Junior Chess

Yorkshire provides ample opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to play junior chess in a safe and fun environment. Children are encouraged to play chess in schools, in chess clubs and in local and national tournaments. If you want to find out more, please visit the following links below.

Yorkshire Junior Chess Association

Junior Chess

The Yorkshire Junior Chess Association (YJCA) is dedicated to giving all juniors the opportunity to play chess in a safe and friendly environment.

The YJCA is led by John Hipshon who has been running the Yorkshire Junior Grand Prix for the last five years. He is an English Chess Federation (ECF) Accredited Coach and Arbiter. He has a team of experienced organisers and coaches who assist him in providing opportunities for children to play chess all over Yorkshire.

Click to visit the Yorkshire Junior Chess Association Website for more details about how to participate in Junior Chess, latest tournament results, upcoming events and much more!

Chess in Schools and Communities

Junior Chess
Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) is an organisation devoted to allowing children to learn about chess as part of their school curriculum.

Chess in Schools and Communities’ aim is to establish a chess club in every primary school in England and Wales. Research has shown that chess can benefit academic performance, encourage better behaviour and classroom engagement, improve self-esteem and of course it’s a lot of fun. All schools in the public sector are eligible to join Urban Chess.

We strongly encourage schools wishing to become part of the scheme to incorporate chess lessons into curriculum time as this produces the best results. Importantly, teaching chess in curriculum time as opposed to during lunchtime or after school makes it much easier to find a coach in your area.

CSC is currently operating in schools in Leeds and Sheffield and is hoping to reach out to more schools in the future.

Get your child’s school involved and find out more by visiting the Chess in Schools and Communities Website.

Junior Chess Clubs in Yorkshire

Click to see details for dedicated chess clubs for juniors in your area!