2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 4

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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2016-17 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.


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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Alwoodley A4
4Leeds CCCC A
Calderdale A2.5
5.5Harrogate A
York RI A6.5
1.5Hull DCA A
Sheffield B4
4York RI C
Rose Forgrove A5
3Bradford A
Sheffield A5.5

York RI A 6½ vs Hull DCA A 1½

So, having played the team in second last week, this week he faced a Hull team who’d been sitting in third, and who had fielded a very solid team indeed in their previous match.

As it turns out we got a very strong team out for the match – with Simon and Daniel playing quite a few matches I don’t think we’ve been stronger for routine matches since Jean Luc stopped playing – and Hull were slightly weaker. The match though, while a comfortable win and never looking like turning ‘bad’, was one of those where the ultimate score line ended up seeming somewhat flattering.

I’m never quite sure if it is truly flattering, or if it reflects how very good some of our players are at grinding out results. There’s definitely a collective sort of grind you can apply to teams too.

Anyway the match started with me winning the only easy game we won all match on board 8. I then went for a walk round town (its handy playing in central York!) and there were still no more results when I got back.

Shortly after though, the results from the bottom 4 boards came through – Gavyn was a little better but then won a piece, Jim’s game was a very solid seeming draw and Daniel seemed to win a nice game.

Dave then prudently took a draw, leaving us at 4 – 1 with three in play. We weren’t seriously better on any of these boards, but set about grinding.

As it happens we got 2.5/3 from them – Detlef tried to grind an utterly equal Q&P ending and almost got somewhere, Eric was perhaps doing quite well but slipped into an ending where his knight wasn’t as good as Chris’ bishop and went down.

Simon’s game was the last to finish – he’d been seemingly nursing a small edge for a while and eventually won a rather tough looking R&P ending. Technique :)

Report by Martin Carpenter

York RI A 6½ – 1½ Hull DCA A
Simon Ansell 1 – 0 John Cooper
Chris Ross 1 – 0 Eric Gardiner
Detlef Plump ½ – ½ Steve Hodge
David Adams ½ – ½ John Atkinson
Gavyn Cooper 1 – 0 John Thackray
Daniel Staples 1 – 0 Dave Stephenson
Jim Nicholson ½ – ½ David Lord
Martin Carpenter 1 – 0 Paul Lyons

Alwoodley A 4 vs Leeds CCCC A 4

Pauk Gelder broke his duck winning his first game in the Woodhouse since his first appearance in 1965. However the main drama came at the end of the match. With the match tied, boards 2 & 3 left. We were going to win 3, and two looked drawn, however Simon’s health took a turn for the worse, and gallantly Harry offered him a draw. I asked Alwoodley’s Dr Firas, if he’d mind having a look at Simon while we waited for the ambulance. Simon was given a clear ECG reading, but taken to hospital to check him over. Firas & Mark agreed a draw away from the board. Thanks to the friendly guys from Alwoodley, and I hope Simon is ok.

Report by Rich Archer

Alwoodley A 4 – 4 Leeds CCCC A
Mark Priest 0 – 1 John Hall
Firas Almazedi ½ – ½ Mark Birkin
Harry Baxter ½ – ½ Siimon Deighton
Chris Wright ½ – ½ Bill Clark
Jim Vickery ½ – ½ Rich Archer
Paul May ½ – ½ Robin Browne
Paul Gelder 1 – 0 Rupert Jones
Hugh Thornton ½ – ½ David Hirst

Calderdale A 2½ vs Harrogate A 5½

Harrogate arrived meaning business. It was certainly the strongest team they have fielded against us ever. The match looked even on paper. However the team in general seem out of form especially with black pieces we have 4 draws and 8 losses no wins from last 3 games. Well done to Harrogate who thoroughly deserved their win. Hull and Sheffield A away next two doesn’t get any easier!

Report by Dave Patrick

Calderdale A 2½ – 5½ Harrogate A

Rose Forgrove A 5 vs Bradford A 3

Bradford A travelled to Rose Forgrove with a much weaker team than they had fielded in their previous two matches, missing three of their top boards including captain Ihor Lewyk. B team captain Simon Watson stepped up to lead the team. On paper, the teams looked roughly even, Forgrove having a slight grading advantage on a few of the boards, which proved itself in the result.

