Caïssa’s Wisdom: #11 – Chess Variants

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs More uncompromising ground rules from our great goddess this week. This time “chess variants” are weighed in Caïssa’s scales and they are ... Continue Reading →
Puscillanimous Pavel and Wimpy Wesley agreed to a final round draw after just 3 moves at this year's Reykjavik Open

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #10 – Short Draws in Chess

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs In this post our subject is a delicate and controversial one: the offering and acceptance of a draw. As always the words of Caïssa brook no argument ... Continue Reading →
"I am persuaded that normally I should have won very easily" - David Janowski,  just one of many bad losers from chess history

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #9 – Dealing with Bad Losers

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs The righteous anger of our patron deity knows no bounds when it comes to the subject of the “ungracious defeated”. Dispense with them firmly ... Continue Reading →
Would Sir care for a Scotch with his gambit?

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #8 – Chess and Drinking

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs It seems hard to believe that the last time I was able to impart the spiritual interventions of our patron goddess on these pages was nearly 3 ... Continue Reading →
Magnus Carlsen

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #7b – Chess and Food

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs Today we continue with rules about behaving appropriately at the board. This week Caïssa turns her attention to food. #7b : Bad Manners – ... Continue Reading →
"Now what did I do with that spare queen?" This image is used under Creative Commons licence and sourced from troycochrane's Flickr photosream

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #7 – Bad Manners in Chess

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs In today’s lesson Caïssa moves on from recent pearls relating to some of the higher virtues of our great game: mental strength and tenacity ... Continue Reading →
Chess would be a very different game if results were decided by a panel of judges awarding marks for "technical merit" and "artistic impression"!

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #6 – Beauty in Chess

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs Setting aside sentimentality and romanticism the great goddess today shines the radiance of her wisdom on the eternal conflict and unending relationship ... Continue Reading →
Bobby Fischer hated losing. So should you.

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #5 – Winning and Losing at Chess

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs Once more our patron goddess has visited with me in peaceful sleep and honoured I, her servant, by bidding me pass down her sage words for chess ... Continue Reading →
Wilhelm Steinitz knew what it took. Needless to say having a massive beard was an important factor!

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #4 – Attributes of a Good Chess Player

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs Our patron goddess Caïssa visits me in my sleep and pours sage words into my ears. I am in all things her instrument. Having provided clear guidelines ... Continue Reading →
The long suffering Vera Nabokov even studied endgame table-bases with her chess junky husband it seems! The woman's patience knew no bounds it seems

Caïssa’s Wisdom: #3 – Chess Addiction

Rules and Etiquette for Chess Amateurs My friends! Today a final cautionary note from our celestial benefactor on how to successful maintain a ‘special relationship’ outside of ... Continue Reading →