John Toothill – RIP

John Toothill R I P.-1938-2017.

John was born in Bradford and attended Bradford Grammar School with his brother Andrew.
He was a very strong chess player and moved to Kendal to work as Lake District Planning Manager.
We met in a county match between Yorkshire and Cumbria.
John played the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez and won easily.
He then gave me a lift back to Ambleside’
John and I were members of Windermere Club and we did well in the National Club event.
For many years Windermere dominated the Cumbrian team Championships.
John had great qualities. A real gentleman and always willing to help younger players to improve.
Please use this as a memorial of a truly decent and hard working individual.
My sincere good wishes to Sylvia, the family and all his many chess friends and other acquaintances.

Peter Cloudsdale York
24th November 2017.

Sincerest condolences to all and especially the family.
Terrible news about such a good man, a dedicated and talented man. A good linguist. An excellent correspondence player, very deep strategic ideas in his post-mortems with myself.
Former Bradford Grammar School and Bradford Chess Club player.
His brother Andrew was my main mentor. A relation of mine through marriage.

Yours sincerely Gary Kenworthy, (FM)

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


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