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Welcome to the Yorkshire League 2013-14 season, below you will find match reports and results at they are submitted today and tomorrow.

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Latest Woodhouse Reports 

Home Team   Away Team
Harrogate A2.5
5.5York RI B
Bradford A6
2Hull DCA A
3.5Sheffield D
Sheffield A7.5
0.5Bradford Central
Rose Forgrove A5.5
2.5Calderdale A
Alwoodley A1
7York RI A

Rose Forgrove A 5½ vs Calderdale A 2½

It was nice to have Taka back allowing us all to play one board lower. It was Taka who got the ball rolling by winning a piece in the middle game and the game. Mike won a queen for 2 pieces and then gave it back leaving him the exchange up and a very advanced ‘a’ pawn. He shortly made it 2-0 to us which soon became 3 when Eddie converted his advantage.

Roger soon followed with a draw. Clive was a pawn up in a bishop ending but his opponent held the draw. I swapped all the pieces off to have an ending of rook and 3 each all on the same side which left Phil having to agree a draw which gave us the match.

Trevor had been playing an end game of knight against knight and 2 pawns for some time before eventually having to resign. Andy promoted his ‘b’ pawn as Dave tried to mate him. The mate didn’t work which left us 5.5-2.5 to the good.

A big test for us next week in York ‘A’

Report by Mark White

Calderdale A had a tough match today away at Rose Forgrove A who had acquired the services of Taka for the first time this season who is a very strong 200+ level player, and they also had a 160 on bottom board. I am usually board 5 or 6 for the B team but due to Mick Connor being at the Leicester congress, there was no B team player who would be able to pick me up on the way to Leeds, so in the end Martyn Hamer kindly gave me a lift and this meant I would be making my debut in the prestigious Woodhouse Cup! Can Calderdale A win their 3rd game on the bounce with their makeshift board 8? Read on to find out!

Bob Newton is known for his ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’ chess and this happened in his game vs Michael Round who I had a 11 move GM draw with at Scarborough (my quickest ever draw!), Bob played the Benko gambit but was getting crushed on the queenside so came up with an imaginative queen sacrifice were all of a sudden Michael’s kingside has no defenders and all of his pieces were targeting the white king. The only problem was that the Benko passed A pawn was zooming up the board and when it looked like Bob had achieved a swindle with some back rank cheapo’s, Michael found a very nice move which pins the threatening rook by returning the queen and he is still up an exchange with a winning outside passed pawn, so won but not before Bob tried a stalemate trap! After the game I said to him ‘I didn’t understand that game at all’ and he replied with ‘neither did I’ Never a dull moment with Bob Newton!

Rose Forgrove were threatening to run riot though despite the rather even grading differences, Darwin had played the very aggressive Saemisch variation vs Trevor’s Kings Indian and both sides were launching pawn storms but the queens got swapped off and Darwin was a pawn down, I got into a right mess vs a ‘reversed sniper’ I tried to get an improved dutch, but instead I got a miserable position with no play and my opponent was slowly building up his position. The game next to me between John Morgan and Clive Davies didn’t look too good for us either with Clive having an active position typical of the Leningrad Dutch. I thought Martyn had got a nice position with Taka with a juicy knight on c4 but it turns out to not be as good as it looks and he miscalculated and blundered to give Taka the win and Rose Forgrove go 2-0 up.

The board 2 game between Mark White and the very solid Bradford champion Phil Watson saw an obscure sideline which went 1. e4 c6 2. Nc3 d5 3. Qf3 which is supposed to be quite trappy and dangerous but Phil weathered it and then when he was offered a draw in the ending he saw we was 2-0 down so he played on to give us some hope in the match still, especially seeing as Dave Patrick seemed to be doing fine vs Andy Bagley in a queenless middlegame, and Pete had a nice position vs Roger Jennings with space and nagging pressure so there was still a bit of life left in Calderdale. He rejected the draw but we went 3-0 down when I went g5 in front of my king trying to seek some play but my opponent just blasted my position to shreds and I couldn’t avoid heavy material loss due to this nasty pin on my knight (why did I play g5?!) so I threw in the towel. It was really an awful game and will probably result in me not seeing the Woodhouse for a long time again! But well played to my opponent who reminded me of GM Bogdan Lalic in both looks and style!

