4NCL 2012/13 – Rounds 5&6

4NCL 2012/13 – Rounds 5&6


All of Yorkshire’s six teams were in action this weekend at three different locations for the third 4NCL weekend. There was great news for White Rose fans, both of White Rose 1′s games were be on the live boards, they faced Wood Green 2 on Saturday and Guildford 1 on Sunday.

White Rose 2 were looking to secure their spot in the Divison 2 Promotion Pool, Leeds University Old Boys and Bradford DCA Knights A were looking to continue piling on the points in Division 3 while Bradford B and Jorvik were trying to move themselves up the table before all the teams merge for the final two weekends.


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Round 5

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Div 1 Pool B: White Rose 1 4½ - 3½ WGHK 2

White Rose 1 4½ – 3½ WGHK 2
GM Peter Wells (2491) ½ – ½ GM John Emms (2483)
IM Richard Palliser (2454) 1 – 0 IM Lawrence Trent (2429)
FM James Adair (2297) ½ – ½ IM Richard Pert (2443)
Simon Buckley (2349) 1 – 0 IM Jovanka Houska (2416)
FM Nicolas Croad (2259) ½ – ½ IM Andrew Greet (2438)
Paul Townsend (2234) ½ – ½ IM Malcolm Pein (2376)
Peter Gayson (2215) ½ – ½ WIM Sheila Sahl (2243)
WFM Niki Varholakova (2181) 0 – 1 WFM Sarah Hegarty (2133)

Div 2 Pool B: North East England 3½ - 4½ White Rose 2

North East England 3½ – 4½ White Rose 2
CM Paul Dargan (2150) 0 – 1 David Adams (2216)
Roger Coathup (2123) 1 – 0 Jean-Luc Weller (2176)
WIM Sue Maroroa (2055) 1 – 0 CM Jonathan Arnott (2188)
Malola Prasath (2076) 0 – 1 Jim Burnett (2143)
Mark Davey (1990) 0 – 1 Pierre Weller (2124)
Paul Kendall (2054) 0 – 1 Peter Shaw (2151)
Paul Robson (1946) 0 – 1 Kieran O’Driscoll (2120)
Mark Reynolds (1903) ½ – ½ CM Peter Kirby (2005)

Both White Rose teams went into the last 4NCL weekend with something to achieve. The club was desperate for both teams to cement their places in the Championship and promotion divisions a week early.

The first team faced a tricky tie against Wood Green 2 and the grade difference was minimal. Missing Colin McNab due to the British problem solving championships we welcomed back James Adair and Simon Buckley.

The early skirmishes looked promising with Richard Palliser winning quickly. Simon had to make a flurry of moves to make the time control but when the dust settled he had a commanding position and soon made it 2 – 0. A number of solid looking draws were agreed but Wood Green had pulled back a point through Sarah Hegarty.

Two games remained and we were confident of taking the point needed for the match. Nic Croad secured a draw playing actively in a tricky Rook and Knight ending while James Adair always seemed to have the edge but under time pressure took the draw to secure the match.

The second team had an uncharacteristically poor start when Jon Arnott was too optimistic with a sacrifice and was devastated to see Sue’s telling defence. Dave Adams quickly levelled the scores as he managed to trap his opponent’s queen in the middle of the board. White Rose assumed the advantage through Kieran O’Driscoll when his opponent also went wrong.

We had to wait a while for the next result but it came through in form Pierre Weller bravely allowing his opponent to queen and delivering mate in the following complications. Roger Coathup got one back for the North East team.

This left two games which the winners both showed excellent technique. Jim Burnett sacrificed his last piece to leave Prasath of the North East with two Knights only. However Jim still had a pawn and Prasath then proceeded to show how to win with seemingly text book play.

This left Pete Shaw needing to win to secure the match for White Rose. Pete held the advantage but it was difficult to see the winning plan and just as all roads appeared to end in a draw after a clever piece sacrifice, Pete found an only move (Nh5) which held the King at bay and allowed the crucial tempo to win.

Report by Ihor Lewyk

Div 3 South: Hackney 3½ - 2½ Leeds University Old Boys

Hackney 3½ – 2½ Leeds University Old Boys
FM Daniel Almeida Toledano (2326) ½ – ½ John Hall (2255)
Nicholas Walker (2165) 1 – 0 FM Hubert Mossong (2152)
Adrian Ociepka (2146) 0 – 1 Mark Taylor (2078)
Francis Chin (2164) 0 – 1 Simon Deighton (2066)
John Reid (2063) 1 – 0 Mark Birkin (1928)
Kevin Bowmer (2031) 1 – 0 Iain Bourne (2002)

On Saturday the Old Boys surged into an early lead, despite conceding copious grading points to strong opposition. Mark Taylor hacked thematically (and characteristically) in the Winawer when white rather bravely castled into a king’s side of habitually open files, while Simon Deighton’s knowledge of chess history yielded an understanding of the ‘Cambridge Springs’ that was somewhat in advance of his highly rated adversary. Unfortunately optimism turned to (metaphorical?) tears as Mark Birkin blundered a level ending under time pressure and Iain Bourne’s apparently overwhelming position blew up dramatically in the face of a rather desperate looking counter-strike.

