Yorkshire League Reports – Round 6

Yorkshire League Reports

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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2017-18 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.


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Latest Woodhouse Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Calderdale A5.5-2.5
Bradford Central
Leeds CCCC1-7
York A
York RI C2.5-5.5
Sheffield A
York RI B4-4
Sheffield B
Bradford A5-3
Hull DCA A3.5-4.5
Rose Forgrove A

Bradford A 5 vs Huddersfield 3

Bfd A outgraded a solid looking Huddersfield team by over 10 points on average. After a couple of hours all of the games looked evenly poised.
I was very happy to win a pawn and soon after took a second. I felt I had to sacrifice a pawn to untangle my pieces and Mitchell tried to head for an opposite Bishop ending. Maybe I should have avoided that but even so I managed to pressure Mitchell into making a fatal error and give the lead to Bradford A.

This seemed to be a good advantage as many games soon petered out into draws. When Bill Clark agreed to a draw Bradford were still a point ahead with two games remaining and Bradford players were pressing on both boards.

Adam and Leo had probably the wildest and most interesting game of the day and it ended in a Bishop ending with pawns on the same side of the board. Although Adam ended a pawn up it wasn’t enough to force the win.

Chris was the last to finish and managed to remain calm to stop a dangerous looking c-pawn, hide his King from checks from his opponents Queen before delivering a clever mate.

Report by Ihor Lewyk

Bradford A 5 – 3 Huddersfield
Alan Walton ½ – ½ Matthew Parsons
Adam Lang ½ – ½ Leo Keely
Ihor Lewyk 1 – 0 Mitchell Burke
Mike Walker ½ – ½ Dave Firth
David Barlow ½ – ½ Gary Hinchcliffe
Chris Bak 1 – 0 Tony Pogson
Mike Bramson ½ – ½ Dave Gray
Bill Clark ½ – ½ Richard Boylan

Leeds CCCC A 1 vs York RI A 7

We’d actually been slightly nervous before this match – with both reasonably well placed sources and their last match suggesting that Leeds top boards would be an awful lot stronger than they were.

As it was we had timed it well and Leeds weren’t strong. Indeed they must have had some initial fears of collecting their third 0-8 scoreline for the season.

Those were squashed reasonably quickly with a fairly quick draw on board 2 where Richard played very sensibly.

The match result overall was definitely never in doubt, but Leeds played quite well and could have scored slightly more points on another day.

Next up we get to play Sheffield and find out whether we’re really in form or following recent cricket tours…….

Report by Martin Carpenter

Leeds CCCC A 1 – 7 York RI A
R Starley 0 – 1 S Ansell
R Archer ½ – ½ P Townsend
R Donahue 0 – 1 D Plump
R Browne 0 – 1 D Adams
R Jones 0 – 1 G Cooper
P Mason ½ – ½ J Nicholson
K Sucikova 0 – 1 M Carpenter
D Rajkumar 0 – 1 J Carpenter

York RI B 4 vs Sheffield B 4

There are no easy matches in the Woodhouse for most sides. We went into this fixture close to the top of the table, playing the bottom side, and whilst we didn’t have anywhere like our strongest team out we still had an average of 9 grading points on our opponents (albeit the two biggest anomalies were on the top two boards by some margin). York B were also missing one or two – so I fancied our chances in this one but ultimately we barely managed to scrape the draw and on another day, would have been soundly thrashed.

I managed to succumb quite quickly – at the time I thought I was doing well only for things to rapidly fall apart but a quick look with the computer later shows my confidence was misplaced – I was always struggling and my slow development was nicely seized upon by Peter for a smooth win. Shane followed a little while later after blundering his queen whilst fretting over his car parking situation (a classic ‘I’ll just make this one move then go and move my car..then get back to my seat and find my queen has disappeared off the board’). Jon gave up two pieces for the queen but it was never going to be anywhere near enough to give him any cause for concern. 2-0 became 3-0 when Tom, who seemed to sacrifice a pawn early in the game for absolutely no play whatsoever, found himself a piece for two pawns down and with even less compensation. I didn’t see the end, but I imagine Paul had little trouble converting once the heavy pieces were traded off.

So 3-0 down. James was a piece up on 7. Andy was a pawn up on 6. John was a piece down on 3 but had a very interesting attack brewing, whilst Peter and Jim both looked like they were in it for the long haul. We started to claw things back with a win on 3. John played an extremely nice looking, and one suspects, extremely fun to play sacrificial attack against Richard’s kingside. A piece was given up for long term pressure, which eventually saw the entire black kingside pawn structure stripped away. One last manoeuvre allowed Richard to win an entire rook – the downside (for him) being that John had an unstoppable mating attack. 3-1. Another point followed – Peter confessed afterwards that he had been considering a draw offer when he happened to glance at the scoresheet and realised we were in dire straits. He played on. And on. And on deep into a Q+N+6 endgame. Tom invaded with both pieces and a series of checks drove Peter’s king up the board; a knight sacrifice (with check) ‘forced’ Peter to put his king into the classic back rank mating position opposing Tom’s. One move later, Tom was out of checks and the only way to stop mate, temporarily, would be the loss of his queen. 3-2. The comeback was on.

James had lost his additional piece, however, and Eric was now a pawn to the good in a Q+B ending. James was also struggling for time, barely making the time control. It looked like he might capitulate, but existential threats, occasional checks and various attempts to hold Eric at bay whilst avoiding exchanges ultimately paid off. A draw was secured. Andy, on the other hand, was a pawn up in a rook ending and might have had winning chances…but his pawns were split and Paul’s was on the 7th. Any attempts to queen would have been stopped with checks and with Paul’s king active enough to hold up the other pawn, this one ended up with a share of the points for each player.

