2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 9

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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2016-17 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.


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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Alwoodley A2.5
5.5Bradford A
4.5York RI C
Hull DCA A1.5
6.5Sheffield A
Harrogate A4
4Rose Forgrove A
Leeds CCCC A4
4Sheffield B
Calderdale A1.5
6.5York RI A

Calderdale A 1½ vs York RI A 6½

So, the quest for massive wins against really solid opposition continued, with a trip to Calderdale. We went very well equipped, with an exceedingly strong team, especially on the top boards.

Those top boards did the business quite nicely – Richard got the huge novelty from Carlsen – Kramnik on the board and won quite nicely, Simon eventually ground Martyn down and Paul seemed to win quite nicely.

Meanwhile Bob seemed to go slightly mad vs Detlef’s Nimzo – very much in his style of course, but Detlef is a rather hard nut to crack and calmly refuted things in his usual classical style.

With David winning a tactical melee on 5, that gave us a perfect score on the top boards.

Calderaldale’s strength in depth did however earn them some reward here – Gavyn went down after being worse for much of his game, and Mark managed to wriggle free of Daniel’s clamp on 7 at the last moment.

Meanwhile David had played the Winaver (as white) for the first time against me and gone down quite a few moves of fairly critical theory to an ending which is maybe a little better for white.

Its an unbalanced one though and once he misplaced some of his pieces I found enoguh to start grinding away, eventually winning with some snap tactics after picking up no less than 3 pawns….

Sheffield, we are told, managed to score 6.5 too so things are still absurdly tight :)

Report by Martin Carpenter

Calderdale A 1½ – 6½ York RI A
P Watson 0 – 1 R Palliser
M Hamer 0 – 1 S Ansell
R Webster 0 – 1 P Townsend
R Newton 0 – 1 D Plump
T Hilton 0 – 1 D Adams
J Morgan 1 – 0 G Cooper
M Whitehead ½ – ½ D Staples
D Patrick 0 – 1 M Carpenter

Calderdale A 1½ vs York RI A 6½

With 6 players over 196 and including two IMS York had a really strong team, I was fearing a team bageling!In the end we did lose comprehensively but the team fought hard and John Morgan had a great win over Gavin Cooper.He must have thing over playing Coopers as he also had a great win over Hulls Cooper many years ago.Great to have Bob back after his recent illness. Well played to York good luck for rest of season.

Report by dave patrick

Calderdale A 1½ – 6½ York RI A

Leeds CCCC A 4 vs Sheffield B 4

At mid-day on Saturday I had 7 players. When we arrived at the venue, we had 8… and as I wrote my team sheet out, I got a text message from Daniel to say he was stuck in a traffic jam courtesy of an accident on the A38 and wasn’t even past Sheffield. So back down to 7 and outgraded on every board against a side tipped as an outsider for a title run at the start of the season. This did not bode well.

However… all the games were tight, all hard fought, and as you’ll note from the scoreline we more than held our own. When the clock reached 5pm and the first game was only just finishing (Jon and Nestor repeating on board 3 after Jon had fended off Nestor’s kingside attack) it looked likely things would be going to the wire. And sure enough that’s exactly what happened. Peter was on the backfoot in his game with John – and I was mildly surprised to hear a draw offer as Peter retreated his queen to a7. But I am assured everything held together – just – so the offer was accepted and we were 2-1 down. Board five offered the most exciting game of the day – Andy sacc’ed a piece to open up Robert’s uncastled king and I’m told there was a win in there (or two perhaps). Some skin-of-the-teeth defence left Robert a pawn down in a queen and rook ending – but enough activity to eke out a draw.

And then… we equalised. Stuart had an orthodox opening (unusual), a complicated middlegame (not unusual), and a sharp ending (also not unusual). Bill cracked first, under time pressure to boot, and with a queen, rook and bishop each Stuart wove a web around Bill’s pieces and picked up queen for rook and our first whole point.

Whereupon Steve then succumbed to Richard’s queenside pawn majority to level the scores. Always on the back foot in a tricky rook and knight vs rook and bishop ending, Steve had 3 vs 1 on the kingside but Rich’s 2 vs 0 were further advanced and a tactic to force a queen was enough to end Steve’s resistance and take Leeds CCCC back into the lead. Just myself and Jim left – I thought Jim had winning chances so Matthias did very well in the ending to get to a drawn opposite coloured bishops position and then all eyes fell on the captains. Mark had let a pawn slip in the middlegame and I grimly held on to that through 30 or so moves of dogged defence. As his clock ticked down the position opened up a little and with a 10 minute or so advantage I ought to have been able to see it home. In the event, I managed to blunder an entire bishop but with my kingside connected, passed pawn roller heading up the board with my king in tow, the clock on my side and my rooks looking to invade, Mark was unable to find a way to stop the advances before his time ran out. PHEW. I’m exhausted just typing that. A cracking result and with 9 points we are now 100% guaranteed safe for another season in this most competitive of divisions.

Finally… it would be remiss of me to submit my report without mentioning the late Simon Deighton. We held a minute’s silence for him before the match, impeccably observed of course, in his memory. It is clear he meant a lot to his team-mates and I’m sorry he wasn’t there to engage us in a battle over the board today. RIP Simon.

Report by Andrew Hards

Leeds CCCC A 4 – 4 Sheffield B
Matthias Gantner ½ – ½ Jim Burnett
John Hall ½ – ½ Peter Ackley
Nestor Lopez ½ – ½ Jon Arnott
Mark Birkin 0 – 1 Andrew Hards
Robert Starley ½ – ½ Andy Mort
Rich Archer 1 – 0 Steve Gibbs
Bill Clark 0 – 1 Stuart Crosthwaite
Randy Donahue 1 – 0 DEFAULT

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Sheffield D7
York RI B3
5Bradford Central
Hull DCA B
Sheffield C
Harrogate B4
4Rose Forgrove B
Bradford B1
Wakefield A3.5
4.5Calderdale B

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Alwoodley B1.5
6.5West Leeds
Harrogate C
Wakefield B
York RI D

Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


One Response to “2016/17 Yorkshire League Round 9”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Mar 25. 2017

    Huge result for York C – absent unlikely Harrogate heriocs vs Sheffield A they’re safe now. Huddersfield aren’t, and badly need a result to stay safely ahead of Harrogate. Bit of a shock if a team that strong goes down to be honest, but its a rough league.

    The title race is of course simply incredibly close. Back to fairly pure 50/50 at this stage I think – we’d maybe be expected to edge a fraction further ahead next week and then the final round will be utterly random.

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