Scarborough Fair! It's easy to see why the Scarborough Congress has become one of the most popular in the calendar. Last Saturday morning provided a clear and sunny sky and a bracing walk to the venue for round 2.

Travail Pursuit #68: The Scarborough Express

Last weekend the North Yorkshire resort of Scarborough became a chess mecca with over 300 chess players descending on the Spa Centre in the town’s South Bay area. Of course the majority ... Continue Reading →
Simon Deighton (1954-2017)

Simon Deighton (1954-2017)

Mark Birkin has been kind enough to send us this reflection on his friend, team mate and club colleague Simon Deighton who passed away recently. Simon was born in the North East of ... Continue Reading →
A festive season without chess can feel a bit like cold turkey

Travail Pursuit # 67: Another helping of cold turkey

If you’re an active club player then it’s all too easy to start feeling ‘chess withdrawal symptoms’ during the festive season. A couple of week’s without ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #66: London Chess Classic blog (part 4)

Part 4 The elite GMs came back to the London Chess Classic with a real bang yesterday after their rest day on Wednesday. There was a real buzz of excitement around the venue as Fabiano ... Continue Reading →
Back into the labyrinth with 9.Nf4 in the French Tarrasch

Travail Pursuit #65: Back into the labyrinth

Before I get into today’s post I should explain the reason for my extraordinarily lengthy hiatus. To begin with, in August and early September I was spending all my ‘chess ... Continue Reading →
The smell of concentration!
If this website had built in 'smelly vision' then right now you'd be able to smell concentration!

Travail Pursuit #64: The Rise and Fall of the Lucky Sweatshirt

In my last post I recounted the saga of my lucky black sweatshirt which, I felt, was giving me an unseen helping hand at the chess board in the period up to Christmas. I promised a ... Continue Reading →

Viktor Korchnoi (1931-2016): A Life for Chess

News of Viktor Korchnoi’s death at the age of 85 has spread quickly through the world of chess and elicited a significant number of tributes in a very short space of time. ... Continue Reading →

County Championship (U160): Yorkshire vs. Greater Manchester

Last Sunday Yorkshire took on Greater Manchester in an Under 160 County Championship Quarter Final which was hosted by Halifax Chess Club at their home venue the Lee Mount Club. Yorkshire ... Continue Reading →
The smell of concentration!
If this website had built in 'smelly vision' then right now you'd be able to smell concentration!

Travail Pursuit #63: Son of ‘Lucky Sweatshirt’

“The true sweetness of chess, if it can ever be called sweet, is to see victory snatched, by some happy impertinence out of the shadows of apparently irrevocable disaster.” – ... Continue Reading →
Macauley (centre) with his chess24 commentary team GM Jan Gustaffson and IM Lawrence Trent at the 2014 chess Olympiad in Tromso.

Interview with Macauley Peterson

I’m scheduled to meet chess24’s ‘Content Director’, Macauley Peterson, in London the day after the 2015 edition of the London Chess Classic has finished. He’s been there ... Continue Reading →