YCA League 2013/14 Round 3

A couple of parish notices before Andrew’s report:

Some more reports have been added to the Round 3 Reports page including some pictures from Wakefield A vs Hull B!

Congratulations to Andrew who has agreed to become the ECF County Championship Controller! We wish Andrew all the best in the role and look forward to the Yorkshire teams having many home fixtures!

YCA League 2013/14 Round 3

Woodhouse Cup

York RI A defeated their B Team 7-1 to banish memories of last year’s draw and also claw back half a game point from Sheffield A and Bradford A who `only` won 6 1/2-1 1/2. The Woodhouse increasingly looks like a three horse race this year, Rose Forgrove fell back with a draw against Huddersfield who lift themselves off the bottom line. Sheffield A, York RI A and Bradford A is the current order in terms of game points.

Elsewhere Calderdale A defeated Hull DCA A to move strongly back into fifth place while Sheffield D recovered from their heavy defeat last round to defeat Bradford Central. Harrogate A and Alwoodley A remain in the relegation zone although Bradford Central are also yet to pick up a point.

IM Brown

While considering the second division results I ended with a famous song by Stealers Wheel stuck in my head, specifically the line `Trying to make some sense of it all/ When you can see it makes no sense at all` – but that’s enough waxing lyrical. Where to start with this one?

Probably at the top. Leeds CCCC only dropped half a point against York RI D to cement their position at the head of the table; two teams are level on match points but lagging now in game points. Calderdale B pulled off another upset against York RI C and hold second, could we see two Calderdale teams in the top flight next season? Sheffield B also had a satisfying weekend and edged out Doncaster to complete the trio of teams on three out of three.

There was yet another surprise when Hull DCA B beat Wakefield A, Bradford B scored their first win against Rose Forgrove B and Sheffield E got themselves off the ground against Harrogate B. Rose Forgrove B and York RI D are the two teams yet to score and as such occupy the relegation zone.

Silver Rook

Two rounds to report here. On 19th October Pontefract won their first leg against Dewsbury to go top while West Leeds were held to a draw by Harrogate C but held on to second. Wakefield B got their first win against Bradford C.

The fourth round was the rematch of round 2. In the event there was only one reversal of fortune; Sheffield F got their own back against Harrogate C – gratifyingly this means that every Silver Rook team has now won at least one match. Pontefract and Dewsbury appear to have the momentum, winning by wide margins and securing the top two positions as things stand.

Looking Ahead

Of the top three Bradford A have the toughest pairing on 30th November when they host Hull DCA A but the match to watch might be the one between Rose Forgrove A and Calderdale A as the winner will rise to fourth and may be in a psition to pounce should the favourites stumble. In the IM Brown nobody saw Calderdale B’s visit to Leeds CCC as overly significant at the start of the season but events since mean that it will be the hot ticket of the day. Also look out for the meeting between Bradford B and Doncaster; both the two relegated teams will be looking for a win to keep their hopes alive. The Silver Rook teams are active this weekend except Dewsbury who have the BYE, Bradford C vs West Leeds appears to be the most competitive match on paper.

Andrew Zigmond

Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


13 Responses to “YCA League 2013/14 Round 3”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 06. 2013

    Absolutely plausible that Calderdale B could go up. Except for Leeds, they’re looking as strong as anyone else so far and the start will help. A lot of of other teams who also could of course.

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  2. Matt

    Nov 06. 2013

    Great to see Bradford with a much larger resource of players this season! Although, I recall some of your stats Martin regarding the impact on the regularity of 8 consistent players. Still, I do think Bradford are the wild card pick for the title this season!

    Many strong players are yet to turn out for Bradford, as the points start to accumulate so to will the strong players, I assume :-)

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    • Martin Carpenter

      Nov 06. 2013

      The things you need to win really consistently are consistently (very) good teams with (especially) no weak boards. Bradford are of course much closer to that this year than for a little while.

      Still, York/Sheffield will be hugely strong against Bradford so that even the very strongest Bradford team will be giving up ~10pts/board. Bradford really do need to be at least level and ideally ahead by then.

      That’ll probably take 5.5 or 6/6 from the remaining ‘normal’ matches. Possible – especially if the team from the last round is typical – but quite tough.

      Of course if this was last year and Sheffield/York were on 2 and 1.5/3 respectively then we’d really be talking!

      As it is, maybe a 40-40-20 split for Sheffield/York/Bradford. Very long odds indeed on anyone else. A non zero chance of a split tie on game points, which I suspect might not tend to favour Bradford.
      (Although Bradford actually had a slightly stronger team on average grade than Sheffield for the last round. When did that last happen?)

      Maybe 40-30-30 next season.

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      • Matt

        Nov 07. 2013

        Very interesting times ahead.

        It would be fantastic to get the top matches broadcast on the internet. The York A vs Sheffield A fixture at the end of the season would be great to see. Although, I suspect most of the interested parties will actually be sat down playing while this is unfolding! :-)

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  3. Andy Bak

    Nov 08. 2013

    It is nice to see a genuine three way fight for the title this year.

    I agree that Bradford are long shots but they have got results against York and Sheffield before. Bradford have also not yet played Alan Walton this season!

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    • Martin Carpenter

      Nov 08. 2013

      Yes Bradford have quite a decent record against York. Well, a slightly odd one as a couple of massive losses in there too. +1,=2,-1 over the last four years :)

      Very much worse against Sheffield with some close matches but just one drawn match back in 06/7 in the chessnuts record. When Sheffield are properly motivated they’re really hugely tough in face to face matches.

      The only reason York have won a few more cups recently is their tripping up in ‘easier’ matches.

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