The presence of opposite coloured bishops in endings usually leads to drawn positions. But, as today's examples show, the route to a draw is not always straight forward. This image is used under Creative Commons terms and sourced from Jim Rafferty's Flickr photostream

Travail Pursuit #59: Opposites attract… draws

And now for something completely different! In today’s post I’m going to write about a subject I’ve never covered before (indeed I’m not sure that this website has ever done ... Continue Reading →
This image is used under Creative Commons terms and sourced from Remo Cassella's Flickr photostream

Travail Pursuit #58: Disturbing the peace

Today I bring you part two of my four part series on the 9.Nf4 variation of the French Tarrasch, Closed Variation. In the first part published in June I looked at early deviations ... Continue Reading →
This image is used under Creative Commons terms and sourced from Thomas Hawk's Flickr photostream

Travail Pursuit #57: Lighting the fuse

Today I’m starting what will be a series of four posts on the variation any regular readers of this series will be pretty familiar with. It’s the so-called ‘closed’ line ... Continue Reading →
Welcome to Calderdale! The Calderdale Individual Championship is back and, contrary to this correspondent's better judgement, it's in rude health. Hurrah!

Calderdale Congress 2015

From the 22-24 of May players gathered at the Lee Mount Club (the home of Halifax Chess Club) for the 2015 edition of the Calderdale Chess Congress. This event had a number of local ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #56: Open wounds are painful

‘Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan’ – John F. Kennedy Just over twelve months ago I started this series of posts by saying that the reason I wanted to write ... Continue Reading →
Matthew Parsons won his third successive Calderdale Individual Championship last month when he beat Richard Porter in round 5.

Parsons is King of Calderdale again!

Last month the final round of the Calderdale Individual Championship took place at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. As the final round got underway there were three players, all previous ... Continue Reading →
white knight

Travail Pursuit #51: Arise Sir Knight!

We’re getting into the final six weeks or so of the twelve month series I planned at the outset of this project and as I look ahead I realise that I have a number of ‘young’ ... Continue Reading →

Chris Bak’s Doncaster Congress Part II

Chris Bak concludes his report from the Doncaster Congress. Click to read Part I here Round 4 Welcome to the second and final part of my Doncaster experience! A quick recap of the current ... Continue Reading →
Last year's U160s Champions.

2014-15 NCCU U160 County Championships

To use that old cliche …’the War of Two Halves!’ There I was, on arrival, feeling a little smug as I handed my team sheet over to Bill O’Rourke. I knew I had ... Continue Reading →

Chris Bak’s Doncaster Congress Part I

Thanks to Chris Bak who describes his adventures at the recent Doncaster Congress. Click to read Part II here Greetings, chess players of Yorkshire (and beyond)! Like many British chess ... Continue Reading →