John was the first to go down. He got what looked like a storming kingside attack, but allowed his opponent to simplify into a pawn-up endgame which he converted without problems. Kevin also suffered after some perhaps overambitious opening play, allowing a decisive counterattack by Ian Smith. In the meantime, Mike met Roger’s 1..g6 setup by launching his pawns at the kingside. He succeded to open the f- and h-files, after which practical defense was very difficut. Roger grabbed some material but missed a lovely rook sacrifice that forced checkmate.

In the meantime peace was agreed on boards 2 and 5, leaving two boards to play and two wins required for Bradford to tie the match. Unfortunately both Julian and myself had the worse of our games. Julian’s English opening appeared to be going extremely well, but he chose the wrong time to cash in, allowing some powerful counterplay in which Julian lost two knights for a rook. Meanwhile I manoeuvred a bit too freely with huge pawn tension in the centre, and Eddie chose the right time to open the position in his favour. If Eddie had more time he ought to have finished me off, but in the time scramble I was able to find some resourceful defences to simply into a drawn knight and pawn ending. However, with the more active king and a necessity to win I played on. As our endgame got started, Mark managed to secure the draw and the team win for Rose Forgrove. At that point I was feeling more optimistic about my endgame, but Eddie demonstrated that it was easily holdable and we shook hands a few minutes later.

An excellent win for Rose Forgove, who leap to join second in the standings.

Report by Chris Bak

Rose Forgrove A 5 – 3 Bradford A
Mark White ½ – ½ Julian Chapman
Michael Round ½ – ½ Mike Walker
Roger Jennings 0 – 1 Mike Bramson
Eddie Hurwitz ½ – ½ Chris Bak
Clive Davies ½ – ½ Ian Hunter
Andy Bagley 1 – 0 Simon Watson
Ian Smith 1 – 0 Kevin Winter
Stan Aleksandrowicz 1 – 0 John Holliday

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Bradford B
Wakefield A4
4Harrogate B
Calderdale B3
5Hull DCA B
5York RI B
Rose Forgrove B6
2Sheffield D
Sheffield C0.5
7.5Bradford Central

York RI B 5 vs Bradford B 3 (from Round 3)

Despite going down to 2 teams rather than 3 this season, we’re still struggling for players … I could only muster 7 and then another went awol on the day.

So we turned up at York with just 6 players and as expected were heavily out-graded. Boards 4 and 6 had both gone down after about 90 minutes. So, 4 nil down … would it be an 8 nil whitewash?

The fightback began on board 2 where Karim offered his queen which his opponent greedily took, only for Karim to announce checkmate with a smothered mate… I think it was Karim’s Knight on e2, while the enemy King on c1 was surrounded by his own pieces. Werner on board 3 seemed fairly level, although he had managed to give his opponent doubled pawns on the f file to expose the King a bit… next time I looked Werner had 3 pieces all surrounding his opponent’s King and it was a win for Werner.

So now 4 – 2 down with 2 to go … Tony on bd 5 was level-ish in a double rook endgame … looking somewhat drawish. Meanwhile I was in a level-ish closed Sicilian with a danger of repeating moves which may have suited both players … me being out-graded by 20 points and my opponent suffering a bit with the sniffles/flu. However both games carried on and York were starting to get worried … it wasn’t until about 6pm when my time-trouble/over-optimistic play allowed my opponent some dangerous tactical counterplay to invade and win. By now though, Tony was a pawn up and he marshalled it through to threaten to queen and his opponent finally gave up.

Meaning a 5 – 3 loss, but considering the grades, we were quite pleased with ourselves …. especially our 3 victors who were outgraded by 40, 80 and 70 points respectively!

