YP Article 22 – Sheffield A vs York RI A

yorkshire-post-logoThis is an extended version of the column published in The Yorkshire Post on 12th of March 2016.

Woodhouse Cup Round 9 – Sheffield A

Chessnuts Sheff vs York

The top division of the Yorkshire league, the Woodhouse Cup, saw the top two teams face off last week as York RI A travelled to Sheffield A. York had won every game so far this while Sheffield had only dropped one draw, so a win for Sheffield was crucial. Sheffield posted a strong line-up but York were very well-armed, boasting 3 IMs on the top three boards!

James Adair vs Andrew Ledger in the battle of the IMs.

James Adair vs Andrew Ledger in the battle of the IMs.

Sheffield took a 1.5-0.5 lead thanks to Dave Latham forcing his opponent into desperate time trouble where he fell apart. The first really major swing in the match came when IM Richard Palliser launched a fierce attack and managed to land a killer punch against his opponent. Further wins from Gavyn Cooper, Detlef Plump and Chris Ross saw York open up an unassailable lead. The last two games to finish were well-played draws on the top two boards.

Oskar Hackner's game vs Richard Palliser was probably the most entertaining

Oskar Hackner’s game vs Richard Palliser was probably the most entertaining

This result puts York three points ahead of the chasing pack with only two games to go and are near-certainties to take the title now. Meanwhile the relegation battle remains very tight and should go right to the wire.


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4 Responses to “YP Article 22 – Sheffield A vs York RI A”

  1. James Carpenter

    Mar 13. 2016

    Great to see these games, and a York win of course :). Gavyn’s up to 209? He’s had a tremendous season, and a very well controlled win against Michael to add to it.

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    • Martin Carpenter

      Mar 13. 2016

      Actually that game is slightly deceptive, it looked quite convincing/ normal at the time but Michael was doing absolutely fine on move 19/20.

      Like board 4 a fair bit of the rest was probably more down to time trouble than anything else….

      The huge pressure of the match did (unsurprisingly!) lead to some quite scary clock handling :)
      (Also a big factor in the eventual loss on board 6, and in fraying nerves on 3….).

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  2. Eric Gardiner

    Mar 13. 2016

    Interesting to see traditional clocks and wooden boards … a couple of years since I’ve played in an away match at Sheffield I think. I’ll have to play through the games more thoroughly but as a Tromp player I was also intrigued to see that Richard Palliser played 3.e3 rather than 3.e4. Whether this was a specific choice against Oskar or whether he now regards it as superior to 3.e4 I don’t know!

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    • Martin Carpenter

      Mar 13. 2016

      Suspect it was maybe a pragmatic choice – he made a joke about it at one point :)

      By the way, these games obviously rather refute the idea that Sheffield were outclassed!

      Look at the positions on boards 3 and 6 after move 20 with a computer……

      Or, if anyone fancies a (stiff!) calculation test, try to work out why Oskar could have won with 23 .. b5xc4 or Rxc4.

      Richard realised it was unclear at the time, but obviously not that it was that bad. To be fair to both players those move 23 options look entirely terrifying to me, even with a computer calmly pointing everything out….

      I couldn’t tell anything but was rather scared by Richard’s clock :)

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