2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 6

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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2016-17 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.


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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Alwoodley A1
7Sheffield B
Rose Forgrove A2.5
5.5York RI A
Sheffield A6
2Calderdale A
6Leeds CCCC A
Bradford A7
1Harrogate A
York RI C3.5
4.5Hull DCA A

Sheffield A 6 vs Calderdale A 2

Calderdale were out graded on every board against a strong Sheffield side. The team fought hard for 4 draws but Sheffield ended as deserved winners.

Report by Dave Patrick

Sheffield A 6 – 2 Calderdale A

Rose Forgrove A 2½ vs York RI A 5½

A trip to Rose Forgrove for the new year, and while not as critical as our matches looming in February care was definitely needed.

As has been the case quite often this season, we had a very strong team. The match itself settled into the expected grim struggle, albeit enlivened by my exceedingly silly game on 8 – at one point we had kings on g1 and f7 with the only pawn remaining on the kingside on g4.
(And half a chess set each.).

That slice of randomness fell my way, and indeed we went 4.5 – 0.5 up a little before the time control. Things didn’t go quite so well from with both Detlef and Dave somewhat losing control of quite nice positions. Detlef salvaged a tricky rook ending while Dave eventually went down.

The match against Sheffield in two weeks obviously looms massive.

Report by Martin Carpenter

Rose Forgrove A 2½ – 5½ York RI A
T Braithwaite 0 – 1 P Townsend
M White 0 – 1 C Ross
M Round ½ – ½ D Plump
R Jennings 1 – 0 D Adams
E Hurwitz ½ – ½ G Cooper
C Davies ½ – ½ D Staples
A Bagley 0 – 1 J Nicholson
R Dean 0 – 1 M Carpenter

Alwoodley A 1 vs Sheffield B 7

This was a must-win match for both sides and fortunately for me I was able to field a team with a 160+ graded player on board eight – when we have most of our full squad available we are actually a pretty solid side and difficult to beat (as Bradford A will testify from last time around).

The games themselves featured some fireworks on board 1 where Jim played a highly attractive gambit line and eventually won queen for rook and piece before kicking Mark’s king around the board for good measure. Harry gave up the exchange (prematurely perhaps?) against Peter but was unable to hold onto the extra pawn; our man exchanged down into a won pawn ending…and won. Daniel seemed to have all the chances on three, but Chris found a sacrificial resource that won queen for rook – with opposite coloured bishops and his king still trapped in the corner a draw seemed likely and was agreed (the match was already over at that point). My game was last to finish – and after a fairly even middlegame where I was slightly tangled up a resource with a temporary rook sacrifice on g2 allowed me to bust open the kingside and eventually win material and the game. Tom declined a draw offer against Jim with a better pawn structure in the queenless middlegame… but Jim eked out a pawn advantage. Tom lost last week in a rook and pawns ending but this time held things together to eventually agree a draw after all.

The bottom three boards were where our greatest grading advantage lay – and we took all three points here. Peong had a couple of moments of concern but gradually ground Paul down in a minor piece and rook ending where he had a couple of extra pawns. John played a tricky opening line and Peter found himself in a bind very early on – John turned the screw and chased Peter’s king across the board and into a net where his only escape required giving up his queen and the game. Last but not least, Andy’s game saw him pushing on the queenside before switching to the kingside and finding an intermezzo check that cost Hugh his queen and brought about instant resignation.

So a convincing win sees us rocket up the table and take a positive step towards safety.

Report by Andrew Hards

Alwoodley A 1 – 7 Sheffield B
Mark Priest 0 – 1 Jim Burnett
Harry Baxter 0 – 1 Peter Ackley
Chris Wright ½ – ½ Daniel Sullivan
Firci Almazedi 0 – 1 Andrew Hards
Jim Vickery ½ – ½ Tom Wills
Paul May 0 – 1 Peong Wei Jie
Peter Gelder 0 – 1 John Fletcher
Hugh Thornton 0 – 1 Andy Mort

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Rose Forgrove B4
4Calderdale B
Sheffield C3.5
4.5Wakefield A
Bradford Central6
0Bradford B
Sheffield D5
3Harrogate B
York RI B7
1Hull DCA B

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Wakefield B 2 vs 6 York RI D

Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


16 Responses to “2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 6”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Jan 21. 2017

    Missing (as I type anyway!) results – 3.5 – 4.5 win for Hull over a strengthened York C .
    (Jarmany was playing, I think his first match ever for a York team.).

    Also a ~7-1 win for York B vs Hull B. Sheffield B destroying Alwoodley like that has made the fight for the second relegation place (Alwoodley are down) very tight indeed.

    Given York C’s remaining fixture list I think they absolutely need to win in two weeks time to have even a decent chance of survival.
    (Their remaining matches are Bradford, Sheffield, Calderdale and Huddersfield so all very hard indeed.).

    Even that might not ultimately be enough, we’ll see :)

    At the top its worth noting that York A aren’t home and housed if we beat Sheffield – we’ll still only be 1.5 matches ahead of Leeds so if we lose to them it’ll be very tight for the final few matches.

    Win the next two and we’ll be able to relax a little but that is something much, much, much easier said there done!

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  2. Eric Gardiner

    Jan 22. 2017

    Yes, York C vs HDCA A was a very competitive match. I tried unsuccessfully to enter the board by board results – but I expect they will be on Chessnuts soon. John Cooper did very well to beat John Jarmany (who beat Danny Gormally at the Harrogate Congress!).

