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Prize Winners

1st Prize: Angus French – 1 year subscription to Chess Magazine

2nd Prize: Jenny Thompson – 6 month subscription to Chess Magazine

3rd Prize: Ian Lamb – 2 free issues of Chess Magazine

Best Individual Round Score: Bob Clark – Free entry to an e2e4 Weekend Event (5 round) of your choice

Highest First Week Total Score (Rounds 1-6): Andrew Mayhew – £15 Voucher for Chess & Bridge

Highest Second Week Total Score (Rounds 7-11): Andrew Adair – £15 Voucher for Chess & Bridge

What a close finish! The chess might have not been too exciting today but our Prediction Competition came down to a nailbiting finish! Angus French had a 14 point lead going into the final round but had a relatively poor round, scoring only 52 points. This allowed the rest to close the gap. Jenny Thompson was top scorer in Round 11 with 68 points, but this put her just 2 points behind Angus in the overall standings. Meanwhile Ian Lamb could only score 62 points so finished just 2 points behind Jenny to finish in 3rd place. The winner of Week 1, Andrew Mayhew finished in forth place overall. Well done to Angus who just about did enough in the earlier rounds to allow himself to take a hit but still win!

The Week 2 finish was even tighter! Andrew Adair and Michael Fernandez have occupied the top two positions for the last few rounds but in the end Andrew just pipped Michael by a nose with Ian Lamb joining the party to finish in joint 2nd place.

The best overall round was decided in Round 1 where the Swiss system threw up the pairings with the largest difference in ratings between the players throughout the draw. Apart from Round 1, breaking the 70 point barrier proved to be a tough task – only achieved four times in the final ten rounds. Andrew Mayhew and Bob Clark tied for first place with 78 points, but Bob Clark wins the free e2e4 entry as Andrew had already won the Week 1 Prize.

Some tidbits about Round 11: No unanimous picks but 50/53 of you thought that Howell-Jones would end in a draw. This turned out to be correct but the game lasted a lot longer than many of you probably anticipated! You seemed to expect some more fighting chess and the high number of draws seemed to catch you out, especially between boards 6-11. A lot of you nailed the upsets that occurred, all four of them attracted a double-digit number of selections and there wasn’t a result that none of you predicted!

As well as the normal results tables you can also see the rankings for the total number of correct picks made and the total number of correctly picked upsets people made, so you can see which players got the balance right between going for the underdog and going for the safer bet.

Thanks to everyone that participated and thanks to Chess & Bridge and e2e4 Chess for kindly supplying the prizes – we hope you enjoyed the Competition!

Round 11 Results

1Jenny Thompson68
2Matthew Lunn68
3Tim Hilton68
4Kevin Williamson66
5Daniel Young64
6Ihor Lewyk64
7Nathan Barnes64
8Peter Shaw64
9Tom Rendle64
10Ian Lamb62
11Paul Cooksey62
12Benyamin Purton60
13Chris Dossett60
14Andrew Mayhew58
15Andy Bak58
16Bob Clark58
17Graham Borrowdale58
18Jim Nicholson58
19John Kelly58
20Richard Bates58
21Bill Somerset56
22Dan Staples56
23Simon Watson56
24Andrew Adair54
25Ben Edgell54
26David Grobler54
27Pablo Byrne54
28Rich Archer54
29Angus French52
30Dominic Rabbitte52
31Paul Robson52
32Peter Gayson52
33Liam Rabbitte50
34Matt Turner50
35Michael Fernandez50
36Simon Cage50
37David Gilbert48
38Geoff Marchant48
39Owen Robson48
40Joshua Pink46
41Barry Sandercock44
42Kirk Gornall44
43Nick Burrows44
44Paul Dargan44
45Sue Lenier44
46Matthew Webb42
47Bryn Hill40
48Thomas Thorpe40
49Shaun Press38
50Andrew Slade36
51Michael Kirk36
52Alasdair Alexander34
53Jon D'Souza-Eva34

