2017/18 Yorkshire League Round 4

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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2017-18 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.


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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Bradford Central
Sheffield A3-5
Bradford A
York RI C
Rose Forgrove A
Sheffield B4.5-3.5
Hull DCA A
York RI A6.5-1.5
York RI B
Calderdale AP

Sheffield A 3 vs Bradford A 5

Bradford travelled to Sheffield A with their strongest line up of the season so far. But things didn’t start well as Adam Lang’s train was cancelled and he could only arrive seconds before default time.
Bradford’s strength on the bottom boards was evident with excellent wins for Chris Bak, Mike Bramson and Bill Clark. The match victory was sealed by Alan Walton showing excellent end game technique in defeating the ever tricky Jon Nelson.

Report by Ihor lewyk

Sheffield A 3 – 5 Bradford A
O Hackner ½ – ½ J Chapman
J Nelson 0 – 1 A Walton
R Woodford 1 – 0 A Lang
M Johnson ½ – ½ I Lewyk
M Howard 1 – 0 M Walker
A Ter-Govorkian 0 – 1 C Bak
J Hamm 0 – 1 M Bramson
C Walker 0 – 1 B Clark

York RI A 6½ vs York RI B 1½

Another home match against a York team, meaning lots of travel ahead :)

This one looked like it could be genuinely tight, but once the two A team bottom boards came home with fast wins – with Richard Mounce playing a very fine attack to win – the only likely result was going to be a comfortable win for the A team.

This proved – Paul and Detlef won nice positional games on boards 2 and 4 and solid draws on 1 and 3.

The score line got a final gloss when I managed to generate enough confusion to survive my truly awful position and Jim managed to complete a long grind in a king and pawn ending.

A massive round for both these York teams next time out – A away to Bradford and B vs Central.

Report by Martin Carpenter

York RI A 6½ – 1½ York RI B
Simon Ansell ½ – ½ Martin Brown
Paul Townsend 1 – 0 Patrick Gower
David Adams ½ – ½ Richard Cowan
Detlef Plump 1 – 0 Tom Leah
Martin Carpenter ½ – ½ Paul Barber
Jim Nicholson 1 – 0 Paul Johnson
James Carpenter 1 – 0 Eric Key
Richard Mounce 1 – 0 Jon Griffith

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Harrogate A
Sheffield C4.5-3.5
Sheffield D
York RI D
Rose Forgrove B
Hull DCA B
Calderdale B
Harrogate B
Wakefield A
Alwoodley A

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Bradford B
Alwoodley B
West Leeds
Harrogate C
Wakefield B

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


8 Responses to “2017/18 Yorkshire League Round 4”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 26. 2017

    Fine consistency on show from Bradford I see :)

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  2. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 27. 2017

    Also good to see the rebellion continuing for another month with Forgrove still topping the table :)

    Think there’s a good chance that Sheffield B might take over through to Xmas.

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  3. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 27. 2017

    Oh I’m not tracking the full stats this season, but I just checked and Bradford A – Sheffield A appears to featured two teams with absolutely identical(!) sums of live grades :)

    Don’t remember seeing that before. The bottom boards were remarkable too:
    Board 8 = 167 vs 166,
    Board 7 = 171 vs 171,
    Board 6 = 173 vs 173,
    Board 5 = 179 vs 178

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    • Alan Walton

      Nov 27. 2017

      Hi, just to let you know my live grade is incorrect; for some reason my county games have been graded separately and amazingly graded 249 on the other grade

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      • Martin Carpenter

        Nov 27. 2017

        It did seem rather low.

        Of course, in some ways it just makes the coincidence even more impressive ;)

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  4. Eric Gardiner

    Nov 27. 2017

    Perhaps we should contact James Plaskett to ask how much of a coincidence that is :) ?

    It must be a Sheffield thing as the live grades on the top 3 boards for Sheffield B vs HDCA A were almost the same:

    Burnett 197 vs Cooper 197
    Ackley 189 vs Gardiner 189
    Hodge 178 vs David 179

    Below that unfortunately some of our regular A team players were missing.

    By the way, David Mills has written some reports on our earlier round matches which can be downloaded from the HDCA website.

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  5. Ihor Lewyk

    Nov 27. 2017

    Thanks for mentioning that Eric.


    I think this is the correct web page for those.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Andrew

    Nov 27. 2017

    Ours too Eric :-) – including yours truly although I think now it is possible that the strongest Sheffield B side I could select would leave me warming the subs bench.

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