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  3. Martin Carpenter

    Jan 22. 2017

    With York C/Sheffield B so strong, there was only Harrogate and Alwoodley averaging <170 grading pts/board last weekend.

    Sheffield B clearly have an upper mid table strength squad, its just whether they can survive the effects of the time it took to get it organised at the start of the season.

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  4. Andrew Zigmond

    Jan 23. 2017

    I’m not being funny Martin but how do you know that `Alwoodley are down`? They’re only two points and two game points off the pace with the season only just over half way through. A glance at the fixture list suggests that a good three of their fixtures are winnable – even if there was such a thing as an unwinnable match, which there isn’t.

    Reply to this comment
    • Paul Gelder

      Jan 23. 2017

      Thanks Andrew for your support.I had noticed that we always seemed to be dismissed or ignored by this column.This year was always going to be difficult having lost our best player to University.Last season we survived with the help of Bradford Centrals default.As you say there are still matches we can win.Alwoodley Chess Club is a welcoming club.We are open every Wednesday at 7pm.Should there be any strong players out there who would like a challenge or a change or become part of a club,particularly GMs or IMs please get in touch

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      • Paul Gelder

        Jan 23. 2017

        Moderation by whom or for what reason ?

        Reply to this comment
        • Andy Bak

          Jan 23. 2017

          Any person who’s not commented before has their comments automatically pending for moderation – we get thousands of spam comments a month which is why we have to moderate. You should be ok going forward!

          Reply to this comment
      • Martin Carpenter

        Jan 23. 2017

        I definitely don’t mean to remotely nasty, or dismissive, just rational about it. Your survival last season was definitely inspiring :)

        It would maybe help a bit if we had some regular local league coverage here.

        I mean I think York C are doing brilliantly this season, but do think they’re favourites to go down from here. Needed one of those two 3.5 – 4.5 losses to fall the other way!

        Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Jan 23. 2017

      Of course there isn’t – and they might survive in principle – but there are good and bad odds :)

      Second from bottom would be no good of course, so I think they need 6 match points, so 2.5/5 from here. vs Calderdale, Hull, York A, Bradford A and Harrogate?

      Very hard. Basically the league has got a bit scary. Traditionally it was an 8 match fixture list for relegation candidates but Leeds CCCC seems to have basically taken it down to 7 this season.

      Its harder than that though – all of Calderdale, Hull, Huddersfield and Sheffield B (now that they’re organised) are consistently fielding teams in the 170-175 average strength/board range.

      Tough teams too, no one <160 below board 8 etc. A team like Alwoodley can/will win the odd match vs teams like that, but can't expect to do it consistently.

      If you're reduced to targeting a team as solid as Rose Forgrove in a relegation fight then you've got problems!

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  5. Dave h

    Jan 23. 2017

    You should see what results Alwoodley are pulling off in the Leeds first division. Some outstanding efforts despite being out graded in most matches. Indeed, they are joint second in the league.

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Jan 23. 2017

      Definitely a great win vs Moortown just now :) Vastly easier to produce an upset over 5 than 8 boards of course.

      The games aren’t all strictly independent of course, but I’d guess that the chance of an upset reduces roughly exponentially with the size of the match in boards.

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  6. Michael Pollard

    Jan 25. 2017

    Ive recently started playing Yorkshire league chess after an absence of 20 years, mainly because I was living in Scotland. Im a regular of Hull B and on Saturday we played York B who are too strong for the IM Brown but that’s what happens if you are relegated. We took a strong team to York with the hope that we could spring a few surprises and maybe make the result nice and close, this was not to be and 7-1 was probably a little bit flattering to York, most of the matches were interesting to watch. In particular Lord v Gower. I played Herbert Lockwood and escaped with a draw and Richard Callis for us helped to prevent the whitewash. York have impressed me for a very long time with their strength in depth and excellent junior base, I don’t see anyone toppling the first team though.
    I can just about remember when Hull were top of the tree, maybe that will happen again in my lifetime!!

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    • Andy Bak

      Jan 25. 2017

      York have been very impressive in recent times but I think York B’s relegation is testament to how strong the Woodhouse Cup is at the moment!

      Reply to this comment
      • Martin Carpenter

        Jan 25. 2017

        Definitely. I mean it wasn’t a remotely vintage season – several key players seemed to forget how to play chess at once :) – but that was still a good team.

        It is definitely much harder to feel secure in the Woodhouse these days. Back in 2010/11 the average non York/Sheffield team was 190, 176, 173, 167, 163, 156, 152, 145 (165 average)

        This season? Take Alwoodley out too and its:
        191.2, 184.5, 179.5, 174.6, 169.9, 163.2, 158, 149.6 (171 average)

        6pts/board might not seem like much but its enough for 4.5-3.5 over 8 boards. At the same time I get the impression that the IMB has got somewhat weaker, so there’s a vast gap now.

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    • Eric Gardiner

      Jan 25. 2017

      Michael, I’ve put the games into Chessbase and sent them to David Mills who said he will be writing a report soon and I hope putting some of the games up on the HDCA website. I agree that Lord vs Gower was an interesting game to play through, with a tactical double rook endgame. Do you know if they were in time trouble at all?

      Reply to this comment
  7. Michael Pollard

    Jan 26. 2017

    Hi Eric. When I looked at the game, Dave was three pawns up but Patrick Gower had a perpetual on the cards, something happened in that instance and the game was over. Time control was not an issue at all.

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