Pete then was offered a draw and because I had lost and it was very unlikely we had enough to win on the remaining boards even though Darwin had turned the game around, he accepted it to at least get us off the mark because points difference can be quite an important factor in an 11 game season. John blundered a pawn to a sneaky rook move but defended well, and held a pawn down bishop ending. The board 2 game ended in a draw as well with rook and 3 vs rook and 3 all on the same side and completely symmetrical so this time Phil offered a draw which was accepted. So 4.5-1.5 to Rose Forgrove the remaining 2 games could be watched without any of the tension that is usually associated although of course due to the previously mentioned comment about points difference, it of course would be better to lose 4.5-3.5 than 6.5-1.5!

However it turns out Dave Patrick had miscalculated and Andy had this passed B pawn which actually could not be stopped despite Dave still having a rook and bishop because the knight controlled the b1 square so Dave tried a desperate counter attack but it never looked likely to worse and resignation followed when the queen appeared, bit of a shame because Dave had played well from what I had seen. Darwin was our sole winner were after being a pawn down for not much earlier on, the game was a knight and 2 vs knight and 2 ending but when I saw the game next, Darwin had won both of Trevor’s pawns and then with Karpov like technique managed to grind out the win which had some technical difficulties. Well done Darwin!

So in the end we got pasted 5.5-2.5 but that was their strongest team all season and their ‘weaker’ one had 2 wins 1 draw before this match. I am sure this was just a bad day at the office and I enjoyed making my debut in the Woodhouse as well, but I am sure I will be back in the IM Brown for the next round of games :D Thanks to Rose Forgrove for the friendly atmosphere and I hope we can bounce back!

Report by Tim Hilton

Rose Forgrove A 5½ – 2½ Calderdale A
T Chipanga 1 – 0 M Hamer
M White ½ – ½ P Watson
T Braithwaite 0 – 1 D Ursal
M Round 1 – 0 R Newton
R Jennings ½ – ½ P Mulleady
A Bagley 1 – 0 D Patrick
C Davies ½ – ½ J Morgan
E Hurwitz 1 – 0 T Hilton

Alwoodley A 1 vs York RI A 7

With Alwoodley already reduced by the exodus to Leeds CCC and further missing some players this was always going to be a hard match for them.

As it happens York were not in a very merciful mood with some nice wins, including a typically random affair from the B team captain acting as an emergency substitute on 6.
(His team happily prospered without his inspiring presence.).

It was very briefly confusing to find Bob Newton wondering around just before the match, but Rose Forgrove have apparently decamped to Alwoodley’s venue from last year. Not common to have two Woodhouse venues so close, but it must make for convenient travel in the Leeds league :)

Some hard tests await, starting with next weeks match.

Report by Martin Carpenter

Alwoodley A 1 – 7 York RI A
Harry Li 0 – 1 Paul Townsend
Jim Vickery 0 – 1 Chris Ross
Sam Swain 0 – 1 Detlef Plump
Peter Braham 0 – 1 David Adams
Jim Lobley 0 – 1 Martin Carpenter
Paul Clarke 0 – 1 James Carpenter
Hugh Thornton 1 – 0 Paul Barber
Paul Gelder 0 – 1 Richard Mounce

Harrogate A 2½ vs York RI B 5½

Having been dragged off the bench by the A team and handed a number 6 shirt to play centre back against Alwoodley, my report will be short some level of detail, but the York B once again acquitted themselves admirably in my absence (100% last year when I wqasn’t playing :)), Alex Taylor once again getting a result on 8 and the lower boards clinching a match against a strong Harrogate team.
Patrick was his usual self, gaining and then losing an advantage in the opening but keeping playing with a small technical edge, an approach that finally reaped rewards. Adam Ismail gained a nice queenside space advantage in a Tartakower – Bondarevsky queen’s gambit, but narrowly avoided being replaced by a cardboard cutout for the next match due to liquidating his advantage before agreeing a draw.

