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The Prediction Competition is eerily showing similarities to the actual chess being played at the British Championships! Playing the role of David Howell is Angus French, consistently posting good scores and pulling a considerable distance away from his nearest rivals. Angus has two very able accomplices supporting him in his starring role. Ian Lamb stars as Mark Hebden, always there in the top few but not quite yet reaching first place. Finally to end this dreadful film metaphor, Gawain Jones is played by Rich Archer (him of Caption Competition fame!) – starting off slow but munching his way through the field round-by-round waiting to pounce if Angus slips up somewhere.

As you can see, those are the three protagonists in the overall lead at Round 9, but the glory for Round 9 belongs to David Gilbert, who might be wishing he had entered every round as his only two efforts in the competition have both been impressive! Meanwhile the race for the Week 2 prize is hotting up, Michael Fernandez currently leading the way but with all the players so close together, everything is to play for!

No unanimous picks from you in Round 9; the most heavily picked result was for Jonathan Hawkins to beat his North-East rival, Sniper Chief Charlie Storey (I have a feeling he might be demoted after yesterday’s showing!) It is always interesting to see how people predict the outcome of Bogdan Lalic’s game – yesterday he was playing Mark Hebden as White. 42 of you correctly predicted that he would draw, 7 thought he would lose and nobody thought he would win! Clearly you all thought that a Grandmaster is incapable of winning with White!

Nobody foresaw that Gyula Meszaros would defeat Simon Williams although three of you did pick Jasper Tambini to beat Chris Ward despite the huge rating gap – congratulations to Alasdair Alexander, Michael Fernandez and Mark Reynolds for making that selection!

With only two rounds to go, there is still plenty to play for in all the remaining categories!

Round 9 Results

1David Gilbert70
2Michael Fernandez66
3Peter Gayson66
4Rich Archer66
5Mark Reynolds62
6Dan Staples60
7Ian Lamb60
8Nick Burrows60
9Tom Rendle60
10Thomas Thorpe58
11Andrew Adair56
12Andy Bak56
13Graham Borrowdale56
14Matthew Webb56
15Bryn Hill54
16Michael Kirk54
17Peter Shaw54
18Angus French52
19Ihor Lewyk52
20Jim Nicholson52
21John Kelly52
22Matthew Lunn52
23Paul Dargan52
24Matt Turner50
25Richard Bates50
26Bob Clark48
27Chris Dossett48
28Geoff Marchant48
29Kevin Williamson48
30Jenny Thompson46
31Joshua Pink46
32Liam Rabbitte46
33Simon Watson46
34Sue Lenier46
35Tim Hilton46
36Alasdair Alexander44
37Andrew Mayhew44
38David Grobler44
39Dominic Rabbitte44
40Nathan Barnes44
41Shaun Press44
42Laura Davidson42
43Paul Cooksey42
44Paul Robson42
45James Pratt40
46Pablo Byrne40
47Bill Somerset38
48Owen Robson38
49Barry Sandercock28

Overall results

1Angus French532
2Ian Lamb518
3Rich Archer518
4Andrew Mayhew514
5Jenny Thompson510
6Bob Clark508
7Graham Borrowdale506
8Richard Bates506
9Thomas Thorpe506
10Andy Bak500
11Jim Nicholson500
12Liam Rabbitte500
13Michael Fernandez500
14Paul Dargan498
15Nick Burrows494
16Bryn Hill488
17Dominic Rabbitte486
18Matthew Webb486
19Andrew Adair484
20David Grobler480
21Kevin Williamson480
22Chris Dossett478
23Joshua Pink474
24Michael Kirk474
25Peter Shaw474
26Sue Lenier468
27John Kelly462
28Paul Cooksey462
29Alasdair Alexander460
30Pablo Byrne452
31Paul Robson452
32Tom Rendle452
33Shaun Press448
34Simon Watson446
35Matt Turner442
36Tim Hilton422
37Geoff Marchant418
38Ihor Lewyk398
39Ben Edgell396
40Sean Hewitt394
41David Fewkes390
42Bill Somerset384
43Daniel Sullivan378
44Jonathan Tuck378
45Peter Gayson362
46Nathan Barnes354
47Benyamin Purton344
48Dave Shapland322
49Graham Keane320
50Jon D'Souza-Eva308
51Mark Reynolds286
52Sarah de Lisle250
53Andrew Wainwright230
54Jonathan Rogers228
55Sean McDonald166
56Andrew Stone160
57Matthew Lunn160
58John Wright158
59Rod Wigbout156
60David Gilbert152
61Jonathan Hawkins152
62Ming Wei148
63Laura Davidson138
64Owen Robson136
65Conor Murphy118
66Robin Nettleton114
67Kevin Winter110
68Dan Staples96
69Morgan Blake96
70Andrew Slade86
71David Shepley70
72Bruno Pellanda64
73Greg Eagleton64
74IlKer Pazarcioglu64
75Steve Rooney60
76Charlie Nettleton56
77Mitchell Burke54
78James Holland52
79Mikey G52
80Toby Brookfield52
81Antony Irvine50
82Denis Molofej50
83Richard Marflitt50
84Glyn Sinnett48
85James Pratt40
86Barry Sandercock28

Week 2 Standings

1Michael Fernandez182
2Andrew Adair178
3Paul Dargan172
4Thomas Thorpe172
5Rich Archer170
6Angus French168
7Ian Lamb168
8Tom Rendle166
9Geoff Marchant162
10Matthew Lunn160
11Peter Gayson158
12Richard Bates158
13Bob Clark156
14Andy Bak154
15Jenny Thompson154
16Michael Kirk154
17Chris Dossett152
18David Gilbert152
19David Grobler152
20Matthew Webb152
21Peter Shaw152
22Sue Lenier150
23John Kelly148
24Matt Turner148
25Nathan Barnes148
26Ihor Lewyk146
27Jim Nicholson146
28Nick Burrows146
29Liam Rabbitte144
30Bryn Hill142
31Graham Borrowdale142
32Andrew Mayhew140
33Paul Cooksey140
34Tim Hilton138
35Kevin Williamson136
36Owen Robson136
37Pablo Byrne134
38Shaun Press130
39Simon Watson130
40Alasdair Alexander128
41Dominic Rabbitte126
42Paul Robson126
43Bill Somerset118
44Mark Reynolds118
45Joshua Pink110
46Andrew Stone104
47Jon D'Souza-Eva98
48Dan Staples96
49Sarah de Lisle90
50Laura Davidson88
51Andrew Slade86
52Morgan Blake60
53Jonathan Hawkins58
54Ben Edgell56
55Jonathan Tuck54
56Mitchell Burke54
57Dave Shapland52
58David Fewkes52
59Graham Keane52
60Daniel Sullivan50
61Denis Molofej50
62Kevin Winter50
63Sean Hewitt50
64Glyn Sinnett48
65James Pratt40
66Barry Sandercock28

Best Individual Round

1Andrew Mayhew78
2Bob Clark78
3Graham Borrowdale76
4=Benyamin Purton74
4=Daniel Sullivan74
4=Matt Turner74
4=Thomas Thorpe74

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