FCO 2014 R7: Champions fall

Apologies to all our readers and participants for a brief period of radio silence from Fantasy Chess Olympiad over the past 24 hours. We needed a little longer than usual to get round 6 results calculated because we also had to get round 1 results from our ‘Week2Sprint’ up and running. As a result we skipped our round 6 report and I’m now writing an update after round 7.

What a round it was in Tromso! Just as it looked like Magnus Carlsen and Hou Yifan were generating unstoppable momentum they were both stopped though in very different fashions. Norwegian television were rightly given plaudits for making the Women’s top table clash between Russia and China the focus of their attention yesterday and the Russian Ladies certainly rose to the occasion in stirring fashion. Kateryna Lagno caught Hou Yifan with what appeared to be some carefully prepared opening line and the Chinese never recovered from the early assualt as she was roundly thrashed. This looked to have an adverse impact on the rest of the team as the Chinese lost one more game and went down 3-1. Not a good day for all of those FCO managers in both competitions that had Hou Yifan down as their ‘Women’s 1′ choice.

This wonderful piece of artwork by Nette Robinson could be yours if you donate to our chess education and development fund. We'll be making more announcements about our 'Donors prize Draw' in the coming few days.

This wonderful piece of artwork by Nette Robinson could be yours if you donate to our chess education and development fund. We’ll be making more announcements about our ‘Donors prize Draw’ in the coming few days.

Not a good day either for all of you who picked World Champion Magnus Carlsen either… He seemed to be cruising against Arkadij Naiditsch of Germany but somehow, and most unusually, he made a mess of it. Could Magnus finally be showing some signs of the pressure he mus be feeling as he carries the expectition of his nation? Who knows. One things for certain, he’s the kind of character who’s likely to bounce back with avengance in today’s game. Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Borki Predojavic is in for a tough afternoon we suspect.

Donors Prize Draw

Speaking of Magnus, you’ll be wondering where the image on the right  has come from. Well, today we are delighted to announce another sponsor who has generously provided prizes to FCO 2014. Chess artist Nette Robinson has offered us two of her limited edition prints (one of which will be the print of Magnus shown here) as prizes. We’ve now allocated all our prize donations and we’ve got thousands of pounds-worth of goodies on offer for the ‘Donors Draw’ that we’ll be making at the end of the competition. You can take a look at all of them on our ‘FCO Prizes’ page.

To be involved in the ‘Donors Draw’ you just need to have made a donation to our chess education and development fund that is being organised for us by UK charity Chess in Schools and Communities. You can make a donation of any size, big or small, everyone donor will have the same chance of winning.

So, if you’ve enjoyed being part of our competition then please consider making a donation by way of a ‘Thank you’ to all sponsors without whom this event couldn’t have happened. You can find out more about our chosen charity on our FCO Donate page. Or, if you wold like to donate now, just use the button below and give yourself a chance to win on of our fantastic prizes.

FCO 2014 Round 7 results

Right, back to the action now. After 7 rounds of our main competition ‘I Bribed Kirsan…’ still holds the lead with a total score of 184 (66%). Kateryna Lagno’s win in round 7 certainly helped this team to keep ahead of the competition. In fact, over the last two rounds our leaders have squeezed out a little bit of daylight between themselves and their pursuers. Can anyone catch them up?

In second place comes the UK outfit ‘She’s a Rainbow’ on 180 and then there is a chasing pack of three teams all on 178. There is still plenty of time for any number of teams to catch up. Our leaders are bound to hit a bit of turbulence at some point aren’t they?

In round 6 our highest score winners were ‘truimpant team of tromso’ who scored a really commendable 33 points as there players won on all the boards except for one, where they drew. ‘TIMANTON’ of Spain were our round 7 winners and they scored 31 points.

Both of these two teams have earned themselves a Chess King training product of their choice. We’ll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of these prizes. For a full list of who has and will win what please go to our ‘FCO Prizes’ page where it’s all set out in black and white


apazovich's unorthodox selection paid off in round 2

apazovich’s unorthodox selection paid off in round 2

Week2Sprint Round 2 results

Meanwhile our Week2 Sprint competition has gotten underway seemingly under the radar… until now! We have 200 entries to this competition and it got off to a flying start on Friday with one team making what we believe to be a record breaking single round score for FCO! ‘Chess Hooligans’ of Norway scored an astounding 37/40 (93%!!) in round 1 as no fewer than 9 of their players won with the Black pieces. The tenth one, Aja Topic of Bosnia & Herzegovina, was defeated and blotted the copy book.

Unfortunately for the ‘Chess Hooligans‘ their truimph was short-lived for they completely bombed in round 2 with a puny 16 points scored. This paved the way for the ‘Trompowsky’ of the UK to take the lead as they amassed a total of 59 points in the two rounds and hold a single point lead of Croatia’s ‘Let’s go for the maximum’.

Round 2’s highest scorers were ‘apazovich’ from Argentina. They took this prize with the lowest ‘highest scorer’ total to date – just 29 points. They are also pretty unique in that they don’t have any ‘big stars’ in their team and their line up just goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to have the big boys and girls in your line up to do well in FCO. Take a look for yourselves (right)…

Photo by Georgios Souleidis of Chess24 and used here with their kind permission.

Photo by Georgios Souleidis of Chess24 and used here with their kind permission.

Daily competition’s

Finally, let’s announce the winners of two more daily competitions and start up a third one.

The winner of Friday’s ‘spot the deliberate mistake’ competition was Ulrik Svensson from Swedan who sent us the correct answer in just 4 minutes. He spotted that in our table of most selected FCO players, Vassily Ivanchuk had been labelled as Russian and not Ukrainian. Ulrik wins a copy of Chess Club Live’s Alexander Morozevich’s Best Games of Chess and also a Judit Polgar wall poster.

Yesterday we held a prize draw for anyone that was following us on twitter by midnight last night. The winner of the draw was @Chadzila who wins a copy of Chess Club Live’s Levonan Aronian’s Best Games of Chess and a Judit Polgar wall poster.

Last but not least… here is today’s competition. We are returning to the rich and fertile grounds of the caption competition. Here (right) is another of Georgios Souleidis’ excellent photographs from yesterday’s seventh round. It is an image that is pregnant with possibilities for a caption. We’ll pick the best one after entries have closed at 00:00 (GMT) tonight. What advice could Kirsan be giving to the Russian board 1? Or what is she saying to him? Submit your entry here…


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