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Woodhouse Cup

The festive holidays usually marks the halfway mark in most chess leagues in the county. I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the movers and shakers in some of our leagues.
I’ll start the review with the Woodhouse cup but hope to add to this over the coming days.
One of the most telling statistics I look for is the points accumulated by individuals. It shows their value to the team. A point on board 8 is the same value as a point on board 1 and high scorers are an asset to any team, not only because they score a lot of points but also because they play regularly.
Take a look at the form of Rose Forgrove. They have only fielded 9 players in their 5 matches so far this season and they are flying high. One of their players, Mark White has scored most points in the Woodhouse this season and he is joined in the top 20 by Roger Jennings and Clive Davies. Dependable and consistent impresses me and makes a captain’s life a lot easier.
Oskar Hackner has been unbeaten on top board for Sheffield A to score 3.5 out of 4 while Paul Barber and John Milnes have both amassed good scores in lower half teams.
York A have swept all before and it is no surprise to see lots of their players feature in the top 20. Half the team (Detlef Plump, Gavyn Cooper, Martin Carpenter and Jim Nicholson) is a pretty good stat and explains why they are up there.
Woodhouse Cup

Bradford league Division One

Three players have scored 5 points in the first 6 fixtures of the Bradford league. Chris Wright has played all 6 matches for high flying Ilkey A and remains unbeaten. Colm Barry has impressed too scoring 5 out of 5 for the same league leading team.
The score of 5 out of 5 is equalled by Tim Hilton who plays for Bradford Knights.
Two other notable scores of 4.5 from Peter Rooney and Tony Slinger who are producing outstanding performances for their misfiring teams.
Bradford A are joint leaders and although they don’t quite match the big hitting scores of the above they can boast 4 players scoring 3.5 or more points. Greg Eagleton, Christopher Bak, Kevin Winter and myself have helped keep the team in the hunt for the title.

Bradford Div one

Leeds League division one

A look at the top hitters for the Leeds league shows some familiar names cropping up. Most notably Colm Barry who has again attracted one of the best scores with an impressive 6 out of 7 for Leeds CCCC.
He has two Moortown players keeping pace with this score. Richard Hardy from Moortown A and Younis Quereshi is one of the main reasons why Moortown B have had such a great start.
There are a number of other players showing their value to their teams and they have featured in other leagues as well. Peter Rooney is part of the league leaders Moortown A and his high scores here have been well supported by team mates like Hardy, Richard Allis and evergreen Mike Walker.
Roger Jennings, Clive Davies and Chrs Wright have again shown their worth in accumulating good scores for their teams so far this season.

Leeds Division one
Would anybody like to add a review of a Yorkshire league they play in? If so you can send it to Ihor by email or add it to the comments below.

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


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  1. Chris Dossett

    Dec 19. 2017

    York League Division One Review:
    The shock so far this season in the York League is the poor performance of the University team, who have been a strong force for many years. Joel Wagg and Chris Bak, though not the top boards, were strong middle boards and gave them a strength in depth which now seems to be missing. New Captain Tom Leah is their top scorer this season with 4/7
    For Champions Eagle and Child 1st team, Paul Townsend on top board has scored 5.5/6, which is outstanding considering 5 titled players have played in the division this season so far.
    Currently second on board difference are Scarborough, being lead by Neil Pennock on 4.5/6 and Chris Dossett on 4/6
    Terriers come next in the table, with Paul Barber’s perfect 4/4 helping them achieve this. John Cawston also scored well with 3.5/4
    Cavaliers have Richard Hardy as top scorer with 4.45/6 and come next in the table.
    Brtigantes 1st team are just below and Gavyn Cooper’s 3.5/5 has helped.
    Eagle and Child 2nd team, despite IM Simon Ansell’s 3/3 and Steve Whitehead’s 4/6 have suffered on the lower boards.
    The second half of the season looks to be an exciting tussle at the top, as well as a desperate fight to avoid relegation at the other end.

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