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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2013-14 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.

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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Harrogate A1.5
6.5Sheffield A
Rose Forgrove A4
6.5Bradford A
York RI A7
1York RI B
Calderdale A6
2Hull DCA A
Bradford Central3.5
4.5Sheffield D

Rose Forgrove A 4 vs Huddersfield 4

This was always going to be a close match. The bottom 5 boards all agreed draws within the first 2 1/2 hours leaving the top 3 boards to decide the outcome.

Leo turned his advantage into a win giving Huddersfield the lead with 2 games to go. My game was the next to finish, I always thought my game was a draw but Roger made it tough for me. I managed to eventually swap the pieces off leaving a king and 2 pawn ending which was drawn. This left Trevor needing a win. He was always on top but Mitchell had managed to defend well but in the end he allowed Trevor to queen his pawn which gave him the win and drawing the match.

A draw was a fair result for both sides

Report by Mark White

Rose Forgrove A 4 – 4 Huddersfield
M White ½ – ½ R Keely
T Braithwaite 1 – 0 M Burke
M Round 0 – 1 L Keely
R Jennings ½ – ½ D Keddie
A Bagley ½ – ½ G Eagleton
C Davies ½ – ½ D Firth
E Hurwitz ½ – ½ D Gray
S Aleksandrowicz ½ – ½ D Tooley

Bradford Central 3½ vs Sheffield D 4½

The last match had been something of an embarrassment for me with only 6 making the home match against our A team. Fortunately, I was back in the UK for this tie, which I felt could be important come the end of the season, and the return of our regular boards 1 and 2 boosted the side considerably – which meant we weren’t as outgraded as we might have been…but still outgraded on every board apart from my own.

The match itself was a ding-dong affair. Central landed the early blows, as Miles and myself lost relatively quickly in the middle order. Miles had won the exchange, but at the cost of an open centre and exposed king. A mate in two threat was generated…but unfortunately G James landed a knockout blow first with his own forced mating sequence. Richard finished me off shortly afterwards – what seemed to me to be a lot of theory resulted in my kingside being shattered, despite me being the exchange up. If I could have kept the queens on, perhaps I could have salvaged a draw but they were forced off and two pawns down for nothing in the endgame was enough for me to throw in the towel.

2-0 down, time to start the comeback. Over to James, under all sorts of middlegame pressure, to somehow hold out and turn the tables, declining a draw in the endgame and working his passed pawn up the board to h1 to glory and a victorious return to the team. Oskar followed a short while later, the usual top board chaos somehow resulting in his winning first an entire rook, and then the exchange on top. Back level…

But not for long. Kier had gambited two pawns in the opening and although he got one back, he was under increasing pressure with his king eventually becoming rooted to h8. A neat tactic from Gary which was going to end in mate pushed Central’s noses back in front. Mike then came over to inform me that he had been offered a draw – despite a big passed pawn on the b file there was little or no prospect of pushing it and with all the heavy pieces still on, he opted to accept the offer. Central now needed a point; we need to win both games.

On seven, Tom had been a rook up fairly early on, and then a rook and a piece up as Paul threw the proverbial at his kingside. And then a rook and two pieces. It seemed as though he was always a step or two from disaster, but as he picked his way through the minefield that Paul had strewn across his kingside, somehow he held on until, finally, material started to run low – and Tom had a lot more of that in reserve to enable him to turn the tables and equalise.

All eyes to board 5. Khaled a pawn up, John playing tactically and, at first sight, winning the exchange. I resigned myself to a narrow defeat and left the room. O ye of little faith. Kier appeared downstairs no more than fifteen minutes later to inform me that Khaled had won – John’s exposed king ended up being caught out in a fork. So that was that… the match was won – the first time we had been ahead was also at the point that the last game finished. A cruel way for Central to lose, perhaps, but a boost to our own chances this season and something to build on.

