2017/18 Yorkshire League Round 3 (4 November 2017)

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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Rose Forgrove A5
3Bradford Central
Sheffield B3
5Sheffield A
York RI A6
Calderdale A4
4Bradford A
Leeds A4.5
3.5York RI C
York RI B4
4Hull DCA A

Sheffield B 3 vs Sheffield A 5

One of these days, we’ll actually take a point or two off the A team. Sadly today was not that day… but we came as close, if not closer than last season to doing it. The signs were good that this could be a very close match – back of a match report calculations by Geoff early on showed that we were only conceding an average of 3 grading points per board (av 180 vs av 183), with most of those on the top two and actually we outgraded the A team on half the boards so a tight match was expected. It proved to be, coming down to fine margins where the luck didn’t quite go our way. So what happened?

Board 8 finished first – I think pretty much everyone in the room called it. Andy and Geoff have played each other dozens of times over the years and draws tend to be the outcome. Today was no different – albeit it took them a bit longer to reach the drawn position with a locked pair of pawn chains and no obvious way to make progress.

Next up was the game on board 6 – another draw featuring yours truly. Pete had me slightly on the back foot for much of the game, but it all fizzled out into a rather tame rook and opposite coloured bishops ending where he offered a draw the move before I was going to. So level after 2, but with two whites ‘squandered’. We actually took the lead after the next result came in. Peter had looked in a spot of bother with two pawn islands vs one pawn chain in his match against his club colleague, but Dave’s e4 pawn push proved to have the opposite effect of what he had hoped for and resulted in Peter entering the endgame a pawn up and nursing said pawn gradually up the board to secure a point for the Bs. Sadly, that was to be the last time we had our noses in front. Daniel and Jon had entered deep thought from around move 3, making less than 10 moves each well into the second hour of the match. Daniel had some pluses early on, but Jon found a neat winning tactic in the late middlegame that won two pieces for a rook with the added bonus of a very strong (and very advanced) passed pawn. The game didn’t last much longer and we were back to all square – at least until Aran managed to make his positional advantage tell in his game against Khaled – only bishops had been exchanged when his knight sacrifice on h5 abruptly ended the game – there was no defence to the ensuing queen invasion of Khaled’s kingside so that was the end of that one.

I still had hopes, however. Jim had retained the two bishops against Oskar and was certainly not losing – positionally at least he must have had a small plus. Peong had defended stoutly against Mike and was in the process of disentangling his bishop pair from defence to go on the offensive, whilst John had a space disadvantage against Jeremy but no other real concerns. His game ended after a draw offer was accepted with the position in the remaining two games seemingly to our advantage… only for Jim to almost immediately drop the exchange against Oskar in what had previously begun to look like a winning endgame. He got the exchange back…but Oskar’s pawn structure was far superior and Jim was unable to hang on to the doubled, isolated pawns as Oskar mopped them up and sealed the match for the A team. All that was left was for Peong and Mike to agree a draw – in a 2B vs B+N ending Mike was able to keep Peong’s king out of his own position and unable to make progress, the draw was agreed.

So the unbeaten run comes to an end – a couple of missed chances went begging and against the A team that proved costly. We’ve come a long way though – and we’re still developing as a team. Maybe next season we’ll push them just that little bit further…

Report by Andrew Hards

Sheffield B 3 – 5 Sheffield A
Jim Burnett 0 – 1 Oskar Hackner
Daniel Sullivan 0 – 1 Jon Nelson
Peter Ackley 1 – 0 Dave Latham
Peong Wei Jie ½ – ½ Mike Johnson
John Fletcher ½ – ½ Jeremy Hamm
Andrew Hards ½ – ½ Peter Hempson
Khaled Muflehi 0 – 1 Aran Ter-Govorkian
Andy Mort ½ – ½ Geoff Frost

Leeds CCCC A 4½ vs York RI C 3½

At the prematch discussion. We decided to target the top boards to get our points, as we had two inexperienced players on the bottom, both played well and with a few more games under their belts will be tough opposition. Thanks to Rob for bringing home the bacon in the last game to finish.

Report by Rich Archer

Leeds CCCC A 4½ – 3½ York RI C
John Hall 1 – 0 Alex Combie
Rob Starley 1 – 0 Richard Allis
Rich Archer ½ – ½ Richard Hardy
Randy Donahue 1 – 0 Tony Slinger
Rupert Jones ½ – ½ Barry Marshall
David Hirst ½ – ½ Adam Ismail
Franco Labia 0 – 1 Noel Stewart
Marat Ibraimov 0 – 1 Robert Moneagle

York RI A 6 vs Huddersfield 2

It lives!

With York being very strong and Huddersfield somewhat reduced against many of their recent teams the result of this match was never especially in doubt.

Nice wins from Simon, David and Gavyn on 1/3 and 6 were shared with Huddersfield players running into rather major rogue tactics on 5 & 7.

