British Chess Championships 2013 Round 9

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 9

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 9

Selected Results:

British Chess Championships 2013 Round 9

Ward-Tambini. Ward has unwisely taken a move to defend with 36.Qc1. How did Tambini take advantage of this error?

GM David Howell (7) 1-0 GM Daniel Gormally (6)
GM Bogdan Lalic (6) ½-½ GM Mark Hebden (6½)
GM Gawain Jones (6) ½-½ IM Ameet Ghasi (6)
GM Stephen Gordon (6) ½-½ IM Richard Palliser (6)
IM Gyula Meszaros (5½) 1-0 GM Simon Williams (5½)
GM Peter Wells (5½) ½-½ GM Glenn Flear (5½)
IM Yang-Fan Zhou (5½) 1-0 FM Neil Carr (5½)
GM Keith Arkell (5½) 1-0 Dominic Mackle (5)
IM Jonathan Hawkins (5) 1-0 FM Charles Storey (5)
Richard Weaving (5) ?-? GM John Emms (5)
Jean-Luc Weller (5) ½-½ GM Anthony Kosten (5)
GM Chris Ward (5) Jasper Tambini (5)
Colin Purdon (5) 0-1 IM Daniel Fernandez (5)
William Foo (5) ½-½ IM Dietmar Kolbus (5)
Oskar Hackner (4½) ½-½ Mark Talbot (4½)
Peter Shaw (3½) ½-½ David Henderson (3½)
Jim Burnett (3½) 1-0 Oliver Gill (3½)
CM Peter Kirby (2) ½-½ Mitchell Burke (2½)

British Championships

David Howell has been the star man of the 100th British Championships so far, coming through many difficult encounters against tough opponents; today’s game was no exception as he had to face Danny Gormally. Danny was always playing for activity, first by sacrificing a pawn, then by opening up the queenside trying to engage David in tactics. David seemed to have everything under control when Danny sacked a piece! Sadly this was just too much. Howell traded down into a knight versus pawns ending which was not trivial to win. There then came a small sense of déjà vu as Gormally fell into a similar self mate that his Cheddleton teammate Keith Arkell allowed yesterday, David’s knight delivering checkmate to a king surround by pawns of both colours! This win puts David a full point clear of the pack, although he wil still have some tough opposition to face in the last two rounds!

Having Black against Bogdan Lalic typically means you are only playing for two results, so Mark Hebden would have been satisfied with a quick draw even though this allowed Howell to sneak further ahead.

The next two boards saw the other players on 6 points fighting out to join Mark on 7/9 and keep David in their sights. Gawain Jones had fought his way back through the field to face the talented Ameet Ghasi. The former British Rapidplay Champions served up a juicy encounter but the more experienced Gawain couldn’t find a way to decisively penetrate Ameet’s defences and had to settle for a draw, which puts the title now out of both players’ hands being 1½ points behind David with only 2 rounds to go. A similar fate befell Stephen Gordon and Richard Palliser as their fates now also lie in David’s hands. Stephen was a pawn up but in the queen and knight endgame, his king was exposed and this provided all the counterplay that Richard needed to cause enough hassle to hold a draw after entering the “Forth Phase”.

Further down, Gyula Meszaros didn’t give Simon Williams any sympathy after yesterday’s tough loss. Gyula quickly got a kingside attack against Simon’s stonewall Dutch and there was no defence that could adequately hold the position together. Yang-Fan Zhou, Keith Arkell and Jonathan Hawkins all had comfortable wins to move to 6½/9. Special credit must be given to Jasper Tambini who scored the largest upset of the tournament so far, overcoming a 453-point rating deficit, many years fewer experience and the lack of a GM title to beat Chris Ward with Black in a fascinating game where piece sacrifices were the norm! After 42 hell-raising moves, the GM resigned against an unstoppable mating attack, his own having just failed. Jasper’s win is the subject of today’s puzzle.

The Yorkshire players went unbeaten today for the first time! Jean-Luc Weller was never under any real difficulty against GM Anthony Kosten to secure yet another result against a titled player – how long will it be before the Cambridge-bound student can call himself titled? Jim Burnett won to move to 50% while Oskar Hackner, Peter Shaw and Mitchell Burke all drew, Mitchell drawing against Peter Kirby who many of those in Bradford and Leeds will recognise.

So David is a point ahead of Mark Hebden and 1½ points ahead of the rest – someone will have to step up to the plate and beat David for anyone else to have a chance of taking the Championships to a playoff against him.


8/9: GM David Howell
7/9: GM Mark Hebden
6½/9: GMs Gawain Jones, Stephen Gordon, Bogdan Lalic, Keith Arkell. IMs Yang-Fan Zhou, Ameet Ghasi, Richard Palliser, Gyula Meszaros
6/9: GMs Daniel Gormally, Peter Wells, Glenn Flear. IM Daniel Fernandez. Jasper Tambini.
5½/9: Jean-Luc Weller
5/9: Oskar Hackner
4½/9: Jim Burnett
4/9: Peter Shaw
3/9: Mitchell Burke


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Answer: 36…Ra1+! leads to mate in 18! Although after 37.Kb2 Ra2+ 38.Kb1 Qa6, mate is inevitable after many spite checks by White.

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