Report by Andrew Hards

Bradford Central 3½ – 4½ Sheffield D
Peter Rooney 0 – 1 Oskar Hackner
Mark Crowther 0 – 1 James Bowler
G Dannenberg 1 – 0 Miles Edwards-Wright
Richard Bowman 1 – 0 Andrew Hards
John Milnes 0 – 1 Khaled Muflehi
Nick Edwards ½ – ½ Mike Newett
Paul Day 0 – 1 Tom Wills
Gary Coulsen 1 – 0 Kier Morton

Calderdale A 6 vs Hull DCA A 2

Calderdale A fielding its best team of the season (I had the luxury of leaving myself out)scored a comfortable 6 – 2 victory.John Cooper won on top board for Hull but 5 home victories and 2 draws was convincing enough. Congratulations to the B team who won 5 to 3 and kept up their 100% record chess in Calderdale is thriving at moment.

Report by David Patrick

A Hull side, weakened by and carrying some illness, struggled against a strong Calderdale A squad. Only John Atkinson [over 50 years since his first Woodhouse Cup game?!], Ian Bell and John Cooper had something more than ‘what might-have-beens’ to warm their journey back East.

Report by John Cooper

Calderdale A 6 – 2 Hull DCA A

York RI A 7 vs York RI B 1

This match could have been really tough – as last years draw which the B team earned against a basically full strength A team – showed.

In fact the A team was arguably slightly weaker than last year. Sadly the B team had Alex and Pierre both missing, which makes a huge difference.

My game threatened to turn very random but found a way to a 17 move draw. Impressively it was actually the third game to finish after a couple of very crisp wins from Paul Hopwood and Chris Ross.

Detlef and David also won nicely, but the resistance elsewhere was stern, Akis coming close to winning.

So no heroics against the big teams so far the season from the B team. Maybe they’re saving those for Sheffield :) They’ll be hoping to get back on track against Harrogate.

Report by Martin Carpenter

York RI A 7 – 1 York RI B
James Adair 1 – 0 Patrick Gower
Chris Ross 1 – 0 James Carpenter
David Adams 1 – 0 Richard Cowan
Detlef Plump 1 – 0 John Griffith
Martin Carpenter ½ – ½ Adam Ismail
Paul Hopwood 1 – 0 Eric Key
Paul Barber ½ – ½ Anastasios Nezis
Richard Mounce 1 – 0 Alex Taylor

Alwoodley A 1½ vs Bradford A 6½

Bradford A continue their excellent start to this season’s Woodhouse campaign.
Adam Lang was the first to finish when Jim Vickery resigned. Things looked tricky as it looked as though he might lose an exchange but Adam revealed a nice intermezzo which would enable to keep parity for Jim and his position would still have some life.
Roland won quickly again with some nice positional ideas.
Chris Wright was the next one to win when his central pawns stormed down the board to win.
Harry Li was the only Alwoodley player to show any resistance with the black pieces. He drew with Bradford’s Swiss Fide Master in a scrappy wild encounter.
Bradford still scored heavily with the black pieces but resistance was far greater here. David Grant found a nice combination to force mate against the Alwoodley captain while Mike Walker had too much in the tank for Peter Braham to survive after the time control.
Hugh Thornton gave Julian Chapman plenty of problems in his game and he easily controlled a draw while Harry Baxter made his game against Winston Williams messy enough to create enough counter chances to force a draw by perpetual.

Report by Ihor Lewyk

Alwoodley A 1½ – 6½ Bradford A
Harry Li ½ – ½ Mattius Gantner
Mark Priest 0 – 1 David Grant
Jim Vickery 0 – 1 Adam Lang
Harry Baxter ½ – ½ Winston Williams
Sam Swain 0 – 1 Roland Ogirigbo
Peter Braham 0 – 1 Mike Walker
Paul Clarke 0 – 1 Chris Wright
Hugh Thornton ½ – ½ Julian Chapman

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Harrogate B3
5Sheffield E
Rose Forgrove B2.5
5.5Bradford B
Leeds CCCC7.5
0.5York RI D
Calderdale B5
3York RI C
Wakefield A3.5
4.5Hull DCA B
Sheffield B4.5

Rose Forgrove B 2½ vs Bradford B 5½

Bradford B were looking to notch up their first win of the season against Rose Forgrove B, who had also yet to win a match. Bradford outgraded their opponents on every board but games aren’t won on paper!