So for the second time this season, it was 3-4 with only board one to finish. This time, however, Jim did not let his advantage slip. What seemed like glacial progress on both sides of the board slowly clamped down on Patrick’s position, and a well timed h5 finally broke through on the kingside. Rook and minor piece exchanges followed and Jim was able to finally push his passed pawn through for a winning advantage. Ultimately, a fantastic recovery against a side that fought tooth and nail despite their grading disadvantage. We move up to 7 points – one more should suffice for safety – whilst York B close the gap slightly on a couple of the sides down at the bottom (including York C, who eventually fell to Sheffield A in the match going on downstairs) to make the second half of this season all the more tense!

Report by Andrew Hards

York RI B 4 – 4 Sheffield B
Patrick Gower 0 – 1 Jim Burnett
Tom Leah 0 – 1 Peter Ackley
Richard Cowan 0 – 1 John Fletcher
Peter Harrington 1 – 0 Andrew Hards
Paul Barber 1 – 0 Tom Wills
Paul Johnson ½ – ½ Andy Mort
Eric Key ½ – ½ James Marley
Jon Griffith 1 – 0 Shane Frith

Calderdale A 5½ vs Bradford Central 2½

A must win match is often exaggerated but not in our case.The team finally produced a good team performance to beat Central and keep us alive.Were not out of woods but as Mao said the first few steps on a long journey or something on those lines.The bottom boards of the team finally fired with good wins for the Calderdale born trio on 6,7 and 8 and a good win for Pete M on 3.Peter Rooney played a sublime game against Martyn he is still one of Yorkshires best players

Report by davepatrick

Calderdale A 5½ – 2½ Bradford Central

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Harrogate B3.5-4.5
Sheffield D
Harrogate A
York RI D0-8
Sheffield C
Hull DCA B
Rose Forgrove B
Alwoodley A
Calderdale B
Wakefield A

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Alwoodley B
Harrogate C
West Leeds

Former Yorkshire Chess Association President and Secretary. I'm not the brains of the editorial team but I can live with being a glorified typist as well as the resident grammar pedant. I have captained Bradford A in the Woodhouse cup for over 30 years. I'm fairly easy going, sometimes diplomatic and I think my enthusiasm is infectious but not life threatening. The English chess world needs to wake up and smell the coffee before league chess collapses altogether.


13 Responses to “Yorkshire League Reports – Round 6”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Jan 06. 2018

    Frighteningly tight down the bottom of the Woodhouse table now! Relatively easy to imagine someone getting relegated with even 5 match points.

    Reply to this comment
  2. Sheffield

    Jan 07. 2018

    Martin, I’m curious how you can have a rating on chessnuts of 180 odd having played like six players 180 and higher in the last 3.5yrs?

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Jan 07. 2018

      By winning an awful lot, and having stronger players on the higher boards :)
      (Or at least ones unencumbered by the joys of captaincy!).

      Look at my ECF graded games and you’ll see I’ve played plenty of strong players and generally done quite well out of it in the 4NCL. Not so much evening leagues where I’ve been a bit rubbish for a while.

      Reply to this comment
      • Matthew Webb

        Jan 07. 2018

        Amazed you bothered to reply to that Martin :-)

        Reply to this comment
        • Eric Gardiner

          Jan 07. 2018

          Maybe they will next ask you why you have a grade of 240+ when you rarely play anyone over 240 :) ?

          It does feel like Div 1 is getting stronger and stronger (I’ll leave Martin to check the stats …)

          Reply to this comment
          • Martin Carpenter

            Jan 07. 2018

            I take a slightly perverse pleasure in giving polite replies to silly online comments :)

            As for Division 1 I haven’t been tracking the statistics closely this year, but I would imagine its roughly the same in average terms – the promoted teams are a little stronger and Sheffield B have got quite good but Bradford & Leeds have been very up and down so far.

            It’ll probably feel tougher for mid table teams though – there isn’t a single actively weak team.

  3. Ihor

    Jan 07. 2018

    What was the York A rdsult Martin?

    Reply to this comment
    • Andrew Hards

      Feb 02. 2018

      Hi Ihor

      Just wondering if there will be a ‘Round 6.5′ results page – there are 3 fixtures tomorrow unusually (two postponed, including the top of the table clash between York A and Sheffield A, one brought forward).



      Reply to this comment
      • Martin Carpenter

        Feb 03. 2018

        Seems not. Oh well! I put a brief report in the forum (6-2 to York, +4,=4.).

        We were very strong, Sheffield A maybe merely strong. Also somewhat flattered in that the match could fairly easily have turned very tight.

        There’s a fun fight for second :)

        Reply to this comment
        • Martin Carpenter

          Feb 03. 2018

          (Well I presume you’re dreaming of an outside run at the whole thing :))

          York’s lead in the current table looks rather extreme but if we lost to Sheffield B in 4 weeks it’d be rather scary!

          Reply to this comment
  4. Andrew Hards

    Jan 07. 2018

    York A won 7-1 Ihor. The result is on Chessnuts now.

    Reply to this comment
    • Martin Carpenter

      Jan 07. 2018

      I’d given my score sheet to JonG so was waiting for that :) As in Andrews report Sheffield A won, but I can’t remember the precise score.

      Reply to this comment
  5. Rich allis

    Jan 07. 2018

    York C lost 5.5-2.5 5 draws 3 loses we was over powered but defo held our own against a top team

    Reply to this comment

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