Report by James Carpenter

Harrogate A 2½ – 5½ York RI B
Mike Stokes 0 – 1 Alexander Combie
Mark Rogerson ½ – ½ Pierre Weller
Douglas McKerracher 0 – 1 Patrick Gower
Mark Daley 1 – 0 Richard Cowan
Paul Pritchard 0 – 1 Jon Griffith
Jonathan Swallow ½ – ½ Adam Ismail
Brian Coop 0 – 1 Eric Key
John G Marsh ½ – ½ Alex Taylor

Bradford A 6 vs Hull DCA A 2

The match between Bradford A and Hull DCA A was a lot closer than the score suggests.
After three early draws on boards 3, 5 and 6 there was a long wait before the next result and things looked in the balance throughout.
Mathius kept threatening to go a pawn up against John Cooper but active defence from the Hull maestro demanded a lot of care in the position.
Alan Walton had a solid edge and kept control of the position nicely to put Bradford into a slender lead.
Adam Lang was producing another of his legendary attacks but Sean Culkin still had a few surprises up his sleeve and was defending with guile.
Mike Walker was a material down but threatening to get some back.
Julian Chapman was a few pawns up but had to fend off a dangerous attack against Bettley.
Mathius managed to win his pawn and get into a promising endgame when John’s phone inexplicably sounded. Although this was just the phone switching itself back on John graciously accepted defeat.
Adam Lang finally managed to break through and Julian diffused any chances for his opponent and found a pretty devastating tactic of his own to settle the match.
Mike Walker managed to force the win of a piece in the time control and settled for a draw.
So Bradford came through their toughest test of the season and remain in the hunt for glory.

Report by Ihor Lewyk

Bradford A 6 – 2 Hull DCA A
M Gantner 1 – 0 J Cooper
A Walton 1 – 0 E Gardiner
D Grant ½ – ½ J Atkinson
A Lang 1 – 0 S Culkin
W Williams ½ – ½ P Kendall
I Lewyk ½ – ½ I Bell
M Walker ½ – ½ D Stephenson
J Chapman 1 – 0 A Bettley

Latest IM Brown Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Harrogate B2.5
5.5York RI C
York RI D0
8Hull DCA B
Bradford B5.5
Sheffield E3
5Sheffield B
Rose Forgrove B2.5
5.5Wakefield A
Leeds CCCC4.5
3.5Calderdale B

York RI D 0 vs Hull DCA B 8

York R.I. ‘D’ v Hull & D.C.A. ‘B’ 30th November 2013. Match report.

This fixture was contested in a spacious room on the ground floor of York Railway Institute. Hull and District ‘B’ enjoyed significant grading advantages on all boards. The first game to be resolved after about two hours was the board four encounter between Sri Sriharan and A. Leon Skelton. Hull & D.C.A. ‘B’ appeared to hold an advantage on the majority of boards for most of the match, however the home team missed several opportunities to put points on the result sheet. Last man standing was team captain, Neville Pearce, who fought a determined rearguard action before losing out in a king and pawn ending. An excellent, if somewhat flattering, final score in favour of the visitors.

David G. Mills, Captain Hull & D.C.A. ‘B’.

Report by David G. Mills

York RI D 0 – 8 Hull DCA B
Owen Robson 0 – 1 John Thackray
Neville R. Pearce 0 – 1 Saman Khoshnaw
Norman G. Andrews 0 – 1 Richard O. Callis
Sri Sriharan 0 – 1 A. Leon Skelton
Steve Jennings 0 – 1 Josh Fernandez
Paul Masiak 0 – 1 David G. Mills
Mick Beavers 0 – 1 Alec Grice
Rodney Mitchinson 0 – 1 Bruce R. Oliver

Leeds CCCC 4½ vs Calderdale B 3½

This was a very fortunate win. Calderdale B arrived with intentions of taking it to us (even though they were not at full strength) and that they certainly did. I saw very little of the games being stuck in my chair; I didn’t even manage a loo break (warning we have a long trek to the loo) or visit to the bar.