Ian Hunter played an excellent game to get Bradford off to a winning start; his pieces kept generating threats and eventually traded into an endgame with an extra piece. Rose Forgrove then equalised the scores as Warren Dennison got the better of a tactical and imbalanced game. Andrew Bak had a queen and three pawns for a rook and two minor pieces, but managed to win one of Warren’s extra pieces. However one momentary lapse in concentration allowed Warren to weave an unstoppable mating attack with his rook and two bishops. John Saxton and John Wells played a drawn rook and pawn ending to the end. A couple of wins were then notched up for Bradford by George Bak and Mike Bramson to give Bradford a 3.5-1.5 lead.

Barry Fulthorpe gave Karim Khan a tough game and at one point looked to be the favourite to win. However Karim used some tactics to battle back to win the game and the match for Bradford. Ian Thackray launched a ferocious attack which forced his opponent to lose on time in a desperate position as a consolation, while Daniel Hubbort converted his favourable minor piece ending with great technique.

Report by Andy Bak

Rose Forgrove B 2½ – 5½ Bradford B
Warren Dennison 1 – 0 Andrew Bak
Paul Howden 0 – 1 Mike Bramson
Andy Ross 0 – 1 Ian Hunter
Ian Thackray 1 – 0 Mike Ashdown
Ben Science 0 – 1 George Bak
Dominic Gallagher 0 – 1 Daniel Hubbort
John Wells ½ – ½ John Saxton
Barry Fulthorpe 0 – 1 Karim Khan

Wakefield A 3½ vs Hull DCA B 4½

A close match ended just in favour of Hull B.

Board 3 was an uneventful draw. I wasn’t sure who stood better on board 4, both players seemed to have bad positions! Just as it seemed Dave Toulson was getting somewhere with a strong passed pawn Dave Stothard found a way to force a draw by repetition. On board 5 Mark was facing a huge attack and had a material disadvantage but then his opponent blundered a piece searching for the knockout blow. This left the situation highly unclear and this was eventually drawn by repetition.

Mike Denison put in a Carlsen style performance in an opposite coloured bishop endgame which looked dead drawn to put Wakefield one up. Dave Mills quickly levelled the match on board 6 having held a decisive advantage for a long time.

I turned my extra pawn into a victory, but again Hull responded quickly on board 8 to level the scores.

This left board 7 to decide the match. A passed pawn race in a rook ending ended up in a crazy position where Alec Grice had 2 queens and a rook versus Simon Skinner’s one queen and a rook. The 2 queens were badly placed so Simon had a chance to force perpetual check. However in time trouble he didn’t find the right sequence of checks and the king managed to escape.

Report by Peter Shaw

Photographs by David Mills below, click the pictures for bigger images.

Match in progress

Match in progress

Board 1. J. Thackray v P. Shaw

Board 1. J. Thackray v P. Shaw

Board 2. D. M. Denison v P. Lyons

Board 2. D. M. Denison v P. Lyons

Board 3. R. O. Callis v R. A. Atkinson

Board 3. R. O. Callis v R. A. Atkinson

Board 4. D. V. Toulson (White) v D. Stothard (Black)

Board 4. D. V. Toulson (White) v D. Stothard (Black)

Board 7. Alec Grice (White) v S. Skinner (Black)

Board 7. Alec Grice (White) v S. Skinner (Black)

Wakefield A 3½ – 4½ Hull DCA B
Peter Shaw 1 – 0 John Thackray
Mike Denison 1 – 0 Paul Lyons
Ron Atkinson ½ – ½ Richard Callis
Dave Toulson ½ – ½ Dave Stothard
Mark Waterhouse ½ – ½ Leon Skelton
Craig Thompson 0 – 1 David Mills
Simon Skinner 0 – 1 Alec Grice
Alan Holloway 0 – 1 Bruce Oliver

Leeds CCCC 7½ vs York RI D ½

With several regulars out this match would at least stretch our squad depth. Luckily our new arrivals seemed keen on making it hard for those stronger absentees when they get back. I won possibly my quickest ever win in terms of time in the Yorkshire League; it was all over just after 3pm. 80 mins later we were 3-0 up as Simon Deighton beat Owen Robson & then Lee Crawford on debut defeated Bob Mitchison. David Hirst then converted against Neville and Peter Mason made the match safe on board 7.

