnett
Delegate to ECF From: I Lewyk R Jones SJ Mann P Beckett

County Captains

Open: M Birkin
U180: Vacant
U160: R Jones
U140: D Mills
U120: Vacant
U100: Vacant

The White Rose Chess Academy challenged clubs to cope with the juniors that will be sent their way.

10. Amendments to Rules and Constitution

All fees must be paid in full by 31st May of the season. The AGM reserves the right to remove any CMs with outstanding fees from the league structure for the following season.
This change is cosmetic and intended to bring the rules in line with existing practice. There is currently no affiliation fee charged.
Rule 1 was passed

There haven’t been registration forms as long as I have been involved with the league. The rest of this rule is now covered by the new Rule A3
Rule 2 passed.

There shall be a maximum of twelve teams in each division with teams playing each other once in a round robin format. If there are fewer than eight teams in the lowest division then each team will play each other twice in a round robin format.
Rule 3 failed

If there are fewer than eight teams in the lowest division then each team will play each other once in a round robin event accelerated across the first fixture dates of the season. After this is completed the division will be split into two according to the current placings with teams playing one further match against every team in their half of the draw. All game and match points will be carried across into the second part of the competition. At the end of the season the top two teams in the top half of the draw will be eligible for promotion under Rule A11. The teams in the bottom half of the competition will compete for a supplementary prize defined by the Controller at the start of the season.
If there is an odd numbers of teams the majority of teams will be in the top half of the draw.
All matches in the first part of the season must be completed by a date determined by the Controller at the start of the season.

Rule 4 – It was agreed to consult teams in the Silver Rook to gain a consensus.

If a captain declares he has insufficient players at his disposal and will have to default one or more boards, the opposing captain will nominate players from his team to claim the default. All defaults will be placed on the bottom boards and rules A17 and A18 will only apply to the played boards.
Rule 5 (new A19 was carried)

Mobile phones and other electronic devices should be switched off prior to the start of the match. If such a device makes a sound while the match is in play the player concerned shall be warned. If a device then sounds for a second time the opponent should claim the game.
Dispensation from this rule can be agreed by the controller or by mutual agreement between the captains prior to the start of the match. The controller reserves the right to apply a more severe penalty for gross breaches of this rule.

This new rule was passed.

That a sub committee is set up to consider changes to the YCA constitution that will bring it into line with existing practice.`

This has come up in discussion with Stephen Greep who wasn’t sure whether he was entitled to attend the AGM. The main problem is clause 4 of the constitution, much of which has fallen into disuse (when was the last time somebody asked to pay a life membership).

11. AOB

Honorary life members need to be reviewed. S Mann volunteered to look at this initially.
Add Jeremy Hamm and Richard White as Honorary Life Members

Next year Hull is City of culture in the UK. There are a number of planned events
Exchange weekend with Rotterdam 14-16 July
Hull chess Masters event – IM norm Sept 2017
Yorkshire Individual Championship at Hull Congress 2017

Meeting closed 5:20pm