FCO 2014 R3 …and all I got was this lousy t-shirt


“Ali, when I said I wanted a ‘Tour t-shirt’ this wasn’t really what I had in mind!”

Round 3 results are now up!

Norway continue to enjoy success in FCO 2014.  Today it was ‘Chess Gooners’ who got 32 points making them Round 3′ highest scorers. They therefore win the  1 year V.I.P membership to Chesslive.com

The fact that the day’s high score dropped from 36 in rounds 1 and 2 to 32 today tells you everything you need to know about the chess itself in Tromso as the main contenders began to get involved in proper dust ups instead of inflicting routs on lower ranked opponents. There were more drawn games and the big name players were properly put through their paces.

Any of our managers who picked China’s Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan (and an awful lot of you did!) must have wondered if she was stuck on a plane with Hikaru Nakamura somewhere. She made her first appearance of the Olympiad today though and re-paid her supporters with a splendid win (with Black) against the USA’s Irina Krush – 4 points in the bag! Of course Nakamura also played his first game at Tromso too but he only managed a draw with Anish Giri.

In the Open section there are still 23 players with a perfect score of 3/3, but of these, only  a handful have scored two black wins and one white win making them higher FCO scorers than those who’ve won two games with White and one with Black. Amongst this elite group of top scorers are: Austria’s Markus Ragger, Vietnam’s Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son; ICCD’s Collutiis Duilio; Romania’s Parligras; France’s Fressinet; China’s Yu Yangyi; Slovenia’s Borisek Dure; Belgium’s Ringoir Tanguy; Russia’s Sergey Karajakin; Ukraine’s Alexander Moiseenko; and Switzerland’s Oliver Kurmann. 12 in total having so far scored 11/12 in FCO points for their managers. We’ll take a look at the Women’s section’s contenders for ‘Most Valuable Player’ (not to be confused with France’s Maxime Vachier-Legrave) tomorrow.

The resting of many of the first two rounds top scorers such as Russia’s Alexander Grischuk meant that many of our early FCO leaders had a very mediocre day. ‘Nestbest’ of Norway only managed 20 points but, despite this, they remain top of the table on 90/120 (75%). However they are now joined on that score by one of the more colourfully named teams in the competition ‘I Bribed Kirsan and all I got was this Lousy t-shirt’ of the USA who scored 29 points today. All I can say to this team manager is “You think you got a lousy t-shirt but look what Kirsan ended up with!”

Good luck to everyone in round 4!


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