Report by Simon Watson

York RI B 5 – 3 Bradford B
Siyuan Huang 1 – 0 Simon Watson
Peter Harrington 0 – 1 Karim Khan
Patrick Gower 0 – 1 Werner Rieser
Eric Key 1 – 0 Dave Young
Paul Johnson 0 – 1 Tony Lightowler
Paul Barber 1 – 0 Simon Jones
Richard Cowan 1 – 0 Default
Jon Griffith 1 – 0 Default

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Home Team   Away Team
York RI D5
3Harrogate C
Alwoodley B
West Leeds
Wakefield B

Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


10 Responses to “2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 4”

  1. Rupert

    Nov 05. 2016

    Our match finished dramatically as Simon started to feel unwell! As Firaz is a Medical Doctor this led to both games being drawn and & Firaz calling an ambulance. The ECG was ok for Simon but nevertheless off he went to the hospital! Up to the dramatic development I had gone down to Paul Gelder & John Hall had equalised! Let’s hope Simon continues to be ok & that it was acid reflux! Will keep you informed.

    Reply to this comment
  2. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 05. 2016

    Some surprising results up there so far! Perhaps actually most so the Calderdale – Harrogate result.

    Surely Calderdale can’t be heading for a relegation fight?!!?

    Rather duller results for York – we won quite comfortably, York B ‘stormed’ past Pontefract (5-3, still not quite recovered from Bradford B yet!) and York D won. Not sure about York C – Sheffield B , but that’s potentially a huge match in the relegation stakes.

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Nov 05. 2016

      Chessnuts now has Sheffield B – York C ending 4-4. Not quite what either side will have wanted I suppose, a fine effort from York C though as Sheffield B looked quite strong.

      Nice to have everyone off 0 match points :)

      Reply to this comment
      • Dave Patrick

        Nov 06. 2016

        Yes Martin cant believe it strongest Harrogate team we ever faced. The previous two matches Bradford and Leeds also must be 15 to 20 points a man higher than some games. Guess that’s amateur sport teams vary so much from week to week (or should it be strong to weak). Next two games Hull and Sheffield A away doesn’t get any easier

        Reply to this comment
  3. Ihor lewyk

    Nov 05. 2016

    Hope Simon is feeling well very soon.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Simon

    Nov 06. 2016

    Back home now after 4 hours writhing around on the floor in A&E waiting to see a doc, some morphine, a CT scan and a diagnosis of am infection of the bowel now being treated with anti-biotics. Thanks very much to Firaz and Harry.

    Reply to this comment
    • Andy Bak

      Nov 06. 2016

      Four hours?! Not good. Anyway glad to hear you’re back at home!

      Reply to this comment
  5. David G. Mills

    Nov 17. 2016


    In the light of a further incident at a Y.C.A. fixture involving a player being hospitalised, perhaps the relevant officers should consider issuing guidance as to what action should be taken regarding games in play at the time of such events? I was not in the room when a player was taken ill in the Hull & D.C.A. ‘B’ v Pontefract fixture but was aware of some basic first aid guidance. By the time I arrived, several people had taken action to attend to the person involved and call 999. A medic arrived within 10-15 minutes, having been delayed by traffic congestion caused by a road accident and Hull Fair. She requested an ambulance which arrived 15-20 minutes later. The patient was subsequently admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary and discharged later in the evening.

    During this time several games (5 or 6) were still unfinished. Some players wished to suspend play, some agreed draws and others wanted to continue. Had I been involved in the match rather than attending as non-playing captain, I would not have wished to continue my game. I am of the opinion that when a person is sufficiently incapacitated that professional medical assistance is necessary, that is the point where chess takes a back seat. Unfortunately both captains were unable to quickly obtain a consensus from players as to how we should proceed. Eventually everyone accepted that the fixture should be abandoned and replayed at a later date.

    Captains should not be placed in a position of trying to negotiate with players in the circumstances described above or anything similar to them. I ask that the Association’s Officers consider these two events and issue clear guidance to team captains as to the action to be taken in such or analogous circumstances. I appreciate that this is not an easy task but the emphasis must be on player safety.

    With safety in mind, perhaps the Association’s Officers might consider offering some first aid training to anyone actively involved in Yorkshire Chess competitions. I received some basic first aid training around 15 years ago from the Civil Service Sports Council (now CSSC Sports and Leisure) and about 3 years ago in my capacity as a volunteer at the Beverley Folk Festival, however guidance changes. I would suggest first aid training on a weekend at a venue such as Leeds or Bradford with a charge to cover the cost of the instructor and venue.

    Reply to this comment

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