Yorkshire Chess Association AGM minutes

Below I post the AGM minutes held last weekend. Very disappointed that votes could not be taken on any of the rule proposals and amendments due to lack of numbers.


2017 Yorkshire Chess Association AGM 17 June 2017 at West Riding club Leeds

Present: J Burnett, I Lewyk, A Zigmond, J Hamm, P Shaw, S Mann, S Burton, N Stewart. The meeting was not quorate so felt we could not pass any rule proposals.

1) Apologies for absence: R White, D Mills, J Griffith, R Jones, D Hirst, S Greep, P Beckett, P Cloudsdale, S Brookes, P Catt, P Ackley.

2) Minutes to AGM June 2016 were agreed with two corrections. Correct spelling for the Hardcastle winner is J Fryer M Birkin chose to stand down as open team captain.

3) Matters Arising Open team captaincy taken on by Peter Ackley. Life members looked into by Steve Mann.The list has been updated. Mike Haygarth has died since the last AGM and H Mitchell whereabouts is still unknown.

4) Officers’ Reports

  • President Jim will prepare a report for the Yearbook.
  • Secretary Secretary went through correspondence received especially regarding new ECF membership costs. Hull & District league recently agreed to have all their games graded by the ECF.
  • Treasurer Steve presented accounts which are still to be audited. Discussion took place regarding reimbursement for the successful county teams. Success means more matches and greater travelling distance hence greater expense. The meeting felt it was desirable for the county teams to be supported. Recommend the fees per association and team goes up to £15. This will be proposed for the next AGM when the meeting can vote. No change to county match fees but expense claims should be made through your team captains. It was recommended to propose petrol expenses at 15 pence per mile. Proposal to be made at the next AGM.
  • Competitions Controller It was an exciting year in many competitions. The Woodhouse was settled in the last match on board count and the IM Brown was decided in the last couple of matches. Andrew drew up a provisional calendar for next season and discussed it with the meeting. A few actions to take before circulating it.
  • Match Captains 3 county teams have been run successfully this season all making the national stages semi finals of the ECF county championships. The Open and U160 team both made the final but the U140 team missed out narrowly in the semi final.
  • Junior Chess Correspondence Chess A report was passed out from the White Rose chess academy. There are a number of junior organisers doing their own thing but little co-ordination to run county teams and individual county championship events. There seems to be increased activity the YCA just need to nurture this to get these youngsters to play in the league and representative chess.
  • Grading Officer Jon said he would be willing to stand for another season. The committee wishes to advertise for someone to take over the Chessnuts site. This could be a team of people and an advert will be put on the YCA website and circulated around club secretaries and captains.
  • NCCU Delegate Ihor attended the AGM and reported a number of items. The NCCU want to promote the County championship and may send out an invite to enter teams in certain sections to take part in a one off Jamboree. There is a proposal of a seniors county team championship. Rules will be drawn up and invites to be issued. Trophies are missing for U180 but it might be called U175 and the Pennine Cup. Does anybody know where they are as the suspicion falls to Yorkshire as winners in the year they went missing? NCCU club championships offer Open Major and Minor tournaments as well as a Seniors comp. Details are on the website but entries are sought from Yorkshire clubs. Yorkshire are to nominate a school for the NCCU school award by sending a citation to the NCCU Secretary. NCCU wish to propose a 2 tier ECF membership to Gold, and a merger of Silver and Bronze.
  • ECF Delegate ECF membership fees are to increase. Game fee will cease. A non-member will be allowed to play 3 games in a league before having to obtain at least Bronze membership.
  • Website The website came in for some criticism. Although a number of things are done very well and the site can be entertaining when contributions are being made it does not report on county matches or even obtains results. Ihor explained that these need to be sent in good time to be posted. There is no point sending it weeks after the match has been played. Other complaints from people who have not had their articles posted. Ihor asked that people copy himself and Andy Bak into articles they wish to have posted on the website.

5) Presentation of trophies

  • Woodhouse Cup – York A (Noel Stewart)
  • IM Brown                  Still with Richard Hardy (suggest he passed on to one of his team mates at Moortown club in the Leeds league)
  • Silver Rook – Doncaster (Steve Mann)
  • Hardcastle Trophy – Mark Birkin (Steve Burton)
  • Avison Shield
  • Kitchen Memorial
  • Yorkshire Individual Champion (Jim Burnett)

6) Election of Officers

  • President: Jim Burnett (Jim has an email address now)
  • Deputy President: J Griffith
  • Secretary/Minutes Secretary: N Stewart
  • Year Book Editors: S Mann and J Griffith
  • Website Editorial Team: A Bak, M Webb, D Shapland and I Lewyk.
  • Treasurer: S Burton
  • Competitions Controller: A Zigmond
  • Secretary for Junior Chess: N Stewart
  • Secretary for Correspondence Chess: P Beckett
  • Grader: J Griffith
  • Auditor: S Watson
  • Delegates to NCCU: R Jones, N Stewart and I Lewyk
  • Delegate to ECF: S Mann

7) County Captains

Open: P Ackley U180:  (J Hamm considering if his grade allows him to play) U160   R Jones U140: D Mills U120:  vacant U100: vacant

8) Amendements to rules and constitution

See below. These rules were discussed but could not be voted on. They will be presented at the next AGM to be discussed unless they are withdrawn before then.