The 3 remaining games however were v competitive. J Foo always had to worry about the fact that his king was in a rook & knight mating net so Randy just kept pushing his b pawn. J Foo then took it when it reached b3 and Randy mated him. There was a reason why that bishop couldn’t move. A very nice game by Randy. Meanwhile on Board 5 Nicolo was also playing well until he missed a tempo against P Masiak that left the game dead drawn with odd bishops. However Masiak then made a few inaccuracies which let Nicolo back in so it was now 7. All that was left was the tough struggle on board 1 between Tony Slinger & Rich Archer. With time running out & Archer pressing Tony found the critical defensive moves & a draw was agreed so salvaging York that half point. Well played to the lads & thanks to Neville and his team 4 playing the match in such excellent spirit.

Report by Rupert Jones

Leeds CCCC 7½ – 1 York RI D
Rich Archer ½ – ½ Tony Slinger
Simon Deighton 1 – 0 Owen Robson
David Hirst 1 – 0 Neville Pearce
Randy Donahue 1 – 0 J Foo
Nicolo Lo Piparo 1 – 0 P Masiak
Rupert Jones 1 – 0 Paul Brooks
Peter Mason 1 – 0 M Beavers
Lee Crawford 1 – 0 R Mitchinson

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Bradford C3.5
4.5Wakefield B
West Leeds4
4Harrogate C
Sheffield F

Home Team   Away Team
Wakefield B1
2West Leeds
Harrogate C2.5
5.5Sheffield F
Bradford C

Bradford C 3½ vs Wakefield B 4½

Better late than never here is the report on the 19th October match.

With this being one of the extra round of matches for Silver Rook teams, it meant I would not have players stolen away from me by the big boys in the A and B teams and due to one of our players changing his phone number but not telling me, I had one extra player on the day as he turned up anyway (the advantages of printing off the fixture list for each player at the start of the season).

The net effect being that I could be non-playing captain and finally get around to sorting out the ‘refreshment cupboard’. I am pleased to announce now that the ‘potential health-issue kettle’ has been de-commissioned and is on its way to the tip. It has been replaced by two lovely new kettles purchased from Mr Asda and Mr Morrisons.

On to the actual play … on paper it was quite even with Bradford out-grading Wakefield by an average of just 3 grading points per board.

The first to finish were boards 1 and 2 … on board 2 things petered out to a draw, but on board 1, Daniel was piling up the pressure as black down the c file in a Sicilian. This paid off when he got in a Nb3 ch forking the king and queen (c1 and d2) and the white c pawn couldn’t recapture due to being pinned by the rook on c8.

Next to finish were boards 3 and 4 … on 3, Nigel wasn’t quite up to his usual game and gradually material dropped leading to defeat and things fizzled out on board 3 to a draw.

So, 2 – 2 with the bottom 4 boards still playing. Rather unusually, the games now finished in board order. On 5, Vassyl seemed to be doing the opposite of our board 4 in that it was him gradually accumulating material which led to a win. So 3 -2 up, but now it all started to go wrong.

On 6, Andy had an enormous space advantage with his opponent being very cramped and it only seemed to be a matter of time until he won. Unfortunately, he left his queen en prise, while trying to get the most efficient way of winning.

In the battle of the veterans on board 7, it was a seesawing endgame, which seemed to be a definite win for one then the other but ended a knight v pawn draw.

So 3.5 each with just board 8 to go … and the entire Wakefield team and half the Bradford team crowded around the board watching the action. Even though Dave queened one pawn (although immediately recaptured) and got another to the seventh rank, his opponent still had too much material and won soon after.

So a very tight and exciting match with Wakefield the victors by just 1 point. Interestingly all the decisive games were won by the player with the black pieces and there were no wins for white!

