Upcoming Yorkshire AGM – 17th June 2017

The date for the AGM has been agreed and agenda details are below.

West Riding Pub, Leeds, Saturday 17th June 1pm

Agenda Yorkshire Chess Association AGM

1) Apologies for absence:

2) Minutes to AGM June 2016

3) Matters Arising

4) Officers’ Reports

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Competitions Controller
  • Match Captains
  • Junior Chess Correspondence Chess
  • Grading Officer
  • NCCU Delegate
  • ECF Delegate
  • Website

5) Presentation of trophies

  • Woodhouse Cup
  • IM Brown
  • Silver Rook
  • Hardcastle Trophy
  • Avison Shield
  • Kitchen Memorial

6) Election of Officers

  • President:
  • Deputy President:
  • Secretary/Minutes Secretary:
  • Year Book Editors:
  • Website Editorial Team:
  • Treasurer and Registrations Secretary:
  • Competitions Controller:
  • Secretary for Junior Chess:
  • Secretary for Correspondence Chess:
  • Grader:
  • Auditor:
  • Delegates to NCCU:
  • Delegate to ECF:

7) County Captains

Open:  U180:  U160   U140: U120:  U100:

8) Amendements to rules and constitution

See below

9) Fees and subscriptions

10) Dates for calendar

11) ECF/NCCU proposals

12) Any Other Business


Amendment to Rules – item 8

The 2016 AGM resolved “that a sub-committee is set up to consider changes to the YCA constitution that will bring it into line with existing practice.”

I drew up some comments and circulated them in January. I’m guessing nothing else was done.  (Andrew put it on the agenda for 08/04/2017, but it didn’t get given any time.)

Accordingly, I wish to but the following ten proposals of my to the 2017 YCA AGM.

Proposal 1: amend 4b in the Constitution to read as follows.

  1. b) Affiliated Member Any member of a C.M. organisation who plays in the Yorkshire league competition shall be deemed an Affiliated Member for the season, provide any annual subscription defined by the A.G.M. has been paid.


Proposal 2: add new 4c to the Constitution, relabeling the existing 4c as 4d, as follows.

  1. c) Individual Member Any member of a C.M. organisation shall be eligible to become an Individual member on the payment of the annual subscription defined by the A.G.M.


Proposal 3: amend rule A8 to read as follows.

All players in these competitions shall be members of their C.M. organisations and be Affiliated Members as defined under the Constitution. Any C.M. playing ineligible players shall be penalised by the loss of any matches in which the said players played, the match points being awarded to their opponents.

Proposal 4: amend 7h to read as follows.

To consider any amendments to this Constitution or to YCA competition Rules that have been submitted in accordance with this Constitution.”

Proposal 5: amend the start of 12, up to “a)”, to read as follows.

No alteration or amendment shall be made to this Constitution or the YCA competition Rules save at an A.G.M. and then only provided:”

Proposal 6: amend 12 c) by replacing “YCA League Rules” with “YCA competition Rules”.

Proposal 7: in Rule A6 amend the phrase “subject to one week’s notice given before the first round of fixtures” to “subject to one week’s notice being given before the first round of fixtures”

Proposal 8: add the following sentence to the existing Rule A13.

The penalty for infringement of this Rule shall be that specified for infringement of Rule 14.

Proposal 9: amend Rule A20 to read as follows.

All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Chess as published with the authority of FIDE.

Proposal 10: amend the first sentence of Rule A21 to read as follows:

At the time play is started in any match the clocks of all absent White players shall be started.

Rule A23 provides for the awarding of game points: 1 for a win, half for a draw. However, no Rule provides for corresponding allocation of match points.  This is inconsistent.

I would therefore like to propose to the 2017 YCA AGM a further Rule change as follows (numbered to follow on from my previous proposals):

Proposal 11: add to the present Rule A23 the following sentence:

Each team shall be awarded two points for a match in which its game points total exceeds that of the opposing team, and one point for a match were its game point total equals that of the opposing team except that no match points shall be awarded for a doubly defaulted match.

If any explanation is needed . . . .

