British Chess Championships 2013 Round 1

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 1

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 1

Selected Results:

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 1

Jones-Reid after 32…b6 – How did the defending champion (White) clinically finish the game?

GM Gawain Jones 1-0 John Reid
Alex Richardson 0-1 GM David Howell
GM Mark Hebden 1-0 Colin Purdon
Matthew Wadsworth 0-1 GM Stephen Gordon
IM Jonathan Hawkins 1-0 Ravi Haria
Clive Waters 0-1 GM Daniel Gormally
GM Bogdan Lalic 1-0 WFM Sarah Hegarty
Stephen Dilleigh 0-1 GM Simon Williams
GM Peter Wells 1-0Jude Lenier
Peter Batchelor 0-1 GM John Emms
IM Yang-Fan Zhou 1-0 Jim Burnett
IM Richard Palliser ½-½ Liam Varnam
FM Terry Chapman 1-0 Oskar Hackner
IM Gyula Meszaros ½-½ Steven Jones
Mitchell Burke 0-1 Shawn Tavares
Jean-Luc Weller 1-0 Akito Oyama
Peter Shaw 1-0 Amy Hoare


The anticipation, suspense and talking could finally stop, the first moves of the 100th British Championships were made today!

IM Jack Rudd is known for his exciting, fast play and sure enough he was the very early leader of the British Championships as he was the first winner by neatly taking advantage of his opponent’s trapped knight in the endgame. Jack has had a very good start to the festival, also winning the 9 player all-play-all simultaneous (!) that took place on Sunday. You can see Brendan O’Gorman’s pictures from the event here

Perhaps the main story of the first round was the decision of the organisers to NOT use accelerated pairings as was the case in last year’s British Championships. Gawain Jones would have been particularly happy with this change of heart from the organisers after his recent participation in the Scottish Championships.

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 1

William Foo – giant killer!
© John Upham Photography

Using the normal Swiss system led to a lot of large rating differences between opponents, particularly on the top boards and the top 13 seeds got through the first round with wins. William Foo scored the upset of the day, defeating IM Richard Bates in clinical style. Those of you with good memories will remember that William Foo had a superb British Championships last year with several fine wins and a 130-move draw with Jovanka Houska leading to a score of 6.5/11 and a 2242 rating performance! Liam Varnam learnt from last year’s Round 5 encounter with Richard Palliser and held the IM to a fine draw and the same resulted was achieved by Laurence Ball against GM Glenn Flear.

Unfortunately the Women’s Championship this year is weaker than recent years, but the lowest rated player in the tournament, Maria Wang secured a superb victory with the Black pieces against her opponent who was 338 Elo points higher! Megan Owens playing next to Maria secured a draw despite another 300+ point rating difference!

The results of Yorkshire’s players also largely went with rating. Jim Burnett gave IM Yang-Fan Zhou a good run for his money before falling into a self-mate but Steven Jones who represents Bradford DCA Knights in the 4NCL played well to secure a draw against IM Gyula Meszaros.


The first of two Rapidplay tournaments took place on Sunday. Danny Gormally won the event with a perfect 6/6 score ahead of Andrew Greet, Mark Hebden, Simon McCullough and Mark Talbot all on 5/6.

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Answer: 33.Rxc5+! bxc5 34.Qb2 and Black resigned because he will have to give up excessive material to prevent checkmate.

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