The Monday Club – Puzzle 4

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Puzzle 4 - White to play
White to play

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Master Anonymous
Master Anonymous

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[typography font=”Droid Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]How did you play this ending?

Ivanchuk,Vassily (2766) – Giri,Anish (2714) (5)

74th Tata Steel Chess Tournament Wijk aan Zee/NED (9), 24.01.2012

Puzzle 3 - White to play
White to play

Correct is 52.f4!

gxf4 [52…a5 53.fxg5 a4 54.g6 a3 55.Kc3 a2 56.Kb2 f4 57.g7 f3 58.g8Q f2 59.Qf7++-] 53.h4 a5 54.e6 Kc7 [54…a4 55.e7 a3 56.e8Q+-] 55.h5 a4 56.e7 Kd7 57.h6 a3 58.h7 and black resigned because of the line 58…a2 59.e8Q+ Kxe8 60.h8Q+ Kf7 61.Qa8 Obviously 2 pawns are quicker than one! 1–0


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