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Woodhouse Cup

There were two matches brought forward due to the 4NCL clash on 28th March but both were critical ones. The champions polished off Leeds CCCC A 6-2 while York RI A defeated Sheffield A 5-3.

So what does this mean for the league? Bradford A are top with a massive ten game point advantage over York RI A although if York win the individual match this will count for nothing. Sheffield A can still win the league by beating Bradford who in turn beat York but their game point deficit (50 – seven less than Bradford but three more than York) suggests the arithmetic may be against them.

There are two bits of other news Yorkshire players should be aware of; one good and one bad. We’ll start with the bad.

YCA Secretary

Richard White, the YCA Secretary, has announced that he will be stepping down from his post at the AGM. It goes without saying that Richard will be a near impossible act to follow but volunteers who are interesting in standing for the post should contact Ihor Lewyk in the first instance.

4NCL FIDE Rated Congress in Wakefield

The 4NCL have announced they will be holding their second FIDE rated congress at the Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield on 17th to 19th April. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say it is privilege to have such a prestigious event on our patch and I hope Yorkshire players will welcome the event with open arms. I attended the first event in Birmingham and it was a privilege to play chess with top of the range equipment and in the same room as some extremely big names – British GMs Hebden, Gormally and Turner all entered and none could win, the event was so strong.

4NCL FIDE Congress Website

Andrew Zigmond

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7 Responses to “YCA League Extra Plus Other News”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Mar 13. 2015

    Having done the sums, I’m a bit put out that it seems very hard to engineer even a two way game/match tie ;) iirc we had a 3 way possible this time last season!

    I do definitely feel a bit for Sheffield with having to play both of these fixtures away. Very hard work, especially on top of the way the rearranged fixtures mean they ended up back to back.

    I wonder if it is maybe worth fixing it so we each get one of these fixtures at home every season? Bradford seem to have that, but York and Sheffield are both fixed on a cycle of having both matches either at home, or both away, which doesn’t seem ideal.

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  2. AMZ1981

    Mar 13. 2015

    I’m afraid I’ll have to push back on that one Martin. There are twelve teams in the Woodhouse Cup and thirty two in the league programme overall. The league does NOT revolve solely around three teams.

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    • Martin Carpenter

      Mar 13. 2015

      I very much know that! Don’t think this would affect anyone else though?

      All you’d have to is swap the home/away on a York/Sheffield match one year then revert to alternating it each year.

      It was just an idle thought anyway :)

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  3. ovod

    Mar 13. 2015

    If the league does not revolve around three teams maybe rules concerning player eligibility will drop reference to top teams in favour of ANY team in the same division.

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    • Martin Carpenter

      Mar 13. 2015

      Those rules work much more to the benefit of the second (third in Sheffield’s case!) teams than the ‘top’ one. If you got much stricter we’d all simply have to keep reserves exclusive to the A team instead.

      You could I suppose argue that B/C teams shouldn’t be in the top division as a matter of principle, but they’re so strong that’d be rather hard!

      You definitely get an overall stronger league this way.

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      • ovod

        Mar 14. 2015

        This rule didn’t favour Sheffield D on 21/2. If eight players between two teams(12 between 3) is not enough then maybe recruiting from other clubs will be allowed.

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  4. AMZ1981

    Mar 13. 2015

    Both Sheffield and York have the same venue restriction, namely that they can only have a certain number of teams at home at any one time. To simply switch the home/ away rotation for that match or alter the pairing position to allow it might potentially throw everything out of sync.

    I appreciate that it doesn’t effect any other teams; it’s more the principle that if an exception is made for one set of teams it might have to be made for another.

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