Calderdale Flood Relief simul_Danny Gormally_01

YP Article 19 – Gormally takes Hebden Bridge by storm

This is an extended version of the column published in The Yorkshire Post on 20th of February 2016. Following the devastating flood damage in the Calder Valley caused at the end of ... Continue Reading →
Shapland vs.Heron

Travail Pursuit #52: Brain buster

Here’s a game I played on March the 17th all the way back in 1998 when I was living up in Edinburgh. It’s one of the first games I ever played on the White side of the French Tarrasch ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #42: Seasonal miniature heroes

At this time of year the assortment box of chocolates becomes ubiquitous. Groping desperately for a suitably seasonal theme for this post I realised that all the games featured today ... Continue Reading →
Sicilian Smaug vs Intermezzo after Black’s 19th move

Travail Pursuit #31: Difficult decisions in the Dragon

In Travail Pursuit #29 I promised more Dragon positions in the next post. Well I didn’t manage it for #30 but here they are now. Both these games were played (or at least completed) ... Continue Reading →
Black to play. What would you do here?

Travail Pursuit #25: Assessment and Calculation

I’m going to apologise upfront because today’s post is a bit of a beast! In order to cover off the remainder of my ‘August’ memoir I’ve decided to feature five games, several ... Continue Reading →

Travail Pursuit #5: Finding the flaw

Here’s a position from a game played on this date five years ago in the Leeds League. White (me) has just ‘boldly’ (read ‘stupidly’!) sacrificed a bishop ... Continue Reading →
Vasco vs. Shapland, 2000. The opening was a Closed Sicilian but now, after Black's 12th move the centre has opened up and the complications are about to begin!

Travail Pursuit #2: An open Closed Sicilian

Today’s game was played on this day in 2000. I was living down in London at the time and this game was played in the London League. It’s not a particularly great game in terms ... Continue Reading →
2nd Olympiad Quiz

2nd Olympiad Quiz

[typography font=”Droid Sans” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#ffffff”]Welcome to our 2nd Olympiad Quiz![/typography] [typography ... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Christian Yogurts

  This week’s interesting article is courtesy of “Intermezzo” When I was at University me and my flat mates used to have a laugh playing a game we called “Christian ... Continue Reading →
Puzzle 5 - White to play

The Monday Club – Puzzle 5

[cf]Ad code[/cf] [typography font=”Droid Sans” size=”28″ size_format=”px”]Puzzle of the week![/typography] White to play [typography font=”Droid ... Continue Reading →