Overall results

1Angus French640
2Jenny Thompson638
3Ian Lamb636
4Andrew Mayhew624
5Richard Bates616
6Bob Clark610
7Graham Borrowdale610
8Rich Archer608
9Andy Bak606
10Jim Nicholson604
11Michael Fernandez604
12Nick Burrows602
13Liam Rabbitte598
14Paul Dargan598
15Kevin Williamson596
16Andrew Adair594
17Thomas Thorpe594
18Peter Shaw592
19David Grobler590
20Dominic Rabbitte588
21Chris Dossett580
22John Kelly578
23Paul Cooksey578
24Bryn Hill576
25Joshua Pink572
26Sue Lenier570
27Tom Rendle570
28Matthew Webb566
29Michael Kirk558
30Matt Turner552
31Pablo Byrne552
32Simon Watson546
33Tim Hilton540
34Shaun Press536
35Alasdair Alexander530
36Ihor Lewyk512
37Geoff Marchant508
38Paul Robson504
39Ben Edgell500
40Bill Somerset482
41Nathan Barnes464
42Peter Gayson464
43Benyamin Purton404
44Jon D'Souza-Eva398
45Sean Hewitt394
46David Fewkes390
47Daniel Sullivan378
48Jonathan Tuck378
49Dave Shapland322
50Graham Keane320
51Mark Reynolds286
52Matthew Lunn284
53David Gilbert256
54Sarah de Lisle250
55Owen Robson234
56Andrew Wainwright230
57Jonathan Rogers228
58Andrew Stone204
59Dan Staples190
60Andrew Slade170
61Sean McDonald166
62John Wright158
63Rod Wigbout156
64Jonathan Hawkins152
65Ming Wei148
66Laura Davidson138
67Conor Murphy118
68Robin Nettleton114
69Barry Sandercock112
70Kevin Winter110
71Morgan Blake96
72David Shepley70
73Bruno Pellanda64
74Daniel Young64
75Greg Eagleton64
76IlKer Pazarcioglu64
77Steve Rooney60
78Charlie Nettleton56
79David Hirst56
80Mitchell Burke54
81Andrew Stoker52
82James Holland52
83Mikey G52
84Toby Brookfield52
85Antony Irvine50
86Denis Molofej50
87Richard Marflitt50
88Simon Cage50
89Glyn Sinnett48
90Kirk Gornall44
91James Pratt40

Week 2 Standings

1Andrew Adair288
2Ian Lamb286
3Michael Fernandez286
4Matthew Lunn284
5Tom Rendle284
6Jenny Thompson282
7Angus French276
8Paul Dargan272
9Peter Shaw270
10Richard Bates268
11John Kelly264
12David Grobler262
13Andy Bak260
14Ihor Lewyk260
15Peter Gayson260
16Rich Archer260
17Thomas Thorpe260
18Bob Clark258
19Matt Turner258
20Nathan Barnes258
21David Gilbert256
22Paul Cooksey256
23Tim Hilton256
24Chris Dossett254
25Nick Burrows254
26Geoff Marchant252
27Kevin Williamson252
28Sue Lenier252
29Andrew Mayhew250
30Jim Nicholson250
31Graham Borrowdale246
32Liam Rabbitte242
33Michael Kirk238
34Owen Robson234
35Pablo Byrne234
36Matthew Webb232
37Bryn Hill230
38Simon Watson230
39Dominic Rabbitte228
40Shaun Press218
41Bill Somerset216
42Joshua Pink208
43Alasdair Alexander198
44Dan Staples190
45Jon D'Souza-Eva188
46Paul Robson178
47Andrew Slade170
48Ben Edgell160
49Andrew Stone148
50Mark Reynolds118
51Barry Sandercock112
52Sarah de Lisle90
53Laura Davidson88
54Daniel Young64
55Benyamin Purton60
56Morgan Blake60
57Jonathan Hawkins58
58David Hirst56
59Jonathan Tuck54
60Mitchell Burke54
61Andrew Stoker52
62Dave Shapland52
63David Fewkes52
64Graham Keane52
65Daniel Sullivan50
66Denis Molofej50
67Kevin Winter50
68Sean Hewitt50
69Simon Cage50
70Glyn Sinnett48
71Kirk Gornall44
72James Pratt40

Best Individual Round

1Andrew Mayhew78
2Bob Clark78
3Graham Borrowdale76
4=Benyamin Purton74
4=Daniel Sullivan74
4=Matt Turner74
4=Thomas Thorpe74