John Hall finished first after struggling to hold. David Hirst put us ahead and Rob Collier equalised on bd 8. That was all I knew until after I had lost to Malcolm Corbett. I thought I was doing well! At one point the computer gives me a small edge and maybe that’s when the original plan of offering a draw should have been stuck to. Instead I thought I was doing better then I was as the game then turned & Malcolm played it out very well. I then checked the score sheet to find it was 3 1/2 each. ‘Oh dear’ especially after I check Archer’s game and find he’s two pawns down in a rook & pawn endgame. I leave them alone & continue showing Simon my game. A few minutes later I hear a commotion & much to my surprise find out that Richard has won on time. (later on I discover over a pint that Richard turned a draw down when 2 pawns down! Now that is a good debating point) So after been outplayed we won. How many times has that been said of Manchester United. My commiserations go out to the Calderdale lads who will be there or thereabouts knocking on the door come April.

Report by Rupert Jones

Leeds CCCC 4½ – 3½ Calderdale B
John Hall ½ – ½ Robert Broadbent
Richard Archer 1 – 0 Andy Leatherbarrow
Simon Dieghton 1 – 0 Peter Hughes
Randy Donahue 0 – 1 Neil Suttie
Rupert Jones 0 – 1 Malcolm Corbett
David Hirst 1 – 0 Dave Sugden
Khalid Mohammed 1 – 0 Dave College
Nicola La Piparo 0 – 1 Rob Collier

Bradford B 5½ vs Doncaster A 2½

The two relegated teams from last year’s Woodhouse met at the Latvian Club. Sadly Doncaster weren’t at full strength and only arrived at the venue with seven players which was always going to be a tough handicap to overcome.

Gary Corcoran kicked off the scoring with a typically brutal punishment of an opening inaccuracy from his opponent, his knights on g4 and b4 were causing havoc around White’s king. The next result took another hour to come but it was more good news for Bradford as Gawain Ako was at first an exchange up, then a rook up in a rather comfortable win. John Saxton and S Devonshire then agreed a draw in a pretty dead position to put Bradford 3.5-0.5 up.

The remaining games looked pretty competitive but I think only an optimist would predict Doncaster getting the required 3.5/4 to force a draw. Kevin Winter secured at least one point for Bradford when he agreed a draw with John Mainwaring in a rook and minor piece endgame where neither side could afford to try for the win as it would allow their opponent too much counterplay. This allowed me to force a repetition against Jim Burnet to win the match. A main line Botvinnik variation led to a typically complex game where I was two pawns down but much more active. In our post-mortem we both agreed that I was on top, however the computer coldly prefers Jim’s extra material and believes it can defend. Mike Ashdown put the icing on the cake with a slow positional win, while Steve Mann scored a consolation after his opponent had badly messed up the opening.

Report by Andy Bak

Bradford B 5½ – 2½ Doncaster A
Andrew Bak ½ – ½ Jim Burnett
Mike Bramson 0 – 1 Steve Mann
Gary Corcoran 1 – 0 Nick Mahoney
Gawain Ako 1 – 0 Martin Simmonds
Mike Ashdown 1 – 0 John Smart
Kevin Winter ½ – ½ John Mainwaring
John Saxton ½ – ½ S Devonshire
George Bak 1 – 0 Default

Latest Silver Rook Reports

Home Team   Away Team
Bradford C4
4West Leeds
4Sheffield F
Wakefield B6.5
1.5Harrogate C

Home Team   Away Team
Sheffield F4
4Bradford C
West Leeds3.5
4.5Harrogate C
Wakefield B

Bradford C 4 vs West Leeds 4

This was another of the extra rounds for Silver Rook teams, so again none of my players could be requisitioned by the A or B teams. In fact, I even had players (via their ‘agents’) contacting me wanting to play, so I was in the position of having to choose who to play and who to ‘rest’! But it’s a nice ‘problem’ to have and did mean I could be non-playing captain again.

Knowing West Leeds occasionally struggle to get a full set of 8 players (the last 2 seasons, they’ve only got 6 out against us), I was pleasantly surprised when Ian gave me his completely filled in team list.

On to the chess, board 3 seemed quite level, and as I returned from a quick wander outside, I saw Robert driving away. As I waved goodbye, I was thinking ‘oh another early GM-style draw there then’ … but no, Dave had suddenly dropped a couple of pieces and it was a win for us.

