2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 3

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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2016-17 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.


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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Alwoodley A2
6Rose Forgrove A
Sheffield A5
3Sheffield B
5.5York RI A
Bradford A5.5
2.5Calderdale A
York RI C3.5
4.5Leeds CCCC A
Hull DCA A4
4Harrogate A

Huddersfield 2½ vs York RI A 5½

This match was, mildly surprisingly as early as round 3, a pure top of the table clash. York’s team was suitably strong for such an affair, and with showing due respect to Huddersfield’s considerable strength in depth.

The match itself got a bit scary about halfway through when after Jim winning surprisingly quickly from a fairly harmless looking position, and Simon winning somehow, the two bottom boards fell out in Huddersfield’s favour, leaving it at 2-2.

Board 8 was mostly time trouble related issues, I’m not sure where my game changed from a promising looking attack to falling apart.

We were perhaps always likely to do well on the other boards, but getting 3.5-0.5 from them was perhaps flattering – Dave definitely had notably the worse of his game, and a few of the wins were quite complex and messy.

A tough match, as expected in advance. I guess its nice to go clear at the top so early, but the fixture list has clumped a lot of our major challenges together from February onwards.

Report by Martin Carpenter

Huddersfield 2½ – 5½ York RI A
Matthew Parsons 0 – 1 Richard Palliser
Greg Eagleton 0 – 1 Simon Ansell
Leo Keely 0 – 1 Paul Townsend
Mitchell Burke ½ – ½ David Adams
Roger Keely 0 – 1 Dan Staples
Gary Hincliffe 0 – 1 Jim Nicholson
David Keddie 1 – 0 Martin Carpenter
David Tooley 1 – 0 Richard Mounce

Bradford A 5½ vs Calderdale A 2½

Surprised to see my team take an early 4-0 lead. Winston got his third win in 3 games after finding a nasty fork. My attack on the king seemed pretty lethal and Julian nodded to me that he had won as well. Mike saw through the complications in his game to put Bradford in a commanding position then In form Ian hunter earned a hard fought draw to secure the match. Calderdale got a nice consolation through Mark ‘Capablanca’ Whitehead

Report by Ihor lewyk

Bradford A 5½ – 2½ Calderdale A
A Walton ½ – ½ P Watson
I Lewyk 1 – 0 R Webster
J Chapman 1 – 0 R Newton
W Williams 1 – 0 J Morgan
D Barlow 0 – 1 M Whitehead
M Bramson 1 – 0 T Hilton
I Hunter ½ – ½ D Patrick
C Bak ½ – ½ M Huett

Bradford A 5½ vs Calderdale A 2½

We travelled to a quality Bradford team out graded on 7 of 8 boards was always a big ask. Bradford were quickly 4 nil up so it was a question of restoring pride on the last 4 boards. We did this with 3 good draws and a nice win for Mark, our 3rd 5.5-2.5 result this season. We’ve got our talisman Martyn Hamer back next week so despite two losses in a row (to Bradford and Leeds) I’m confident we can pull it round next week. Well done to Bradford it already looks like Bradford York could possibly be a title decider?

Report by dave patrick

Bradford A 5½ – 2½ Calderdale A

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
5Rose Forgrove B
Sheffield C5.5
Bradford Central5
3Calderdale B
Sheffield D3.5
4.5Wakefield A
York RI B5
3Bradford B
Hull DCA B4.5
3.5Harrogate B

York RI B 5 vs Bradford B 3

Despite going down to 2 teams rather than 3 this season, we’re still struggling for players … I could only muster 7 and then another went awol on the day.

So we turned up at York with just 6 players and as expected were heavily out-graded. Boards 4 and 6 had both gone down after about 90 minutes. So, 4 nil down … would it be an 8 nil whitewash?

The fightback began on board 2 where Karim offered his queen which his opponent greedily took, only for Karim to announce checkmate with a smothered mate… I think it was Karim’s Knight on e2, while the enemy King on c1 was surrounded by his own pieces. Werner on board 3 seemed fairly level, although he had managed to give his opponent doubled pawns on the f file to expose the King a bit… next time I looked Werner had 3 pieces all surrounding his opponent’s King and it was a win for Werner.

So now 4 – 2 down with 2 to go … Tony on bd 5 was level-ish in a double rook endgame … looking somewhat drawish. Meanwhile I was in a level-ish closed Sicilian with a danger of repeating moves which may have suited both players … me being out-graded by 20 points and my opponent suffering a bit with the sniffles/flu. However both games carried on and York were starting to get worried … it wasn’t until about 6pm when my time-trouble/over-optimistic play allowed my opponent some dangerous tactical counterplay to invade and win. By now though, Tony was a pawn up and he marshalled it through to threaten to queen and his opponent finally gave up.

Meaning a 5 – 3 loss, but considering the grades, we were quite pleased with ourselves …. especially our 3 victors who were outgraded by 40, 80 and 70 points respectively!