Report by Mark Birkin

Div 3 North: Atticus 1½ - 4½ Bradford DCA Knights A

Atticus 1½ – 4½ Bradford DCA Knights A
Steve Kee (2274) 1 – 0 Oskar Hackner (2170j)
Andrej Stancak (1978) 0 – 1 Andrew Drabble (2194)
Luke Boumphrey (1971) ½ – ½ Eric Gardiner (2162)
John Lambert (1986) 0 – 1 William Somerset (2082)
Mark Wadsworth (1642) 0 – 1 Tony Slinger (1976)
Steven Philip (1554) 0 – 1 Jim Nicholson (2005)

Div 3 North: Holmes Chapel 3 - 3 Bradford DCA Knights B

Holmes Chapel 3 – 3 Bradford DCA Knights B
Robert Clark (2017) 0 – 1 Denis Molofej (2035)
John Turner (2024) 1 – 0 Andrew Bak (2052)
Chris Doran (1971) 0 – 1 Roger Jennings (1946)
Patrick Bennett (2020) 1 – 0 Damian McCarthy (1878)
Peter Lovatt (1986) ½ – ½ David Patrick (1914)
Charles Higgie (1986) ½ – ½ Robert Dean (1866)

Div 3 North: Aigburth 1½ - 4 Jorvik

Aigburth 1½ – 4 Jorvik
Roger Williamson (2152) ½ – ½ Mark White (2100)
Ian Campbell (1998) 1 – 0 Martina Flint (1888)
Robert Frith (2002) 0 – 1 Anastasios Nezis (1906)
Ian Paul Stephens (1878) 0 – 1 Richard Cowan (1816)
James Faulkner (1754) ½ – ½ Paul Anderson (1834)
Default d – 1 Richard Mounce (1890)

The ‘A’ team’s first task was to face the Jekyll and Hyde Atticus team, with a very strong top end and weaker (at least on paper) on the lower end. As it turned out, this more or less proved to be the case. Steve Kee opened the scoring for Atticus with a win over the late-arriving Oskar Hackner. After the fireworks had seemingly ended, Steve took advantage of a neat trick to force the win of at least a rook. However I was not too concerned for the team’s chances at this point as we seemed to be doing well in all other of the five games. The only other game that looked a bit hairy was the board 2 encounter, featuring Andy Drabble who had not played any chess since the previous season’s 4NCL! Andy was slightly worse when his opponent unwisely sacrificed an exchange for a non-existing mating attack. Andy returned the exchange to reach a winning rook ending and the game was shortly finished.

Bill Somerset was next to score a win for Bradford as he comfortably outplayed his opponent through the whole game. Eric Gardiner was always pressing for a win in his game but Luke Boumphrey’s defences held just about firm enough to hold the draw. When Tony Slinger won his game at the second attempt, the Bradford’s 3.5-1.5 lead ensured them victory. However the match was not yet finished, not by a long shot! Jim Nicholson was made to work the full seven hours for his full point as his lower rated opponent kept making things awkward although objectively Jim was probably always winning. His opponent eventually resigned after 91 moves to leave Bradford on maximum points with a 4.5-1.5 win.

Bradford B’s match against a strong Holmes Chapel side started with yours truly making one of my trademark blunders to lose inside 90 minutes. Fortunately the favour was returned just minutes later as Roger Jennings took advantage of what initially looked like just a blunder of pawn but it was much more serious than that and resignation followed only a few moves later to leave the scores at 1-1. A couple of hours later, Holmes Chapel retook the lead with a clinical win by Patrick Bennett. On Board 1, Denis Molofej made a triumphant return to the Bradford side with an excellent technical win to leave the scores at 2-2 with the bottom two boards to play.

These two games were probably the most exciting of the round, Dave Patrick and Peter Lovatt traded swindles to end up in an interesting endgame where Dave was a pawn down in a rook and pawn endgame but having much more activity. The two players agreed to a draw meaning that the result of the match all hinged on the Board 6 encounter between Rob Dean and Charles Higgie. Admittedly this didn’t go on quite as long as Jim’s game (see above) but was perhaps more tense! Robert won an exchange in the middlegame but as the game wore on, this exchange was becoming less and less important and it even looked as if he might be losing in the endgame. However he managed to defend well enough to hold the draw and secure a deserved split of the points.