9) Fees and subscriptions Recommended that an increase in Club and Team fees be looked at. It was suggested both to be increased to £15 but not voted on this time.

10) Dates for calendar 11) ECF/NCCU proposals

12) Any Other Business Yorkshire Individual is run at a congress within Yorkshire. The suggested cycle is: 2017 Hull 2018 Scarborough 2019 Huddersfield 2020 Sheffield 2021 Doncaster 2022 Bradford 2023 Leeds 2024 Hull


It was proposed that Ihor Lewyk is added to the list of Honorary Life Members. Agreed.


Proposals (postponed until AGM 2018)

Amendment to Rules – item 8

The 2016 AGM resolved “that a sub-committee is set up to consider changes to the YCA constitution that will bring it into line with existing practice.”

I drew up some comments and circulated them in January. I’m guessing nothing else was done.  (Andrew put it on the agenda for 08/04/2017, but it didn’t get given any time.)

Accordingly, I wish to but the following ten proposals of my to the 2017 YCA AGM.

Proposal 1: amend 4b in the Constitution to read as follows.

  1. b) Affiliated Member Any member of a C.M. organisation who plays in the Yorkshire league competition shall be deemed an Affiliated Member for the season, provide any annual subscription defined by the A.G.M. has been paid.


Proposal 2: add new 4c to the Constitution, relabeling the existing 4c as 4d, as follows.

  1. c) Individual Member Any member of a C.M. organisation shall be eligible to become an Individual member on the payment of the annual subscription defined by the A.G.M.


Proposal 3: amend rule A8 to read as follows.

All players in these competitions shall be members of their C.M. organisations and be Affiliated Members as defined under the Constitution. Any C.M. playing ineligible players shall be penalised by the loss of any matches in which the said players played, the match points being awarded to their opponents.

Proposal 4: amend 7h to read as follows.

To consider any amendments to this Constitution or to YCA competition Rules that have been submitted in accordance with this Constitution.”

Proposal 5: amend the start of 12, up to “a)”, to read as follows.

No alteration or amendment shall be made to this Constitution or the YCA competition Rules save at an A.G.M. and then only provided:”

Proposal 6: amend 12 c) by replacing “YCA League Rules” with “YCA competition Rules”.

Proposal 7: in Rule A6 amend the phrase “subject to one week’s notice given before the first round of fixtures” to “subject to one week’s notice being given before the first round of fixtures”

Proposal 8: add the following sentence to the existing Rule A13.

The penalty for infringement of this Rule shall be that specified for infringement of Rule 14.

Proposal 9: amend Rule A20 to read as follows.

All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Chess as published with the authority of FIDE.

Proposal 10: amend the first sentence of Rule A21 to read as follows:

At the time play is started in any match the clocks of all absent White players shall be started.

Rule A23 provides for the awarding of game points: 1 for a win, half for a draw. However, no Rule provides for corresponding allocation of match points.  This is inconsistent.

I would therefore like to propose to the 2017 YCA AGM a further Rule change as follows (numbered to follow on from my previous proposals):

Proposal 11: add to the present Rule A23 the following sentence:

Each team shall be awarded two points for a match in which its game points total exceeds that of the opposing team, and one point for a match were its game point total equals that of the opposing team except that no match points shall be awarded for a doubly defaulted match.

If any explanation is needed . . . .

The first proposal is to dispel the lack of definition of an “Affiliate Member” which arose from the setting at zero of the subscription payable. (Arguably, all members of all C.M.s have paid nothing and therefore they are Affiliated Members, and can attend and vote at AGMs.  The only other reasonable interpretation is that there are no Affiliated Members, so only Hon. Life Members may attend and vote, cutting out some officers.)

The second, less important proposal is to cater for the fact that historically people who didn’t play in the league could become Affiliated Members on payment of the specified fee. To avoid confusion between league players and others, this provision is made under a separate (new) category.

The third proposal standardises the terminology, and replaces “required” with “defined”, because the Constitution does not “require” People to become Affiliated Members, but “defines” who can be one and how.

The fourth proposal stem from the fact that clause 12 refers both to changes to the Constitution and changes to the Rules, so it would be more appropriate if 7 h) were worded correspondingly.

The fifth and sixth proposals are due to the YCA having more rules than those currently published in the Year Book, many admittedly moribund, namely those for the:

Individual Championship, Junior Championship, Kitchin Memorial, Best Game Prize and Avison Shield.

All competition rules should be within scope of clause 12 (or alternative provision made), hence the replacement of “YCA League Rules” with “YCA competition Rules”.

The seventh proposal inserts “being” into the published text, to correct the grammar.

The eighth proposal is made due to there being no penalty being currently define for an infringement.

The ninth proposal is to remedy the erroneous current reference the BCF; neither the BCF (which still exists) nor the ECF has authority to issue Laws of Chess. That is down to FIDE.

The tenth proposal provides for both players being absent at a given board. Also, “started” is preferable to “set in motion” now some clocks are digital.

Steve Mann 16/04/2017 Seconded I Lewyk.

David Mills has proposed that item 7 of the constitution should be changed to specify that the AGM be held on a Saturday OR A SUNDAY in June. Seconded A Zigmond

Calderdale are proposing that the IM Brown and Silver Rook cease to be ECF game fee events although I don’t think a specific rule covers this. Dave Patrick put this forward citing Dave Colledge as seconder.

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


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