The draws on 2 and 4 were very well earned, as was the win in the final game to finish where Richard managed to outplay Jim, fresh from a great result in Scarborough, in one of the slow semi blocked grinds that Jim does really well.

Report by Martin Carpenter

York RI A 6 – 2 Huddersfield
Simon Ansell 1 – 0 Roger Keely
Chris Ross ½ – ½ Leo Keely
David Adams 1 – 0 David Keddie
Detlef Plump ½ – ½ David Firth
Daniel Staples 1 – 0 Gary Hincliffe
Gavyn Cooper 1 – 0 David Tooley
Martin Carpenter 1 – 0 David Gray
Jim Nicholson 0 – 1 Richard Boylan

Calderdale A 4 vs Bradford A 4

An exciting match with both teams needing the points ended up with a 4 all draw a fair.Wins for the tail gunners Andy J and myself cancelled out wins by Chris Bak and Bill Clark with four draws.It felt like a game between two mid table teams rather than a basement battle,im sure both teams will be ok come April. Fingers crossed anyway.

Report by Dave Patrick

Calderdale A 4 – 4 Bradford A

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Rose Forgrove B5
5.5Sheffield C
Wakefield A5
3Sheffield D
Calderdale B2
6Harrogate A
Alwoodley A7
1York RI D
Harrogate B1.5
6.5Hull DCA B

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Harrogate C2.5
Alwoodley B4.5
3.5Wakefield B
Bradford B5
3West Leeds

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


8 Responses to “2017/18 Yorkshire League Round 3 (4 November 2017)”

  1. Ihor

    Nov 04. 2017

    Yaaaay. I’ve got this page working. Phew.

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Nov 04. 2017

      Grand :) Not sure if either Hull or YorkB do match reports but the match was very match one that got away from York B.

      They were 3-3 with two very good endings to finish, but the Hull players managed to save both of those to hold it to 4-4. That might really matter come the end of the season.

      Relegation is looking very scary with only really Sheffield B & the obvious other two seemingly really strong, although I’d be amazed if Bradford or Caldrdale get into real trouble.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Eric Gardiner

    Nov 05. 2017

    Unfortunately as I wasn’t able to play I only have the bare chessnuts results to go on for York B vs HDCA A. I’m informed that David Mills has written reports to go on the HDCA website for the first two rounds; I hope this will continue. A pity you put Gavyn Cooper in the A team though, as I’ve been looking forward to Cooper vs Cooper for a couple of seasons now ;-)

    Reply to this comment
  3. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 05. 2017

    Forgrove I think taking their turn at the top of the 5 way pile up on 4 match points now :)

    Reply to this comment
  4. David G. Mills

    Nov 05. 2017

    Reports on the first two two rounds of matches involving Hull & District teams have been sent for publication on the Hull & District website along with the same reports on several Yorkshire county matches in 2016/2017 that currently appear on Steve Mann’s website. It is now down to the person who operates the website as to when they appear. Please don’t ask for my opinion of the Hull & District website at the moment. Those of a delicate disposition are likely to be offended by my choice of words.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Ihor

    Nov 06. 2017

    Hi David,
    I know from the experience of our site just how difficult it can be to run a website through technical difficulties and personal distractions. I can only apologise for this on behalf of the YCA website team but I’m trusting we are back on track.
    I have placed a link to Steve Mann’s yearbook pages at the useful sites section.

    Reply to this comment
  6. David G. Mills

    Nov 07. 2017

    Hope I have not caused confusion. I am aware that work is being undertaken on the Yorkshire Chess website. My comments are directed at the Hull & District website. Out of date information. Reports in the wrong section. Information about the Hull Congress the same as before it took place. No details of the prize winners or what happened. There have been problems with it for ages – well over a year. My gripe is that despite my repeated comments about it at Executive Committee meetings, no action is taken. The website is not accessible at the time of writing and reports sent for publication ‘bounce back’, stating that the webmaster’s mailbox is full!!. If put in charge of a website, do the job properly. If you are unable so to do for whatever reason, say so and ask someone else to take over. Remaining in place, not doing the job and preventing progress should not be an option.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Matt Webb

    Nov 08. 2017

    Hi All,

    Just to follow on from Ihor’s words above… Work is well underway on the Yorkshire Chess website, there is an enormous amount of tasks which need to be tackled before we can unleash anything significant for user consumption. Our focus is on a much leaner, more user-friendly experience.

    With respect to the Hull & District website, I’d be more than happy for them to reach out to me personally for any assistance they need with their website, I have spoken to their congress organiser previously so I’ll send him an email to see if I can assist.

    As always, if anyone has any feedback, particularly things they dislike, please don’t hesitate to send them in to our email yorkshirechess@gmail.com or via our contact page: http://yorkshirechess.org/contact-us/

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Leave a Reply to Matt Webb