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The Finance Council Meeting of the ECF was held in London on 14th April. The Agenda and documents are published here:

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The meeting lost much time over two controversies: the FIDE court case, and the management of the 2011 British Championships. In both these issues, the ECF directors have used “confidentiality” to restrict our knowledge of what they have done on our behalf. As details have leaked out, directors have issued clarifications and apologies which have only spurred public speculation. At the Council, most directors bravely faced their accusers, but the further explanations and regrets have again prompted questions and wild accusations.

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My own assessment is that these storms will probably blow over, and they should not distract us from more important matters. They have shown some of the pitfalls of public office, and explain the dearth of competent volunteers to assume that office. In the remainder of the meeting it was evident that Council was much more ready to question the Board of Directors and to amend their documents.

Membership Fees recommended by the Board were adopted: There will be four classes of members: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. The annual rates for adults will be £13, £19, £28, £60, and for juniors: £9, £ 13, £22. Discounts of £1 will be offered for online applicants, and to MOs.

Game-Fees: Substantial changes were made, reducing junior fees and increasing the adult game fee. The Board will now have to re-publish its implementation plans for September. A preliminary explanation is here:

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The highlights are that:

  • In Congresses game fee is payable for non-members and for bronze-members.
  • The per player Congress rate is £6 adult and £4 junior.
  • In other events game-fee is payable per result by non-members only.
  • In Junior-only events: the game-fee rate is £0.50 standardplay and £0.25 rapidplay.
  • In other events: the game-fee rate is £2 standardplay and £1 rapidplay.

I advised Council that these rates may force the YCA to withdraw registration of the Yorkshire League.
ECF Budget: As the above changes will affect income, Council asked the Board to prepare a revised budget.
Time did not allow a proper discussion of the remaining items. It is yet unclear if revised rules for the County Championship were adopted in the time-scramble.

Report by Jon Griffith


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