Board 1 was next to finish, Gary, returning after a long absence, was perhaps still a bit rusty and under a bit of pressure he was tempted/forced into an unsound sacrifice which Ian correctly responded to and levelled the scores.

On board 4, Vasyl fell into a trap in the Sicilian O’Kelly losing a piece for a pawn (Nxe5 failing to a Qa5ch fork), which Jon soon converted for a win.

On to board 7 and Eric for West Leeds had quite a bit of pressure which eventually led to Tony having to give up his queen for a rook. But soon after in a bit of ‘chess blindness’, Eric overlooked that a pawn was defended when he captured it with his queen meaning Tony was now a rook up and he soon converted that into a win bringing the scores level at 2 – 2.

Next to finish were boards 5 and 6 … on 5 opposite side castling led to pressure against both kings but fizzled out into repetition and a draw. On 6, Steve for West Leeds was a pawn (or two) up in the endgame but a slight inaccuracy allowed Werner to gobble up the extra pawns and a draw resulted.

So 3 all, with 2 games to go. On 8, a tense middlegame transposed to a won pawn ending for Dave when he forced the exchange of queens along the a1 to h8 diagonal. And on 2, Daniel’s position never seemed to get going and Colin managed to infiltrate with his major pieces to force a won endgame.

So a 4 -4 draw for the third year in a row against West Leeds, despite us not having a 2 -0 start with defaults this time. Looking at the league table, we are still bottom but have played fewer matches than the other teams and it is very close with 2 points covering 6 teams, so it should be quite a well-matched contest this year.

Report by Simon Watson

Bradford C 4 – 4 West Leeds
Gary Corcoran 0 – 1 Ian Strickland
Daniel Hubbort 0 – 1 Colin Cartlidge
Robert Pells 1 – 0 Dave Summerland
Vasyl Yakovchuk 0 – 1 Jon Mahony
Andy Bland ½ – ½ Zana Aziz
Werner Rieser ½ – ½ Steve Burton
Tony Lightowler 1 – 0 Eric Davies
Dave Young 1 – 0 John Light


Features editor for the Yorkshire Chess website. I collate and write atricles about all the latest chess activities in Yorkshire and beyond. I've also been known to shove some pieces myself from time to time!


11 Responses to “Yorkshire League – Round 4”

  1. Martin Carpenter

    Dec 02. 2013

    Now there’s a proper Bradford team :) Got away with a little early season – OK by playing very well! – but that’s the sort of team which could well go 9/9 even playing ‘normally’.
    (A little weaker is OK.).

    Actually (just) the strongest team of the season from anyone so far by average grade, although York/Sheffield haven’t thrown everyone together in one team yet. Still, when did that last happen? A good decade at least I’d think?

    Reply to this comment
    • Andy Bak

      Dec 03. 2013

      It’s interesting that this Bradford team is the strongest in the league so far. I think any team with Adam Lang on Board 4 could be considered dangerous!

      Reply to this comment
      • Martin Carpenter

        Dec 03. 2013

        Definitely. Although the big difference is more getting players as solid as Ihor/Walker down to 6/7. That’s a recipe for an awful lot of points and very few losses.

        No chance of it remaining the strongest team come the end of the season of course – both York and Sheffield can/likely will top 200 average for the big matches.

        Still, if Bradford can sneak a match point lead before then it’ll get very interesting indeed. Sheffield’s early haul of game points has been so massive that I doubt if anyone will catch them there.

        Reply to this comment
  2. Martin Carpenter

    Dec 03. 2013

    Oh, James’ fun game cuts itself off quite early, just when its getting properly random. Some error in the PGN file perhaps?

    Reply to this comment
    • Andy Bak

      Dec 03. 2013

      There was an error with the PGN file – thanks for spotting this, it’s now been fixed.

      Reply to this comment
      • Martin Carpenter

        Dec 03. 2013

        Well James pointed it out to me. Computers really can be cruel – anyone who can find Ka1 after Ba4 is doing rather well!

        I do like the potential flash finish with Ka1 b2+ Nxb2 QxQ NxQ gf then running the f pawn. Cute :)

        Reply to this comment


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