Scarborough Chess Congress

The 41st Scarborough Chess Congress took place in the Spa Complex, South Bay, Scarborough, from Friday 20th October to Sunday 22nd October 2017.
The winner of the Open was creator of this website Matthew Webb with 4.5 out of 5. He took a bye on Friday night.

The full cross table can be viewed under:

Over 330 players took part in 5 sections.

Mark Whitehead also scored 4.5 to share the Major with Stephen McQuillan.

The Intermediate section was won by Rob Tokeley with 4.5.

There was a multiple tie in the Minor section with 5 players all finishing on 4 points.
Noel Boustred, Con Carey, G Hewitt, N Fisher and Stephen Watson of Hull.

The only 100% score was made in the Foundation section by S Dehgan-Affifi.

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  1. Neil Griffiths

    Nov 02. 2017

    Could you tell me if I have won a prize for the highest grading in my section which was the Intermediate group My grading is118

    Yours sincerely Neil Griffiths

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