FCO 2014 R4: All change again at the top!

Swedan's Pia Cramling is right in the hunt to be FCO 2014's Most Valuable Player. Photo by Georgios Souleidis for Chess24 and reused here with permission

Swedan’s Pia Cramling is right in the hunt to be FCO 2014’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ in the Women’s section. Photo by Georgios Souleidis for Chess24 and reused here with permission

Round 4 results are now live!

Fantasy Chess Olympiad (just like chess itself) is a hard, cruel game. One round you are riding high and the next your back to earth with a bump. Selecting a team that will consistently score 20+ points every round is the key and it’s not easy to do! My own team was up in the top 10 for the first couple of rounds, then they had an average third round, but round 4 was a total disaster. Only two white wins from my ten players and now I’m down in 117th!

Yesterday’s leaders were swept off their perch as one scored 17 points and the other just 16 though they still remain very much in contention. So, we have a new leader. ‘knightrenzel’ of the USA now sit atop our standings with 110 points. This team has scored very solidly in every round but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a hiccup for them between now and round 11.

Another American team ‘Chess Nuts’ were round 4′s top scorers with 33 points. They win  today’s  1 year V.I.P membership to Chesslive.com

I mentioned yesterday that I’d list some of the early candidates for FCO2014’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ from the Women’s section. Looking at the Tromso tournament scores after round 4 there are just six players with 100%. The stand out player (because she’s been a popular pick) is Bela Khotenashvili of Georgia. She’s played in all four rounds so far and has won every game of which three were with the black pieces. She’s therefore earned all the managers who picked her 15/16 points. Only one other player has scored so many FCO point and that’s Spain’s board 4 player, Amalia Aranaz Murillo who even started the competition with three blacks in a row!

The rest of the players with four wins have all played two white and two black (14 FCO points) or three white and one black (13). Here though is where our scoring system makes things interesting. Swedan’s Pia Cramling has scored three black wins and drawn once with white. That means she has an FCO score of 14 and is most definitely in the hunt for Women’s M.V.P.

However there players from some nations that you might not have expected to see riding so high in the standings and that’s what makes the Olympiad so interesting. In fairness to our managers quite a few of you have selected Peru’s top board Deysi Cori who has 14 FCO points. Rather fewer decided to take a punt on Uruguay’s Camila Colombo (14 points) or the Czech Republic’s Tereza Olsarova (also 14 points). The surprise package of the ladies event however has to be the Indonesian team who have two players in the top ten. They’re one of five teams still on a perfect score and have been drawn to face China tomorrow. If they still have perfect scores after Hou Yifan and co. have gotten hold of them then it will be a seriously big surprise!


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  1. Ihor Lewyk

    Aug 06. 2014

    It is good to see former White Rose player, Teresa Olsarova, doing so well.

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