Wainwright v Corcoran Match

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Regular visitors of the site will know that recently, the semi-retired Andy Wainwright issued an open challenge for a six-game match. The negotiations are now complete, the contracts are signed and we can now exclusively reveal that the yorkshirechess.org match is going to be…

Gary Corcoran vs Andrew Wainwright

Ready for Battle

These two firm friends, teammates and rivals will be facing off over 64 squares in a true battle royal that is guaranteed to produce fireworks, ecstasy and tears.

Matches are extremely rare in any level below GM-level so it will be interesting to see how the two players cope. Yorkshirechess.org will be providing extensive exclusive live coverage of this unique event as all the drama unfolds!

There will be six games in the match, the date for the first match is Friday 9th March.

The first games will take place at an undisclosed location. Spectators are encouraged follow our live stream online until we announce further details for the later rounds where we hope to invite you to come and watch!

Yorkshirechess will be providing extensive coverage before and during the match. Features on the website will include:

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  • Exclusive interviews with the players (and seconds)
  • Pre-match profiles of the players, including their previous games.
  • LIVE coverage of all the games in progress.
  • Video footage of the event.
  • Analysis and comments for each of the games.


This is a unique event in the history of Yorkshire Chess, it will be a cracker, don’t miss it!

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