Report by Simon Watson

York RI B 5 – 3 Bradford B
Siyuan Huang 1 – 0 Simon Watson
Peter Harrington 0 – 1 Karim Khan
Patrick Gower 0 – 1 Werner Rieser
Eric Key 1 – 0 Dave Young
Paul Johnson 0 – 1 Tony Lightowler
Paul Barber 1 – 0 Simon Jones
Richard Cowan 1 – 0 Default
Jon Griffith 1 – 0 Default

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Home Team   Away Team
3Harrogate C
Wakefield B5
3Alwoodley B
West Leeds3
5York RI D

Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


14 Responses to “2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 3”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Oct 29. 2016

    For the benefit of any confused spectators from today – I did it seems have a good number of very promising continuations in my game. Which makes it a very richly deserved loss of course :)

    Actually a good lesson in trusting your instincts – I really, really wanted to sacrifice an exchange at one point but talked myself out of it. It did of course work pretty easily. Should always trust your instincts unless you can really prove otherwise with concrete calculation.

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  2. Richard Allis

    Oct 29. 2016

    What was the final result in the York A game?

    Reply to this comment
  3. Eric Gardiner

    Oct 30. 2016

    HDCA A vs Harrogate A was a 4-4 draw. I would have entered the full results but I don’t have the name of the Harrogate A Board 7 player at the moment. John Cooper lost to Mike Stokes on Board 1; John Thackray won against Graham Wilson on Board 6 and the other games were all drawn.

    Do York A matches get lots of spectators Martin ;-) ? By the way, I have a few carbon copy scoresheets our captain would like us to use when we play you next week – hope that will be OK with you.

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Oct 30. 2016

      Well actually the odd one this time. It did get commented on by the odd player though.

      My previous three games I’d won after trying to blunder a pawn, blundering an entire rook for nothing(!!) and reaching a miserable pawn down ending, so I probably still owe Caissa a few points!
      (No blunder or bad luck involved yesterday, just persistently badly imprecise play for several moves.).

      Sure, no problem with the score sheets :)

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  4. Martin Carpenter

    Oct 31. 2016

    Well, looking on Chessnuts a few things established I think – firstly if Sheffield B get near sustaining the level of team they had vs Sheffield A they really should dodge relegation quite comfortably.

    Harrogate doing well to earn that draw vs a rather useful Hull team. Could well end up crucial come the end of the season.

    Also fascinating to list out some of the team averages over 8 boards:
    Bradford 182, Sheffield 180,
    Hull 177(!), H’field 175,
    Shef B 174, Leeds 172,
    Calderdale 171.

    That’s all frighteningly similar, as are the game points just now. Think I’ll probably still guess at York/Sheffield to round up first/second and probably Bradford/Leeds for 3/4th with goodness knows who in fifth.

    Maybe Alwoodley and (disloyal I know!) York C to go down.

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  5. Dave Hirst

    Oct 31. 2016

    Not sure I agree with York C going down. We found them very tough to overcome on Saturday. Adam Ismail board 7(!) tells you enough.

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Oct 31. 2016

      Well yes, they’re not a remotely terrible team :) Still Harrogate are the ‘next best’ guess and they’re not remotely terrible either & are very experienced at dodging relegation with it!

      We’ll find out.

      It perhaps makes a difference that we’ve decided not to throw them ‘out of squad players’ to try and keep them up – we strengthened things a little so that the team is strong enough to enjoy the Woodhouse, but the main aim is letting the team that won promotion enjoy it.

      The really brutal season for relegation should be next year – replace two of the bottom teams with York B/Central (both strengthened a little vs their previous relegation seasons!) and……

      Reply to this comment
  6. Eric Gardiner

    Nov 01. 2016

    Hmm … I just noticed three big upsets in the York B vs Bradford B match … as it says Jon Griffith entered them and was in the York B team I assume they are all correct?

    Reply to this comment
    • Andy Bak

      Nov 01. 2016

      Indeed – there’s some amazing results there! Unfortunately I know as much as you do…

      Reply to this comment
      • Martin Carpenter

        Nov 02. 2016

        We were back far too late from Huddersfield to see, but the mutterings I’ve heard indicate that those results were genuine.

        What is especially odd is the players who lost. There are some quite random players in the York B squad, but you’d have got huge odds on even one of those three losing, let alone all of them.

        Maybe they’re still struggling to break last seasons curse :)

        Reply to this comment
        • Martin Carpenter

          Nov 02. 2016

          Also of course, as York A rather famously know to our cost!, playing against a 6 man team can be incredibly hard. It just feels so odd.

          Reply to this comment
          • Matt Webb

            Nov 02. 2016

            Wow, I’ve just looked at the score card for this match — I can certainly see why you’d think this result was input incorrectly!

            York B vs Bradford B

          • Matt Webb

            Nov 02. 2016

            An even more amusing statistic, the last time Werner Rieser even played a player above 170 was back in March 2013 (!) where he held a draw against … *wait for it* … Jon Griffith in the York B vs Bradford A match!

            Perhaps Bradford A need him in the squad for the end of the season encounter with York A?! Giant Killer.


  7. york c

    Nov 05. 2016

    york c come up as a team an go down as a team we are team players unlike some teams were they only draft the big guns in for big matches we was always gonna keep the same team more or less we have a pool of players an rich hardy runs the c team martin not you so saying your letting us enjoy the woodhouse is ridiculous as you dont run the c team an yes we might be one of the favs to go down but we have fighting spirit you can give all the stats averages you want does not count for anything on the day as anything can happen an how can you go on about next years relagation we have only played 4 games this season an remember martin we are a c team not an a or b so obs we will be favs to go down we cart draft the likes or adair brown palister ect in against big teams like sheff or bradford

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