British Chess Championships 2013 Round 10

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 10

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 10

Selected Results:

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 10

Ghasi-Howell after 47.Ke3. Howell (Black) is a pawn up but how did he wrap up the Championship in the most efficient way?

IM Ameet Ghasi (6½) 0-1 GM David Howell (8)
GM Mark Hebden (7) ½-½ IM Yang-Fan Zhou (6½)
IM Richard Palliser (6½) 0-1 GM Gawain Jones (6½)
GM Keith Arkell (6½) ½-½ GM Stephen Gordon (6½)
IM Gyula Meszaros (6½) ½-½ GM Bogdan Lalic (6½)
GM Glenn Flear (6) 1-0 IM Jonathan Hawkins (6)
GM Daniel Gormally (6) 1-0 Jasper Tambini (6)
IM Daniel Fernandez (6) 0-1 GM Peter Wells (6)
FM Neil Carr (5½) ½-½ Jean-Luc Weller (5½)
Oskar Hackner (5) 0-1 IM Jack Rudd (5)
Francis Rayner (4½) 1-0 Jim Burnett (4½)
Ashley Stewart (4) 0-1 Peter Shaw (4)
Mitchell Burke (3) 0-1 Mike Surtees (3)

British Championships

All eyes were on David Howell once again as he knew that a win would at least guarantee him a share of the British Championship title (no play-offs this year as Gawain Jones is playing in the Chess World Cup against Aleksandr Shimanov on Sunday!). David was Black against Ameet Ghasi and was playing to win, fully aware that he might well have to play Gawain in the final round. Ameet opened with his typical Reti System, with David responding symmetrically. The game seemed to be slowly petering out but Ghasi was pushing his central and queenside pawns, creating some weaknesses. In order to not lose material, Ghasi had to go very passive and his rook and bishop were placed awkwardly in the corner of the board whilst Howell’s rook, knight and king were well centralised. Once Howell exchanged the rooks to get into a knight vs bishop endgame, the difference in activity grew only more obvious until the players reached the position that is today’s puzzle. Can you figure out how David finished Ameet off? Once Ameet resigned, David knew he was British Champion for the second time, having previously won it in 2009. Scoring 9/10 against a field of this quality and depth is very impressive. He has performed to a 2800 playing strength by beating 4 GMs and 3 IMs, only dropping draws against Mark Hebden and Stephen Gordon.

Mark Hebden knew that he had to beat Yang-Fan Zhou with White to stand any chance of winning the Championship. Yang-Fan was the one the came out swinging, sacrificing an exchange to wreck Mark’s position. After more tactics and complications, the players eventually reached a queen and pawn ending where Zhou had f and h pawns and Hebden had none. Hebden however managed to at least salvage a draw when his opponent erred by pushing his pawns forward too quickly and forgetting about the safety of his own king. Out of the only other players who could realistically have any hope of winning the title, Gawain Jones was the only one that won, defeating Richard Palliser. The other two games on boards 4 and 5 tamely ended as draws in a combined 29 moves!

On the lower boards, the Grandmasters were dishing out a few lessons. Glenn Flear had a mediocre start with 2/4 but has since gone unbeaten getting 5/6 in his last six rounds, beating Jonathan Hawkins today in a bishop of opposite colour ending is easily his best result of the tournament. Danny Gormally and Peter Wells taught their young opponents a lesson.

Jean-Luc Weller continued his fine tournament with a quick draw as Black against FM Neil Carr. He now has a 2314 rating performance for the tournament, his FIDE rating should climb by about 20 points once this tournament is over. Peter Shaw also won to move to 50%. Oskar Hackner perhaps unwisely chose to take Jack Rudd on in a tactical slugfest and came out on the losing side.

The British Women’s Championship will go down to the wire as the two leading ladies both lost. Three players are still in with a chance of winning the title: WFM Sarah Hegarty has 4½, Akshaya Kalaiyalahan has 4 and Amy Hoare has 3½.


9/10: GM David Howell – BRITISH CHAMPION
7½/10: GMs Gawain Jones, Mark Hebden
7/10: GMs Stephen Gordon, Daniel Gormally, Bogdan Lalic, Peter Wells, Glenn Flear, Keith Arkell. IMs Yang-Fan Zhou, Ameet Ghasi, Gyula Meszaros
6½/10: IM Richard Palliser
6/10: Jean-Luc Weller
5/9: Peter Shaw, Oskar Hackner
4½/9: Jim Burnett
3/9: Mitchell Burke


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Answer: 47…Nf5+ 48.Ke4 f6!! A very nice touch, preventing any shenanigans with White’s king infiltrating. Howell is about to trap Ameet’s bishop with …Ne7 and …Kb6, so he just played 49.Bxb5+ before resigned a few moves later.

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