Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge – 2013 Northern Gigafinal

Delancey UK Chess Challenge

The Northern Gigafinal of the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge 2013 took place on 13th-14th July at New Charter Academy in Lancashire. Formerly called the UK Land Chess Challenge set up by Mike Basman, the event encourages tens of thousands of children across UK schools to play competitive chess. The Gigafinal is the “semi-final” of the competition, bringing together the best players from regional Megafinals. The Gigafinals are categorised in many age ranges from U7 all the way to U18, with seperate boys and girls competitions in each age group.

There were many Yorkshire participants across the various age groups.


UK Chess Challenge

Jean-Luc Weller at last year’s Terafinal.

The Ultimo/a is the person who won their section, using tiebreaks or playoffs if necessary. For some of the lower age groups, there were several sections for each age and gender so they will produce several Ultimos. They will all play in the Terafinal to fight for the title of “Strat” and for some very generous prize money! The Yorkshire Ultimos/Ultimas are:

U18 Boys: Jean-Luc Weller All Saints
U17 Boys: Pierre Weller All Saints
U16 Girls: Phoebe Price 3Cs

Those of you with keen memories will remember that Jean-Luc narrowly missed out on becoming “Strat” last year. It may well prove to be a battle of the Weller brothers for the title this year!


UK Chess Challenge

Ashwin Krishna playing in the Silver Rook.

Those juniors that finished in 2nd or 3rd equal qualify for the Challengers competition. Pierre Weller won one of the Challengers competitions last year and at least one of the following will be hoping to follow in his footsteps!

U17 Boys: Oskar Hackner SASCA
U13 Boys: Sam Cobbold SASCA
U12 Girls: Aisha Hussain Leeds JCC
U11 Boys: Ashwin Krishna SASCA
U10 Boys: Sai Tangirala Leeds GS and Fraser Wilson SASCA
U9 Boys: Adhitya Krishna SASCA


The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge introduced a new competition for last year’s event for those that did not qualify for the Terafinal or the Challengers events called the Silver Plate and this will take place again this year. Those scoring at least 3.5/6 earned a place at Silver Plate, which is divided into a North and South Competition. The Yorkshire players who have qualified for this event are:

U15 Boys: Wesley McGough Hugh Gaitskell
U11 Boys: Gareth Pang and Ben Raine Both SASCA, AJ Thorne-Wallis and Yash Gulve Both Yarm and Ben Wood Oxspring
U10 Girls: Sara Hussain Leeds JCC
U10 Boys: James Chenery and Yiyuan Wang Both SASCA and Theo Rowe Lyndhurst
U9 Girls: Rachael Raine SASCA
U9 Boys: John Pang SASCA, Matthew Mairs Cundall Manor and Rohan Bhimsaria Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar
U8 Boys: Junayd Burgess SASCA
U7 Boys: Matthew Edwards St. Cuthberts

Congratulations to all who played – it’s always very pleasing to see so many juniors taking up chess and playing it competitively with their peers!

Final Stages

The Terafinal and Challengers will take place on 17th-18th August at Loughborough Grammar School.

The Northern Plate Competition will take place on 14th September at Heanor Gate Science College, Derbyshire.


Report on last year’s Terafinal
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