Total Correct Picks

1Jenny Thompson308
2Graham Borrowdale303
3Angus French302
4Ian Lamb296
5Jim Nicholson295
6Nick Burrows295
7Andrew Mayhew294
8Rich Archer291
9Liam Rabbitte290
10Kevin Williamson289
11Paul Dargan289
12Richard Bates288
13Dominic Rabbitte287
14John Kelly286
15Andy Bak285
16Bryn Hill285
17Andrew Adair282
18Thomas Thorpe281
19Paul Cooksey280
20Bob Clark277
21Pablo Byrne275
22David Grobler274
23Matthew Webb274
24Michael Kirk274
25Sue Lenier274
26Tom Rendle271
27Joshua Pink269
28Michael Fernandez268
29Shaun Press268
30Matt Turner266
31Simon Watson265
32Alasdair Alexander258
33Peter Shaw258
34Chris Dossett255
35Ihor Lewyk250
36Ben Edgell244
37Tim Hilton243
38Geoff Marchant241
39Bill Somerset235
40Paul Robson235
41Peter Gayson226
42Nathan Barnes224
43Benyamin Purton198
44David Fewkes193
45Jon D'Souza-Eva189
46Sean Hewitt186
47Daniel Sullivan184
48Jonathan Tuck182
49Dave Shapland159
50Graham Keane157
51Matthew Lunn133
52Mark Reynolds125
53David Gilbert122
54Owen Robson116
55Sarah de Lisle116
56Andrew Wainwright113
57Jonathan Rogers104
58Dan Staples91
59Andrew Stone86
60Sean McDonald83
61Andrew Slade79
62John Wright79
63Rod Wigbout77
64Jonathan Hawkins71
65Ming Wei71
66Laura Davidson68
67Conor Murphy59
68Robin Nettleton57
69Barry Sandercock55
70Kevin Winter53
71Morgan Blake44
72David Shepley34
73Bruno Pellanda32
74IlKer Pazarcioglu32
75Greg Eagleton31
76Daniel Young29
77Steve Rooney29
78Charlie Nettleton28
79David Hirst26
80Mitchell Burke26
81Toby Brookfield26
82Andrew Stoker25
83Mikey G25
84Simon Cage25
85Antony Irvine24
86Denis Molofej24
87Richard Marflitt24
88Glyn Sinnett23
89James Holland23
90Kirk Gornall22
91James Pratt20

Total Correct Upsets Picked

1Peter Shaw38
2Chris Dossett35
3Michael Fernandez34
4Bob Clark28
5Tim Hilton27
6Ian Lamb22
7David Grobler21
8Richard Bates20
9Andrew Mayhew18
10Andy Bak18
11Angus French18
12Mark Reynolds18
13Joshua Pink17
14Paul Robson17
15Andrew Stone16
16Thomas Thorpe16
17Andrew Adair15
18Tom Rendle14
19Geoff Marchant13
20Rich Archer13
21Jenny Thompson11
22Sean Hewitt11
23Sue Lenier11
24Jon D'Souza-Eva10
25Jonathan Rogers10
26Matt Turner10
27Paul Dargan10
28Kevin Williamson9
29Liam Rabbitte9
30Matthew Lunn9
31Matthew Webb9
32Paul Cooksey9
33Sarah de Lisle9
34Nathan Barnes8
35Simon Watson8
36Alasdair Alexander7
37Dominic Rabbitte7
38Jim Nicholson7
39Jonathan Tuck7
40Andrew Slade6
41Ben Edgell6
42Bill Somerset6
43David Gilbert6
44Ihor Lewyk6
45Nick Burrows6
46Peter Gayson6
47Daniel Sullivan5
48Jonathan Hawkins5
49Michael Kirk5
50Benyamin Purton4
51Dan Staples4
52Morgan Blake4
53Bryn Hill3
54Daniel Young3
55Graham Keane3
56James Holland3
57John Kelly3
58Ming Wei3
59Andrew Wainwright2
60Dave Shapland2
61David Fewkes2
62David Hirst2
63Graham Borrowdale2
64Kevin Winter2
65Andrew Stoker1
66Antony Irvine1
67Barry Sandercock1
68David Shepley1
69Denis Molofej1
70Glyn Sinnett1
71Greg Eagleton1
72Laura Davidson1
73Mikey G1
74Mitchell Burke1
75Owen Robson1
76Pablo Byrne1
77Richard Marflitt1
78Rod Wigbout1
79Steve Rooney1
80Bruno Pellanda0
81Charlie Nettleton0
82Conor Murphy0
83IlKer Pazarcioglu0
84James Pratt0
85John Wright0
86Kirk Gornall0
87Robin Nettleton0
88Sean McDonald0
89Shaun Press0
90Simon Cage0
91Toby Brookfield0

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