YP Article 20 – 4NCL 15/16 – White Rose Weekend 3

yorkshire-post-logoThis is an extended version of the column published in The Yorkshire Post on 27th of February 2016.

White Rose 1

R5 WR1

Last weekend White Rose 1 faced a major test by facing the 4NCL champions and title favourites Guildford 1.

James Adair is the White Rose form player this season with an incredible 4 wins in his 4 games so far. But James was no match for England International Matthew Sadler. In analysing their game together James felt Matthew calculated like a computer, and accurately considered so many options and variations in their game. It left James hugely impressed and realising he has much to do to emulate players of Matthew’s calibre.
Martin Brown who attends York University played well to draw against experienced Grandmaster Glenn Flear while Sue Maroroa drew a fine game with French International Master Sophie Milliet. Sadly nobody else in the White Rose team could add to the score and we fell to a heavy defeat.

R5 WR2

The following day White Rose had to pick themselves up and ensure they made it to the championship division to earn the chance of qualification to the European Club cup later in the year. We faced tricky opponents in Barbican 2 but showed great form to secure both match points. No losses in the match which saw James Adair return to normality with another fine victory. Richard Palliser forced his opponent into a comfortably won ending, while Sue Maroroa again showed her excellent form by defeating one of the country’s top juniors. Finally Matthias Gantner, the Leeds University based Swiss Master, defeated Woman International Master Ingrid Lauterbach with an aggressive attack which was actively countered but Matthias was accurate in his execution.

White Rose 2

R6 WR1

White Rose 2 are playing in the top flight for the first time in their history and have struggled to make an impact. However the results show a steady improvement and despite facing the strong Barbican 1 team White Rose won the mini match on the bottom 4 boards. Ihor Lewyk defeated former England ladies international Natasha Regan while Harry Li earned an excellent draw against FIDE Master Samuel Franklin. Harry was made to work hard to earn the draw but he blocked up the position once he realised he was in trouble and Sam couldn’t find the break through. The star of the match for White Rose was Kieran O’Driscoll who won a pawn and managed to convert a tricky Bishop ending. He kept the pressure going on both sides of the board and stretched his opponents Bishop beyond breaking point.

R6 WR2

On Sunday White Rose 2 faced another newly promoted team ‘Spirit of Atticus’. International Master Gary Quillan has been recruited into the ‘Spirit of Atticus’ team this season and was playing as low as board 4 against White Rose. It was this strength in depth that swayed the match away from White Rose.

Martin Brown followed on from his excellent result for the first team with a tremendous win over the gifted player Nick Ivell. Harry Li again drew against Woman Grandmaster Sheila Jackson when she encouraged Harry to follow a line which offered little for either player to progress. Again the star of the team was our genial Irishman, Kieran O’Driscoll, who hung on to a pawn advantage and nursed this through another tricky endgame.
Finally Jim Burnett drew an extraordinary game against John Carleton. Jim had 3 pieces for a queen and a few pawns. Jim didn’t have any pawns in front of his King but managed to arrange his pieces to shelter his monarch and stop the advance of his opponents pawns.

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