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Starting tomorrow we will see some very exciting chess at the top level.  I’m sure many of you know the World Championship match is between current world champion Viswanathan Anand and challenger Boris Gelfand. This is a 12 game classical chess match starting 10th May 2012 in Mascow, Russia.  Below I have listed the playing schedule and links to the official website plus a few recommended websites for coverage.

Tomorrow kicks off with a very interesting battle, this is between two players currently ranked higher than the world champion (!), these are former world champion Vladimir Kramnik and world number 2 Levon Aronian. These two face off in a 6 game dual in Zurich, Switzerland.

I have created a couple of voting polls for both matches, Yorkshire Chess wants to see what our visitors think about the matches so don’t forget to cast your vote. Will Anand comfortably retain his title or is this just a poor assumption, Gelfand is no push over?!  Levon Aronian was hot favourite in the Candidates tournament to be the next official challenger to Anand’s crown, since exiting the tournament prematurely he has gone on to win perhaps the strongest round robin event ever, Tata Steel Group A, finishing above world number 1 Magnus Carlsen.

Aronian vs Kramnik


April 20, 2012: 19:00 OPENING CEREMONY
April 21, 2012: 15:00 Round 1
April 22, 2012: 15:00 Round 2
April 23, 2012: Rest Day
April 24, 2012: 15:00 Round 3
April 25, 2012: 15:00 Round 4
April 26, 2012: Rest Day
April 27, 2012: 15:00 Round 5
April 28, 2012: 13:00 Round 6

Official Website: Link

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 Anand vs Gelfand

The FIDE World Championship 

Anand Gelfand

May 11, 2012 Round 1
May 12, 2012 Round 2
May 13, 2012 Rest Day
May 14, 2012 Round 3
May 15, 2012 Round 4
May 16, 2012 Rest Day
May 17, 2012 Round 5
May 18, 2012 Round 6
May 19, 2012 Rest Day
May 20, 2012 Round 7
May 21, 2012 Round 8
May 22, 2012 Rest Day
May 23, 2012 Round 9
May 24, 2012 Round 10
May 25, 2012 Rest Day
May 26, 2012 Round 11
May 27, 2012 Rest Day
May 28, 2012 Round 12
May 29, 2012 Rest Day
May 30, 2012 TIE-BREAK GAMES

Official Website: Link

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We don’t plan on doing a great deal of coverage of such events as there are many bigger and better websites out there that do a much better job. Here is a list of sites which will be covering the matches in great detail:

TWIC – Our very own Bradford Central player Mark Crowther and his world class news website


ChessVibes – Peter Doggers and his team cover all major chess events, they usually do coverage of the live games and usually better than the official sites!


ChessBase – The place to read any official articles for World Championship coverage, many of the top events are sponsored by ChessBase themselves.


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