The first proposal is to dispel the lack of definition of an “Affiliate Member” which arose from the setting at zero of the subscription payable. (Arguably, all members of all C.M.s have paid nothing and therefore they are Affiliated Members, and can attend and vote at AGMs.  The only other reasonable interpretation is that there are no Affiliated Members, so only Hon. Life Members may attend and vote, cutting out some officers.)

The second, less important proposal is to cater for the fact that historically people who didn’t play in the league could become Affiliated Members on payment of the specified fee. To avoid confusion between league players and others, this provision is made under a separate (new) category.

The third proposal standardises the terminology, and replaces “required” with “defined”, because the Constitution does not “require” People to become Affiliated Members, but “defines” who can be one and how.

The fourth proposal stem from the fact that clause 12 refers both to changes to the Constitution and changes to the Rules, so it would be more appropriate if 7 h) were worded correspondingly.

The fifth and sixth proposals are due to the YCA having more rules than those currently published in the Year Book, many admittedly moribund, namely those for the:

Individual Championship, Junior Championship, Kitchin Memorial, Best Game Prize and Avison Shield.

All competition rules should be within scope of clause 12 (or alternative provision made), hence the replacement of “YCA League Rules” with “YCA competition Rules”.

The seventh proposal inserts “being” into the published text, to correct the grammar.

The eighth proposal is made due to there being no penalty being currently define for an infringement.

The ninth proposal is to remedy the erroneous current reference the BCF; neither the BCF (which still exists) nor the ECF has authority to issue Laws of Chess. That is down to FIDE.

The tenth proposal provides for both players being absent at a given board. Also, “started” is preferable to “set in motion” now some clocks are digital.

Steve Mann 16/04/2017
Seconded I Lewyk.

David Mills has proposed that item 7 of the constitution should be changed to specify that the AGM be held on a Saturday OR A SUNDAY in June. Seconded A Zigmond

Calderdale are proposing that the IM Brown and Silver Rook cease to be ECF game fee events although I don’t think a specific rule covers this. Dave Patrick put this forward citing Dave Colledge as seconder.

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


5 Responses to “Upcoming Yorkshire AGM – 17th June 2017”

  1. David G. Mills

    May 26. 2017

    My proposal regarding the date of the Yorkshire A.G.M. is that it may be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday in June or July. I will not be attending the 2017 Yorkshire A.G.M.. It is held on the same Saturday year after year despite very low attendances and requests for a change. I am a volunteer at the Beverley Folk Festival (Yes, I have a life outside chess.) and have missed parts of it twice in recent years to be present at the A.G.M. I have no intention of missing parts of it again.

    I asked for the Yorkshire A.G.M. to be held at Hull on 24th June and intended to propose that in 2018 it be held in Calderdale. Those of us on the edges of the county are fed up of travelling to Leeds or Bradford year in, year out. You may have noticed that Hull is the City of Culture 2017 and we could have offered visitors an evening with Michael Adams on 24th June as part of the E.C.F. funded ‘Chess Master at the Local’ initiative. Those who stayed overnight could have attended the Simultaneous Display he is giving on Sunday 25th June. Unfortunately, the Sheffield Congress trumped all of this, so it’s Leeds yet again on 17th June. Hopefully huge numbers will be present to justify this decision!

    It looks like the men with short arms and deep pockets have a branch outside Hull in Calderdale. When playing chess outside Yorkshire – in Lincolnshire in particular – I speak to people who cannot understand the opposition to financing our national governing body to the tune of £16 per year. Chess is a relatively cheap pursuit and objection to funding the E.C.F. in this way is simply regarded by the rest of the country as greed. ‘What do I receive for my money?’ is often the cry at Annual General Meetings. It usually comes from individuals who argue the toss for 20 or 30 minutes over a £1.00 increase in team affiliation fees and then spend £20.00 at the bar. Although Hull & District has not required affiliation to the E.C.F. to date, the area has received significant amounts of money from the national governing body. These include financial backing for James Adair and Michael Adams attending ‘Chess Master at the Local’ evenings and financial support for an International Master Tournament in Hull at a future date. At the Hull & District Chess Association A.G.M. on 13th June 2017 there will be a motion on the agenda, supported by the full Executive Committee, requiring E.C.F. membership to at least bronze level as a condition of participating in all Hull & District Chess Association competitions. I would like to know if there is provision for proxy votes for anyone unable to attend the Yorkshire A.G.M.. If so, I wish to vote against any proposal whereby Yorkshire League match results are not submitted for E.C.F. grading.

