The Man Chess Made

Book Review – The Man Chess Made

Albert Beauregard Hodges. The Man Chess Made. Authors: John S. Hilbert and Peter P. Lahde. 542 Pages. 351 Games played by Hodges. 75 Games played by others. Paperback. Price £32.50/$39.95 “Albert ... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Thomas Frere – A History of 19th Century Chess in New York City

Thomas Frère and the Brotherhood of Chess. A History of 19th Century Chess in New York City. Author: Martin Frere Hillyer. 211 Pages. 130 Diagrams. 54 Games. 22 Monochrome Photographs. Thomas ... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Arthur Kaufmann. A Chess Biography

Arthur Kaufmann. A Chess Biography, 1872-1938. Olimpiu G. Urcan and Peter Michael Braunwarth. McFarland & Company. Softback. 266 Pages. 23 Photographs. 217 Diagrams. Born on 4th ... Continue Reading →
Book Review – Eminent Victorian Chess Players

Book Review – Eminent Victorian Chess Players

Eminent Victorian Chess Players. Ten Biographies. Tim Harding. McFarland & Company. Softback. 400 Pages. 24 Photographs. 36 Sketches. 182 Diagrams. A portrayal of British ... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Mikhail Botvinnik

Mikhail Botvinnik. The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion. Andrew Soltis. McFarland & Company. Hardback. 274 Pages. 125 Diagrams. 12 Photographs. Price £30.00. Mikhail ... Continue Reading →