Jorvik scored a good win over Aigburth who turned up with a player short. Wins by Richard Cowan and Anastasio Nezis added to draws from Mark White and Paul Anderson gave Jorvik a 4-1.5 win.

Report by Andrew Bak

Round 6

Clicking on the match header will reveal the individual board results.

Div 1 Pool B: Guildford 1 7 - 1 White Rose 1

Guildford 1 7 – 1 White Rose 1
GM Romain Edouard (2680) 1 – 0 GM Peter Wells (2491)
GM Robin van Kampen (2596) 1 – 0 IM Richard Palliser (2454)
GM Mark Hebden (2518) ½ – ½ FM James Adair (2297)
GM Antoaneta Stefanova (2516) 1 – 0 Simon Buckley (2349)
GM David Smerdon (2504) 1 – 0 FM Nicolas Croad (2259)
GM Glenn Flear (2471) ½ – ½ Paul Townsend (2234)
GM Alexander Cherniaev (2441) 1 – 0 Jean-Luc Weller (2176)
IM Gediminas Sarakauskas (2412) 1 – 0 WFM Niki Varholakova (2181)

Div 2 Pool B: White Rose 2 3½ - 4½ King's Head

White Rose 2 3½ – 4½ King’s Head
CM Jonathan Arnott (2188) 0 – 1 Jochem Snuverink (2346)
Peter Gayson (2215) 1 – 0 CM Richard McMichael (2248)
Peter Shaw (2151) 0 – 1 Ravi Haria (2114j)
David Adams (2216) ½ – ½ Ananthanarayanan Balaji (2162j)
Jim Burnett (2143) ½ – ½ David Guthrie (2170)
Pierre Weller (2124) ½ – ½ CM Jochen Wittman (2176)
Kieran O’Driscoll (2120) ½ – ½ Rik Thomas (2183)
Michael Vrba (2022) ½ – ½ Colin Mackenzie (2091)

After the elation of Saturday the two White Rose teams faced different emotions on Sunday. White Rose 1 were due to take on the strong and highly rated Guildford 1. The last two seasons have seen the mighty White Rose surprise Guildford. With the eyes of the world on the match things were soon apparent that Guildford were not taking us lightly this time round.
Simon Buckley faced former ladies world champion Stefanova, was in unfamiliar territory and was taking far too much time working out how to stay in the game.
Pete Wells was another who found his time slipped by too quickly and hurriedly went into the wrong plan. This scenario was repeated time and again for the team and only Paul Townsend was comfortable to hold a draw against his highly rated GM opponent.
The most interesting game was between in form James Adair and top English GrandMaster, Mark Hebden. Mark sacrificed the exchange to leave himself with a dangerous looking advanced pawn and two devious Knights. Although James was the exchange up he was set a chess puzzle move after move. I tried to work out what Mark Hebden was about to play but was surprised nearly every time. numerous times it looked to me as though there was no defence but gutsy James was up to the task and managed to hold the draw.

White Rose 2 played a Kings Head team who had won every match. The bottom four boards were draw but most of them were hard fought. The match was decided on the top four boards. Pete Shaw, who played the game of the day on Saturday, found himself up against an equally in form player in Ravi Haria. Ravi played a venomous Benko Gambit and Pete took a nasty bite.
Three games remained and White Rose needed to get 2 points to draw the match. Dave Adams had been a pawn down against his England junior international but he kept up stern resistance. After a long hard defence, the youngster made an inaccuracy and Dave pounced. A well timed draw offer was made and although Dave thought he stood better, he accepted the draw, partly out of respect for a hard fought game and partly because he was shattered and relieved to earn something from the game.
This left Peter Gayson to again illustrate some excellent end game technique to win and level the scores.
Jon Arnott was left a rook and pawn ending and had been fighting a long resistance but his opponent continued to keep up the pressure. If anybody tells you that all rook and pawn endings are drawn tell them to take a look at this game to see how to patiently eek out every ounce of optimism with a series of accurate moves.
White Rose left dejected!

