FCO 2014 R8: Peruvians rule!

Is Peru's Deysi Cori heading for one of our FCO Most Valuable Player awards? This portrait was taken by Chess24's Georgios Souleidis and is used here with their permission

Is Peru’s Deysi Cori heading for one of our FCO Most Valuable Player awards? This portrait was taken by Chess24’s Georgios Souleidis and is used here with their permission

As we get to the sharp and pointy end of proceedings both in Tromso and here at the FCO it’s time to introduce you all to our ‘FCO 2014 Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards’. We’ll be awarding a pair of dreadfully kitsch medals to the players in the Open and Women’s sections that earn the FCO managers who picked them the most points. Of course our unique scoring system does mean that it’s possible to come out at the top of the heap in our contest without receiving comparable recognition at the Olympiad itself.

For example the leader in our FCO MVP Open competition sits in 5th place in the current standings for the ‘Open Board 4′ medal and is only 42nd in the overall contenders for ‘Best performance rating’. Meanwhile our leader in the FCO MVP Women’s award sits in 8th place in the Olympiad standings for ‘Women’s Board 1′ and is 15th on the overall ‘Best performance rating’ list. This suggests a couple of things to us:

  • First of all that there are an awful lot of players performing very well at Tromso who haven’t been picked by any of our managers!
  • Secondly, that the way the overall ‘Best performance rating’ category is calculated at the Olympiad is favourable for the best players on the higher boards and in the stronger teams.

Well we don’t work like that. The players that score the most points for our managers are the most valuable. End of story. So, we’ve just published the top 20 contenders for each MVP award after round 8 results have been calculated and we’ll be publishing an updated list everyday from here until the end of the Olympiad. A great many players are still in contention but at the moment you might be surprised to learn that both lists are topped by Peruvians! In the Open Peru’s Board 4 Cristhian Cruz heads the table alongside the Czech Republic’s Viktor Laznicka (who is only in second because he’s been picked less often than Cruz). In the Women’s section it’s Peru’s top board Deysi Cori who leads on 26 points ahead of Swedan’s Pia Cramling.

You can see the full league top 20 lists on our FCO MVPs page.

FCO 2014 Round 8 results

The American team ‘I Bribed Kirsan…’ continues to make the front running and even extended their lead to 7 points in round 8 as they bagged their highest score (28) since round 3. They now stand on a grand total of 212 points (66%). They can still be stopped, even after the final round as don’t forget there are plenty of points on offer based on the end of competition predictions that will be added to total scores at the end.

The second placed team was ‘She’s a Rainbow’ but in round 8 they had a total melt down as not one of the ten players scored a win and in total they managed just 15 points to drop right down to 15th position on 195. Supplanting them in second place is another UK outfit in the form of ‘Red Star Cox Green’ who have arrived seemingly from nowhere but they have scored extremely consistently throughout the competition and are now gaining their reward as they are clear in second on 205.

The round 8 highest scorer was ‘AbsoluteFury’ from the USA who managed 32 points in a score that included four Black and four White wins today. They pick up the daily prize which is their choice of a Chess King training product. We’ll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of this prize.

Week2Sprint Round 3 results

The pattern in this competition thus far has been ‘leaders go down’! After round 2 ‘Trompowsky’ led the race but they stumbled to a fairly abject 17 points in round 3 that sees them slip down to 7th, though they are still in touch. Taking their place at the top of the heap is the appropriately named ‘It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon’ who are another USA team. They’ve scored extremely consistently with 27-28-28 and a total of 83 points (69%). Croatia’s ‘Let’s go for the maximum’ stay in second place on 81 and ‘Olsen brothers’ a team from the United Arab Emirates sit in third place with 80 points.

Today we had a tie for first place in the highest score of the round competition as Spain’s ‘Drink Vodtka Chiev’ and Turkey’s ‘PROF’S TEAM’ both scored 30 points. Sadly we can’t award a prize to both these teams so they will play off against each other in round 9 with the highest scorer of these two winning the 1 year V.I.P membership to Chesslive.com


Last but not least, please don’t forget that we have a caption competition running at the moment. We are holding entries open on that until 13:00 on August the 11th so go and give it a try for your chance to win some Chess Club Live goodies.


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