    Current situation.
    My games in Hull & District competitions and the Yorkshire League competitions give rise to a Yorkshire (Chessnuts) grade.
    My games in the Yorkshire League competitions, Lincolnshire League and Scunthorpe League give rise to a different E.C.F. grade.

    Both grades are incorrect.

    This is a farce! Yorkshire grade not recognised outside the county. E.C.F. grade recognised throughout the country but inaccurate due to Hull & District games being omitted. County captains, have to check if Yorkshire players are current E.C.F. members before including them in county teams at the national stage of competition. We have enough to do without such nonsense. If you disagree, speak to one of the county captains.

    NB. The comments above are my own and should not be taken as representing the views of Hull & District Chess Association.

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  2. Andrew Zigmond

    May 26. 2017

    It should be noted that Leeds was only our third choice for the meeting. The committee originally wanted to bring the meeting to Hull as we were sympathetic to the suggestion that it should move around the county. After Hull were not able to provide a venue for the 17th we looked at going to Sheffield but again a venue proved elusive (the Woodseats club was not available at the required time). With time running out we were forced to revert back to the West Riding Pub. There is NO conspiracy to keep the meeting in Leeds or Bradford.

    The 17th was chosen because it is the meeting most chess players are likely to be free. Saturday 3rd is South Lakes (one of the biggest congresses in the calender), Saturday 10th clashes with county matches and the 24th is Sheffield Congress. Holding the meeting on the 17th gives the most opportunity for Yorkshire chess players to attend.

    I know that David has strong views on the clash with the Beverly Folk Festival and he has corresponded with members of the YCA committee on repeated occasions.

    I think that the days of forty odd people attending an annual general meeting are gone. The advent of email means it is easy for players to raise specific questions with county officials and for group consultations to be held without having to travel to a meeting on a specific date.

    Unfortunately the constitution allows no provision for proxy voting. This is something we could possibly look at for future years.

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  3. Adrian Dawson

    May 26. 2017

    It is no surprise that numbers attending the AGM have fallen dramatically when one looks at the amount of time that will be spent looking at all these amendments. I would have thot Steve Mann, who has been on the YCA Committee for more years than he cares to remember, would have changed these rules ad nauseum.
    I also think that Andrew Zigmond would have realised that the phrase “revert back” is tautology (meaning saying the same thing twice in the same sentence).

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  4. David G. Mills

    Jun 13. 2017

    The 2017 Hull & District Chess Association A.G.M. was held on 13.6.2017. E.C.F. Chief Executive, Mike Truran, addressed a well attended gathering (40+). It voted heavily in favour of requiring E.C.F. membership to at least bronze level for participation in Hull & District Chess Association competitions from September 2017. E.C.F. grades to be used from the beginning of season 2018/2019.

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  5. Ihor Lewyk

    Jun 14. 2017

    Thanks for this information David and well done on promoting such a forward thinking motion.
    It is pretty relevant to the YCA as there is a motion on the agenda for this Saturday’s AGM which is to request that only the Woodhouse division is to be ECF graded which will remove the need from other divisions.

    I’ll be speaking against this motion because I believe we should support a national body in chess. £15 or £16 for a year is still incredibly cheap to play a hobby.
    Ironically the Leeds league is totally ECF graded in all divisions but is growing. Leeds recently introduced a third division and many players in West Yorkshire treat this as the premier league in the area. It is as though some players have decided that if I’m to pay £15 to play for a season I’m going to get my money’s worth and play as many games as I can. I look forward to seeing if players will cross the Humber bridge in numbers to get games ECF graded.

    Remember it isn’t just an ECF grade we get when we pay ECF membership fees. It goes towards uniform rules throughout the country, qualified arbiters to a standard we can all trust and well run tournaments and competitions. ECF have managed to obtain sponsorship for national teams recently, at least for Olympiad teams, and our best juniors are provided coaches and an infrastructure to play representative matches around the world.
    Money well spent I think.

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