Report by Ihor Lewyk

Div 3 South: Leeds University Old Boys 3 - 3 Brown Jack

Leeds University Old Boys 3 – 3 Brown Jack
John Hall (2255) 1 – 0 Peter Richmond (2237)
FM Hubert Mossong (2152) 0 – 1 Paul Girdlestone (2166)
Mark Taylor (2078) ½ – ½ Mike Truran (2183)
Simon Deighton (2066) 0 – 1 WFM Jane Richmond (2095)
Mark Birkin (1928) 1 – 0 Jonathan Bourne (2032)
Iain Bourne (2002) ½ – ½ Alan Gentry (1922)

The team did well to stem the tide in another difficult match on Sunday. John Hall’s impressive run continued with a win against his own pet Sicilian Dragon, but reverses for Mossong and Deighton left the junior boards once again battling for the honours. On this occasion Mark was able to complete a thematic squash on the White side of the French defence. For much of the day Iain looked as though he would pay a heavy price for mis-remembering his opening preparation on about move 5, but ultimately shared the point for a tied match.
The lads were perhaps unfortunate not to reap greater rewards from some good chess, as Div 3 South continues to provide high standards of play in a sporting and enjoyable atmosphere.

Report by Mark Birkin

Div 3 North: Bradford DCA Knights A 4 - 2 Holmes Chapel

Bradford DCA Knights A 4 – 2 Holmes Chapel
Oskar Hackner (2170j) 1 – 0 Chris Doran (1971)
Andrew Drabble (2194) ½ – ½ Patrick Bennett (2020)
Eric Gardiner (2162) ½ – ½ Robert Clark (2017)
William Somerset (2082) ½ – ½ John Turner (2024)
Tony Slinger (1976) 1 – 0 Peter Lovatt (1986)
Jim Nicholson (2005) ½ – ½ Charles Higgie (1986)

Div 3 North: Bradford DCA Knights B 5 - 1 Atticus

Bradford DCA Knights B 5 – 1 Atticus
Denis Molofej (2035) 1 – 0 Steve Kee (2274)
Andrew Bak (2052) 1 – 0 Andrej Stancak (1978)
Roger Jennings (1946) 1 – 0 Luke Boumphrey (1971)
Damian McCarthy (1878) ½ – ½ John Lambert (1986)
David Patrick (1914) ½ – ½ Steve Burge (1778)
Robert Dean (1866) 1 – 0 Steven Philip (1554)

Div 3 North: Jorvik 4 - 2 Manchester Manticores

Jorvik 4 – 2 Manchester Manticores
Mark White (2100) 1 – 0 Fiona Green (2025)
Richard Mounce (1890) ½ – ½ Glenn Trueman (1978)
Martina Flint (1888) 1 – 0 Peter Mulleady (1905)
Anastasios Nezis (1906) ½ – ½ Jon Lonsdale (1938)
Richard Cowan (1816) 0 – 1 Francis Moan (1873)
Paul Anderson (1834) 0 – 1 Julian Clissold (1810)

After seeing Bradford B draw with Holmes Chapel yesterday, the A team had to save face by beating them! The first game to finish was Board 2 where Patrick Bennett and Andrew Drabble found no way to make the game interesting and agreed a sensible draw. Shortly afterwards, Jim Nicholson’s Hippo opening led to a very blocked position when the draw was agreed, I was satisfied with two early draws with Black! On Board 4, Bill Somerset and John Turner were bashing out their moves very quickly, Bill had swindled a pawn but could not make this advantage count in the endgame as the extra pawn was doubled and blocked, so the teams were 1.5-1.5 at half-time.

Oskar Hackner recovered from yesterday’s defeat very well to beat the dangerous Chris Doran. Chris accidentally made the wrong move which took him away from his preparation and he was always floundering a bit from then onwards. A complicated game ensued but Oskar always seemed to have the upper hand and duly converted just after the first time control. The final two games were always in our favour, although Eric Gardiner on board 3 had to be relatively precise to hold the draw with rook and knight against rook and 3 pawns against Bob Clark. Tony Slinger made sure of Bradford’s victory with yet another win outplaying his opponent in a Maroczy Bind structure, taking Tony’s personal tally for the season to a superb 5.5/6!

Bradford B conversely were facing their A team’s previous opponents, Atticus. Dave Patrick and Steve Burge agreed a draw in a heavy piece ending to get both sides off the mark. Denis Molofej once again showed his strong play by defeating Steve Kee in an admittedly error-strewn game, but Denis expertly converted his extra endgame activity to give Bradford the lead. Roger Jennings secured his second win of the weekend to double the lead as his opponent could not handle Roger’s famous fianchettoed bishops.

I recovered from yesterday’s debacle when my opponent got short on time and misplayed the late middlegame and I managed to reach a winning endgame before a final blunder brought forward the resignation by many moves! This, along with the draw on Board 4 secured the match for Bradford and Robert’s win on Board 6 put the icing on the cake in a superb 5-1 win!

Jorvik joined the Yorkshire party by scoring their second win of the weekend, defeating Manchester Manticores. Wins for Mark White, Martina Flint and Paul Anderson couple with a draw by Anastasios Nezis secured the 3.5-2.5 win.

Report by Andrew Bak

Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!



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