The first Cross Gates International Invitational Blitz and Beer championships

Richard Archer and Ian Thackray arranged an invitational Blitz and Beer tournament.

A double round all play all event with a quality field which included the British Major Rapid Play champion, The Englsih National Civil Service Champion and the Cross Gates Yard of Cider record holder!


Archer – 7.5
Jennings and Webb – 6
Lewyk – 5.5
Bak – 4
Thackray – 2


Matty Webb courted disqualification by drinking fizzy water throughout. Gary Corcoran gatecrashed the event and all of his many losses were expunged from the records.


Roger Jennings takes on Andy Bak while Ian Thackray can be seen in the distance taking on Matty Webb.
Roger puts Ihor in deep thought
Jennings v Lewyk
Corcoran arrives to face Jennings
Corcoran arrives to face Jennings
Archer in his distinctive half mast pants faces Andy Bak
Ian agonisingly loses on time! [Clock times say 0.01 versus -0.00]
Loss on time
Ian Thackray our genial host
Mein host
Tournament controller and winner. Well nobody else could understand the format.
Celebration time complete with chess groupies!

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