Report by Simon Watson

Bradford C 3½ – 4½ Wakefield B
Daniel Hubbort 1 – 0 Craig Thompson
Robert Pells ½ – ½ Alan Holloway
Rob Fletcher ½ – ½ Ian Johnson
Nigel Redmond 0 – 1 Vladislav Hruska
Vasyl Yakovchuk 1 – 0 Michael Johnson
Andy Bland 0 – 1 Steve Gombocz
Werner Rieser ½ – ½ Jim Whittaker
Dave Young 0 – 1 John Hainsworth

Harrogate C 2½ vs Sheffield F 5½

Firstly 50% of the ‘F’ team arrived the venue 10 minutes late due to getting lost on the way, but kindly Andrew the Harrogate captain didnt start the clocks going, although Sheffield E and A were well underway in the same room.

First to finish was Adhitya, a flurry of piece exchanges ending up in a level position and a draw agreed, next Peter informed me on board 5 that his game had also came to a stalemate, a draw offer made, and accepted, and we were still all square in the match.

Next to finish was Steve who was under the cosh for a while but somehow found a neat tactic to win material and managed to convert and we were leading the match for the first time with our first full point of the afternoon. The next results took a while to come in, and when I looked round the boards I couldn’t work out whether we were winning or losing as all the games were on a knife-edge. Next I knew the match was all square yet again, Jo was in a level position, however her opponent won a pawn and somehow Jo managed to gift him another, with little threat, she played well and battled on for a while but in the end 2 pawns down resulted in the match nicely poised at 2-2.

Marek came over to my table and informed me he had won, and seemed very pleased with his performance, however because I was so engaged in my own game I didnt get to see any of it. And soon afterwards we extended our margin by 2 points as Emil won on board 2 – an absolutely wild game and titanic struggle with material all over the shop and sacrifices being made left right and centre, I couldn’t work out who was winning until Emil emerged a full piece up after the melee, Andrew played on for a while but a piece down it was only a matter of time before Emil forced his advantage home and secured a win for himself and the team. (Ed. You can see this game in the game viewer below)

Sat next to me and next to finish was Henry, who is playing brilliant chess at the minute, he was outgraded by his opponent, but didn’t let this phase him in the slightest and took the game in his stride in his usual laid back approach. It was a standard Sicilian setup and Henry managed to win a pawn in the opening and during the latter stages of the match managed to win another, however with 2 Rooks and Queens on it wasn’t straightforward and a possible draw looked on the cards, especially when his opponent managed to snaffle one of the pawns back, Henry was looking at swapping Queens at every opportunity which his opponent refused but the very last time I saw the game was when Peter eventually swapped them off leaving Henry a full pawn up in a pawn and king endgame. 5 minutes later Henry marched his extra passed pawn up the board and duly converted which gave us the match and give Henry a well deserved win.

Finally I was last to finish in which was a bit of a epic game. It was very open, with both kings exposed and lots of mistakes followed by some good play from both players. I was losing the game early doors after a dreadful F6 move on move 16 which weakened my white squares and kingside but eventually was winning, then losing, then winning and somehow we eventually agreed on a draw which resulted in Sheffield winning the match 5.5 – 2.5.

Thanks to all the players that turned out and drove and Andrew Hards for making all the arrangements, also a big thank you to Andrew Zigmond for their hospitality (tea, biscuits etc) and for not starting the clocks when we was late, the match was played in a good spirit and the result could have been very different on another day, but at least we reversed the 6-2 drubbing we took at our own patch back in October, and we look forward to doing battle once again next season.

Report by Ian Barker

Harrogate C 2½ – 5½ Sheffield F
Jim Postill 0 – 1 Steve Withington
Andrew Zigmond 0 – 1 Emil Tihov
Peter Gregory 0 – 1 Henry Withington
Ranyl Hughes ½ – ½ Ian Barker
Richard White ½ – ½ Peter Willoughby
Margaret Rowley 0 – 1 Marek Kracji
Chris Watt 1 – 0 Jo Woollard
Martin Slomczykowski ½ – ½ Adhitya Krishna


Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


12 Responses to “Yorkshire League – Round 3”

  1. Rupert Jones

    Nov 03. 2013

    Hi Folks;

    I am struggling to enter the half point result!

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  2. Martin Carpenter

    Nov 04. 2013

    Nice to see you got it working :) They take a little while to vet/publish them once submitted. Very sane.

    The team this time does make Bradford look rather more like genuine title contenders. Actually a very similar sort of strength to the teams that York/Sheffield had.

    Still modest outsiders I think.

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